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Calibre DRM Removal Plugins

Posted by on 10/25/2013 4:27:01 AM.

Calibre's success majorly depends on those varieties of plugin in my personal point of view. No-doubt the Alf's DRM Removal plugins are the super stars among them. But many people are saying the Calibre's interface and user-experience are not that friendly for tech noobs. No mention the plugin installation, which would be another challange for them.

Today I am going to cover this problem: How to install and use Calibre DRM Removal plugins.

1Install Calibre

Calibre is totally free to download and use, click the buttons below you can download the Windows and Mac versions directly.

calibre for win calibre for mac

Versions for other platforms click here: http://calibre-ebook.com/download

2Download the DRM Removal plugin

Download the DeDRM Plugin V6.08 here: http://download.epubor.com/DeDRM_plugin.zip

3Install the plugins to Calibre

Run Calibre, and click "Preferences" in the top menu bar, then look at the bottom of the new window, you can see "Plugins" in the "Advanced" area.


In the plugins center, pleaes click "Load plugin from file".

calibre load plugin

Find the DeDRM plugin you downloaded in the step 2, and click "Open". The Calibre will warn you about the security risk, click "Yes" to proceed.


Finally you can see the success notification.


Back to the Plugin center you can see the plugin information in under "File type plugins".


Now the plugin is intalled successfully, you can use Calibre to handle DRMed eBooks.

4The easier way to decrypt eBook DRM

Epubor provides a software called "All DRM Removal" which can remove DRM from Amazon Kindle, Adobe Adept(including Kobo, Sony and Google eBooks), Barnes&Noble, Mobipocket and eReader eBooks.

With this program you need not to download or install Calibre and the plugin. Just download and install the All DRM Removal, you can decrypt all the books listed above.

In addition, it only requires you to click one button, then you can remove the eBooks DRM. From all aspects, this way is far more easier than Calibre and the plugins.

All DRM Removal software free download:


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