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Contact us

Epubor is a worldwide business dedicated to satisfying customers' needs with diversified software products and services.

We provide both the best DRM Removal and other software for ebooks.


If you want to comment on our services or report a problem with our software, please open a ticket.

For privacy concerns, please read our terms about privacy policy.

Note: If you purchased a product using PayPal, you may not receive an email with a registration code for 20 minutes. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Find Your Order:

You can use our Registration code retrieval wizard to find your order information, and ask our server to re-send you a license if you lost the registration information.

Mailing Address:

Room 703, Unit A, Block 10, SBI Street., Hongshan District, Wuhan, Hubei

P.R.China 430074

Tel: 86-027-8764-3130

3 Ways to contact Epubor

Email: support@epubor.com

Submit a ticket: http://ticket.epubor.com

Skype ID: epubor.support


Note: We do not recommend our users contact us by phone. The primary reason is the time gap, you can figure out that we are a China based company from our mailing address above. And most of our clients are living in America and Europe. So in most cases you call in, there is no people answering the phone as we are not on duty that time.

Another important reason is the efficiency. One customer service specialist can handle 10+ emails simultaneously, but that same person can only handle one phone call at a time. The obvious implication being that we would have to hire 10x as many people to handle a similar number of phone calls as we currently handle by other means.

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