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Convert Kindle Books to EPUB for Best Reading on iPad,Nook..

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Converting Kindle books to EPUB is an indispensable step when we use EPUB-supported eReaders instead of Kindle titles. Among so many eBook readers, we might not take Kindle preferably. However, among so many eBook stores, books from Amazon Kindle generally come at remarkably cheaper price and of far more diversified genres. Since Kindle books are formatted as exclusive AZW/MOBI/PRC/TPZ, we cannot directly read them on iPad, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, BlackBerry Playbook and other devices. This guide will show you how to transfer Kindle books, mainly Kindle AZW titles, to EPUB for best reading on non-Kindle gadgets.

For standard E-ink eReaders, we have no choice but to manually convert Kindle books to EPUB for reading on devices like Sony reader, Kobo vox and Nook Simple Touch as 3-rd party reading apps are not allowed to be installed on their closed OS.

For Android/iOS/BlackBerry tablets or smartphones, Amazon itself has provided a solution with a series of Kindle reading apps aiming at different Operating Systems, thus we just need to install corresponding apps on our devices and read Kindle books at ease.

Case 1: Convert Kindle eBooks to EPUB through Epubor Ultimate Converter.

Case 2: Read Kindle books on Android/iOS/BlackBerry devices through Kindle reading app.

Case 1: Convert Kindle books to EPUB through Epubor Ultimate Converter.

We know free tools like Calibre and Hamster Free eBook converter are capable to transfer eBook formats, however, nearly all purchased Kindle books (AZW) are protected by Kindle DRM, which are not supported by both converters. There are indeed add-ons to get around, but personally, none of them is convenient enough. Here we convert purchased Kindle books to EPUB by using Epubor Ultimate Converter, which well blends the DRM removal and formats conversion together.

#1 Launch Epubor Ultimate Converter.
Windows Version Download Mac Version Download


#2 Click “Add ” button or drag-and-dropto add Kindle books into the Epubor Ultimate Converter screen. Once you add your books, they will be decrypted automatically.
#3 Select the output format for your reader.
#4 Click  convert kindle to epub-convert button to convert.


For Windows:

convert Kindle to EPUB for Windows

For Mac:

convert Kindle to EPUB for Mac

After the conversion, the converted EPUB books will be shown in the pop-up window. Just copy the converted EPUB books to your dedicated eReader with the USB cable connected to your computer.

Tablet or smartphone users might also convert Kindle to EPUB regardless of Amazon Kindle's given apps if they have an attachment to some reader such as apple's iBooks. Follow the steps below to sync the completed EPUB books to iPad if necessary.

Transfer EPUB books to iTunes.


1. Connect your iPad to PC via USB cable and launch iTunes on your PC.
2. Select “Books” from LIBRARY section. Drag the converted books to the center book-listed area and select the books you are to sync.
3. Click “DEVICES”/”Administrator…” and select “Books” on the top bar.
4. Tick “Sync Books” and make sure of it. Then your books will be synced to your iPad.
5. Eventually you will get your books on your iBooks.

Case 2: Read Kindle books on mobile devices through Kindle reading app.

As I've mentioned, there are different Kindle apps available for different Operating Systems. Here I take Kindle for iPad for example.

1. Launch the browser on your iPad and input
2. Tap "Shop by Department" / "Free Kindle Reading Apps" on amazon home page.
3. Select "iPad" under "Tablets".
4. Tap "Download now".
5. Tap "INSTALL".
6. Input your "Apple ID Password".
7. After that, Kindle for iPad app will be downloaded to the home screen.
8. Tap the icon and launch the app.
9. You will be required to register your Kindle for iPad with your amazon account.
10. After register, you will see all the books you purchased with your Kindle account are listed in the Cloud.
11. Tab any book and it will be downloaded from the Cloud.
12. Tap the book and start to read. The downloaded book will be in the Device.

You can also download Kindle for Smartphones/Tablets apps to read Kindle books on your smartphones & tablets. Make sure to register with your Amazon account.



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02/25/2015 07:08:24
Thanks a lot. This application works like magic.It worked for me.Thanks guys
09/1/2015 03:34:25


Sure the process seems easy but where do I find these kindle books?? Where is the folder?

For your information, I downloaded the books via PC from amazon and can view and Download&pin via kindle cloud reader, but I cannot find the ebooks anywhere on my PC.

If I cannot even find it, it completely defeats the 'usefulness' of this application.

09/1/2015 19:35:05


If you download your books via Kindle for PC, they are always saved in the default folder: ...Users\Administrator\Documents\My Kindle Content.

If you can not find them, you can try to click Tools-->Options-->Content on your Kindle for PC to find your Kindle current content folder.


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