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Convert Kindle to pdf for reading on Nook, Kobo Vox, Sony Reader etc

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How to convert Kindle to PDF free? When you purchase an eBook from Amazon Books, you will find your non-Kindle eReader (Nook, Kobo Vox, Sony Reader etc.) cannot open it. Before we solve this problem, let's talk about eBook-formats briefly. As the eBook-leader in the world, Kindle books support AZW, PRC, MOBI and TPZ formats. Nevertheless, other readers do not support these formats, but support PDF and EPUB. So if you intend to read Kindle books on other readers, you will have to convert Kindle AZW / TPZ / PRC / MOBI to PDF or EPUB. This guide will cover how to convert Kindle to PDF with Calibre.

Calibre is a super star in eBook software area, you can use it as a free Kindle to PDF converter. It allows you to convert the formats of your books to another one. The supported formats are as follows:


Before the conversion, you may need Kindle DRM Removal to remove DRM from Kindle AZW / TPZ / PRC books if the books are DRM protected. However, if you are not sure whether your Kindle books are DRMed, just follow the steps and try to convert. There will be warnings during the conversion in case any DRMed books are detected.



How to convert Kindle AZW / PRC / MOBI / TPZ books to PDF with Calibre

Calibre offers you several versions on different operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux and portable. We record the video on windows, but you can also convert Kindle to PDF on Mac with the same method. 

Step 1: Download Calibre and select a proper version for your PC. Here we select "Windows". Make sure your Kindle books have been copied or downloaded on your computer.

convert kindle to pdf - calibre

Step 2: Install and launch Calibre.

Step 3: ClickAdd books button to add your Kindle books, then they will be listed on the center zone of the screen.You can drag and drop your books here as well.

convert kindle to pdf - list

Step 4: Select the books that you prepare to convert. Also, you can click "Edit metadata" button to customize the cover images, Title, Authors and other metadata of your eBooks.

convert kindle to pdf - select

Step 5: click "Convert books” button. The ebook converting window will pop. Select "PDF" as output format and click "OK". Calibre will start to convert books.

convert kindle to pdf - convertconvert kindle to pdf - convert

The status zone at the bottom of the right corner will show the progress of conversion.

Step 6: During the conversion, if the following "This book is DRMed" window pops, that means a DRMed book is detected and Calibre cannot convert it. Thus you need to remove the DRM from your Kindle book and then convert the decrypted Kindle book to PDF on Calibre.

How to remove Kindle DRM with Epubor All DRM Removal

convert kindle to pdf - drm

Step 7: When the status turns to "Jobs: 0", the conversion is completed. Click the status zone to get the details of the conversion on the pop-up window.

convert kindle to pdf - outlet status

convert kindle to pdf - conversion details

Step 8: Go back to the main screen. If the books have been converted from Kindle to PDF successfully, the "Formats" will contain both the original one(PRC) and the converted one(PDF).

convert kindle to pdf - successuful

Click "Click to open", you will get your PDF books on the pop-up window.

convert kindle to pdf - suc file

If the books failed to be converted, the "Formats" will contain only the original one(AZW).

convert kindle to pdf - failed conversion

Click "Click to open", you will not see the PDF books on the pop-up window.

convert kindle to pdf - failed file

Now you have completed converting Kindle books to PDF. The whole Kindle to PDF conversion progress is free (for DRM-free titles) and convenient. 

If you feel that the above steps are still a bit complicated and you are not that satisfied with it, I would recommend the Epubor Ultimate Converter for you. It combines the DRM removal and formats conversion perfectly. The most important is, you will get your Kindle books converted in front of you in a short time, just with a simple click.



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