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How to install Google Play on Kindle Fire

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As a custom Android tablet, Kindle Fire doesn't have Google Play but Amazon Store instead. Although we can get thousands of e-books in the Amazon Store, the lack of apps makes this built-in store very awkward. So can we install Google Play on the Kindle Fire? Generally speaking, this is impossible as Amazon has made some restriction on Kindle Fire that if you just simply install the Google Play APK file, it may not run successfully.

But things will change if you root your Kindle Fire! In this article I'll tell you how to install Google Play on a rooted kindle Fire perfectly. It's easy and simple. You don't have to master any professional skills or tools, just do as the tutorial says. Now, let's get started!

Remember, your Kindle Fire must be rooted! For rooting tutorial, please refer to this article: How to root Kindle Fire.

1 Get and install some necessary apps

Download the APK files below and transfer them to your Kindle Fire. I suggest you put these files in a folder together so that you can manage them easily.

1. Google Service Framework
2. Google Login Service
3. Google Play Service
4. Vending
5. Google Play Store
6. ADWLauncher EX

install google play on kindle fire-necessary apps

The first three APK files are necessary for running Google Play. Install them with ES File Explorer. You may not find them in the "Apps" list. This is normal.

PS: You don't need to do anything about Vending and Google Play Store at this step.

2 Install Vending.apk to your system

Open ES File Explorer, choose "Fast Access" – "Tools" – "Root Explorer" – "Mount R/W", set "Path /" and "/system" to "RW".

install google play on kindle fire-set root explorer

install google play on kindle fire-mout permission

install google play on kindle fire-set system permission

Now you've get the permission to write data to system.

Find the Vending.apk file, press and hold to make it selected. Tap "Copy" and paste it at path: /system/app. Then tap the Vending.apk to install it on your Kindle Fire.

install google play on kindle fire-copy vending

install google play on kindle fire-paste and install vending

3 Install Google Play Store

Back to where you put the Google Play Store. Tap and install it. You may meet a window like this:

install google play on kindle fire-install google play

Choose "OK" to continue installing. After this, you need to reboot your Kindle Fire.

4 Install ADWLauncher EX

You may not find Google Play in the Apps. This condition appears on some Kindle Fire, but not every. Actually the Google Play has installed successfully on your device but the original Amazon Launcher doesn't recognize it. In order to solve this problem, you need to install a new launcher. Now just tap and install the ADWLauncher EX I provide in step 1.

Tap the home button, you can see that the Kindle Fire doesn't turn to home page and a window pop up like this:

install google play on kindle fire-set adw launcher

Check "Use by default for this action" and select "ADWLauncher EX". Then you'll find your home page is totally changed and Google Play is the app list!

install google play on kindle fire-new home page

install google play on kindle fire-apps list

install google play on kindle fire-run google play

Now just open Google Play and enjoy thousands of apps!

PS: If you want to use the original Amazon Launcher, just call out the quick setting menu, choose "More" – "Applications" – "Filter by: Third Party Applications". Select "ADWLanucher EX" and choose "Clear Data". Then the home page will turn back to the original Amazon style.

install google play on kindle fire-turn back to original lauancher

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