How to Reset Kindle and Kindle Fire

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Every digital product meets glitches, to fix which a universal method is to reboot or we can say restart.

So does Kindle. Several kinds of glitches frequently happen on our Kindles like failing to connect to WiFi, screen freeze up, etc. Following are the issues which usually can be fixed up by resetting Kindle:

  1. Kindle locked up;
  2. The screen frozen;
  3. Kindle becomes unresponsive;
  4. eBooks/apps/music/videos disappeared;
  5. Can't connect to WiFi;
  6. Want to return to factory default settings;
  7. Or you just want to see the "Welcome Screen" by resetting Kindle.

However, resetting is the method you can always try at first to fix Kindle problems.

How to reset Kindle 1st generation

reset kindle first generationAmazon released the Kindle First Generation on November 19, 2007, for US$399. It sold out in five and a half hours. The device remained out of stock for five months until late April 2008.

To reset your First generation Kindle, first you need to turn it off, then open the back cover and remove the battery. About 1 minute later, put the battery back to the slot and turn your Kindle on.

If the issue still happens, then you can try another method. When the Kindle is turning on, open the back cover and find the "reset button". You need to find a tiny and sharp stuff to press the button for about 30 seconds untill the 1st generation Kindle turns off.

Then your Kindle will reboot itself. You need not to do anything then but just watch it restarting.

How to reset Kindle 2nd generation

reset 2nd generation kindle

On February 10, 2009, Amazon announced the Kindle 2. It became available for purchase on February 23, 2009. The Kindle 2 features a text-to-speech option to read the text aloud, and 2 GB of internal memory of which 1.4 GB is user-accessible.

To reset the 2nd generation Kindle is pretty simple, just press the power button until it turns off then wait about 1 minute to let it boot up. If it doesn't turn on automatically, you can manually press the power button until it turns on.

But if you want to wipe out the user data or make it to factory defaults, then please hold the power button for 30 seconds and release it, then immediately press the home button until the screen flashes.

If everything goes well, your kindle should reboot itself to its factory defaults.

How to reset Kindle Keyboard (Kindle 3)

reset kindle keyboard

Amazon announced a new generation of the Kindle on July 28, 2010. Though Amazon does not officially add numbers to the end of each Kindle denoting its generation, in this industry people are calling it as "K3" or the "Kindle 3".

To reset the Kindle Keyboard you just need to press the power button for 15-30 seconds and wait it to restart itself.

Then your Kindle Keyboard will back to factory defaults and that should help you solve several issues.


How to reset Kindle DX

reset Kindle DX

Amazon announced the Kindle DX on May 6, 2009. This device has a larger screen than the standard Kindle and supports simple PDF files. It is marketed as more suitable for displaying newspaper and textbook content.

Until now, it is still the largest model of Kindle family.

To reset the Kindle Dx all you need to do is press the power button for 15-30 seconds and wait for the kindle to turn off and auto restart. Just like resetting the Kindle Keyboard.

Attention: Your Kindle DX would back to factory defaults after resetting, so making a backup of the contents at first is recommended.

How to reset Kindle Touch

reboot kindle touch

Amazon announced a touchscreen version of the Kindle on September 28, 2011; available with Wi-Fi ($99 ad-supported, $139 no ads) or Wi-Fi/3G connectivity ($149 ad-supported, $189 no ads). Via 3G the device is able to connect to the Kindle Store, download books and periodicals, and access Wikipedia.

To reset Kindle Touch, please press the power button for about 30 seconds untill the screen black out. Then it will reset automatically. This is to solve glitches like freeze up or lose WiFi connection.

If you want to reset Kindle Touch to factory default settings, please goto HOME (the real button) > MENU > settings > MENU > Reset to Factory Settings.

How to reset Kindle 5-Way Controller (Kindle/Kindle 2)

restart kindleThe Kindle 5-Way Controller is the 4th & 5th generation of Kindle, some people also call it as Kindle (4th generation) or Kindle 2(5th generation, released in 2012).

The Kindle 2 starts off at 89 ad-free version. The new Kindle also has a black case (compared to the old one which was only available in silver-grey variant), better contrast, and hand-tuned fonts. It is claimed to have 15% faster page loads. It has 167 PPI pixel density and is the lightest Kindle at 5.98 oz (170 g).

To restart the Kindle, please press the power button for about 30 seconds until it turns off, then it will auto reboot. If nothing happens after turning off, you can manually press the power button to turn it on.

And to empty all the data and return it to factory default settings, please go to menu page, then choose "settings", then "menu", you will see the "reset to factory settings" option.

How to reset Kindle Paperwhite

reset kindle paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite was released on October 1, 2012 in the United States. It has a 6", 212 ppi display (an almost-XGA resolution of 758×1024) with built-in light, and has 2GB of storage (1.25GB usable). It is available in Wi-Fi ($119 ad-supported, $139 no ads) and Wi-Fi + 3G ($179 ad-supported, $199 no ads) models, with the ad supported options only available in the United States.

Resetting Kindle Paperwhite is just like Kindle 2 and Kindle Touch. Directly press the power button for 15-30 seconds for a restarting.

For a software resetting and back to factory default settings, please go to home screen at first. Then press the setting icon in the upper right corner (3 bars), then choose "Settings". Now press the settings icon again, you will see "Reset Device". By choosing it, you are restarting your device and back to factory default settings.

How to reset Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD

reset kindle fire

The Kindle Fire HD is the second generation of Amazon's color touchscreen Kindle Fire tablet line announced on September 6, 2012. It is available in two form factors, 7-inch and 8.9-inch screen sizes, introductory pricing was at 299, respectively for the 16GB versions.

Kindle Fire (HD) is a tablet computer just like all other tablets. Press and hold the power button you can turn if off, but it won't auto turn on like Kindle, you must manually press the power button to turn it on.

And to reset the entire device back to factory defaults, please press the gear icon in the upper right corner to wake up a drop-down setting list, then press "More...", go to "Device" and you will see "Reset to Factory Defaults" in the bottom.

If you set the Kindle Fire (HD) to factory defaults, all the contents will be gone. For purchased contents you can still download them from Amazon, but for local synced contents, you are losing them. So please back up those files if you need.

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06/29/2013 00:28:37
It still doesn't work I need help!!
07/1/2013 01:20:44
Hi Kiasia,
Can you please describe your problem in detail?
06/23/2014 15:26:40

forgot password to open kindle fire

03/23/2015 14:52:02
Kindle D00901 no green light
11/13/2014 23:14:47
I have a kindle HD 2nd Gereration and the kindle is stuck on kindle Fire ,I tried have everthing you have stated with no luck....Could you tell me to do
11/17/2014 18:49:38
I think the best choice for you is to contact Amazon customer help
07/12/2013 04:40:45
help me with getting my WI FI kindle fire connection to want connect ever time I try to play card it keep pop up it said I need internet to play card help me stop internet pop up
07/12/2013 22:54:46
Hi Bobbie,
Is the card game requiring a network connection?
03/9/2014 14:01:10
My kindle fire is frozen and I can open anything to get to settings to reset. How do I reset it another way.
06/30/2014 12:20:37
I have this same problem. Everyone says to do the 20 second restart. That doesn't work for me. Then they say to completely reset the kindle. My screen is black, but still makes noise when I press the volume button (so I know it's on). The screen is black so I can't do a full reset. I can't seem to find answers to this.
07/19/2014 09:35:30
I have the exact same problem and I can't find a solution anywhere!
09/13/2014 11:14:46
Has anyone figured out what to do with the black screen but you can still hear noises??
09/19/2014 08:44:16
I'm having the same problem! Did you find a solution? Black screen but volume buttons make sound
10/11/2014 20:51:22
I am having the same problems. Did you fibd a fix?
10/23/2014 11:26:43
Anyone figure out how to fix this?
03/24/2014 09:09:18
Hi, my Kindle fire Hd has suddenly started to crash without warning i.e screen goes completely black and has to be restarted. I have tried rebooting but it is still doing it. Any ideas ?
06/13/2014 16:58:05
My kindle wont let me turn on wifi, i turned it off by accident and now the button for it to turn on wont work!!! idk if you can help but plz try! D:
06/21/2014 11:27:02
When I try to turn on my kindle fire it gets stuck on the kindle fire screen. Ive tried the reset method several times to no avail. When I plug it in the orange charge light comes on and the screen says kindle fire. Can I remove the battery for a few minutes then replace it to reset it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Since its out of warranty Amazon says they will replace it for a fee(psshh). Is this one salvageable?
11/17/2014 18:17:58

Hi Rae,

Unfortunately the Kindle Fire's battery can't be removed.

If the replacing fee is not expensive, you'd better get it replaced.

03/25/2015 03:09:25
Kindle Fire 2014 stuck on 43% of book and won't go back to page 1
11/3/2014 12:30:30
How do I get my kindle fire hd of the bt hotspot and back to bthomehub2 wifi
11/13/2014 04:33:41
i have a word password and key board isnt coming up
11/17/2014 18:22:01
Which generation of Kindle are you using?
11/20/2014 23:44:52
Kindle Fire First Generation. In the past, in order to delete a document or book, I would press and hold, an option would pop up to remove from device or remove from carousel. Now when I press, it immediately opens the document or book. Repeated attempts fail. what do I do????? In other words, I can press, but I can't press and hold because the thing instantly opens.
12/1/2014 20:11:37

Kindle fire HD only showing half of the screen.

Have powered down and rebooted twice.  No luck


12/2/2014 18:49:41
Looks like it's a serious problem, the best choice is to contact Amazon official customer service for help.
02/11/2015 20:06:33
I have had a Kindle Fire HD 2nd generation for 13 months and have treated it with kid gloves. It is frozen with the "Kindle Fire" screen. Nothing that Amazon suggested in order to get it running worked, so they offered me a replacement for $79.
02/12/2015 17:43:00
I recently commented on this site that my Kindle Fire HD was frozen and nothing I did or Amazon recommended did any good. In fact they finally suggested that I good buy another one at a discounted price. Well I started with main frames in 1965, and I wasn't about to give up on the little bugger. Finally I found that if I held the power button down and toggled the volume buttons a screen came up asking me if I wanted to reboot or do a full reset to the factory settings. This kindle is only used for audio books and old TV programs for my visually handicapped daughter. So I did a full reset. It now works perfectly after I set it up as I initially did when it was brand new.
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