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Kobo DRM Removal, Remove DRM from Kobo Vox ePUB PDF files

Posted by on 4/7/2013 11:49:30 PM.

When purchased eBooks on Kobo books store,  you may want to share them with your wife, friends, or read on your other devices. But you can't, because the purchased books are protected by Adobe DRM, you can't share them, it feels like the books is Kobo Vox Reader's but not yours.


Follow this guide, you can really own the books you purchased, you can share the books with anybody and read them on any eReader, even print the pages out if you like.

 Kobo books store

As default, purchased ePUB books can read on any Adobe DRM supported devices. The following eReaders can read books from the Kobo Store in EPUB format. New eReaders are introduced all the time, though, so this list may not be complete.

Note: You'll need free software called Adobe Digital Editions to transfer your Kobo books to your eReader.

Kobo eReader
Kobo Vox
Kobo Wireless eReader
Sony PRS-300 Reader Pocket Edition
Sony PRS-505 Reader Digital Book
Sony PRS-600 Reader Touch Edition
Sony PRS-700BC Reader Digital Book
Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro
Asktak (EZ Reader, EZ Reader Pocket Pro, Mentor)
Barnes & Noble Nook
BeBook (One, Mini)
Bookeen (Cybook Opus, Gen 3)
COOL-ER Classic
Elonex eBook 600
HanLin eBook (V3, V5)
IREX Digital Reader 1000S
Neolux NUUT
Sharper Image literati
Sharper Image LookBook

So, if you just want to read the books on one of these eReaders, you do not need to remove ePUB DRM, but transfer ePUB books directly. 


Remove DRM from Kobo eBooks

1. Install Adobe Digital Editions and authorize your copy

Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), and authorize your copy.

Transfer ePUB&PDF books to PC, and make sure you can read all the books.

2. Install Adobe ePub&PDF DRM Removal.

Kobo DRM Removal

The software can show you the DRMed books automatically, you just need to click "Remove DRM", all your books will be decrypted within seconds.


Before decryption, please make sure you can read them in Adobe Digital Editions, this is very important for your successful decryption.

If you can't find the EPUB ebook, open Adobe Digital Editions and find the path in the properties of the ebook.

3. Transfer the books to devices.

Now, the books have no limitations, you can print or read them on any ePUB supported device.


How to convert and transfer Kobo eBooks to Kindle

The most simple and efficient way is to use our most powerful porduct Epubor Ultimate Converter, it can convert the DRM protected Kobo eBooks to Kindle format. Then you have 3 ways to transfer DRM free Kobo eBooks to Kindle


Can I borrow/lend Kobo eBooks to share with my friends?

Unlike Kindle and Nook, so far at least, Kobo has no intention to implement the "Borrowing / Lending" features.

If you want to share your Kobo eBooks with your friends, you can only remove the DRM then send the copy to him/her. This is the only way you can do it. For how to remove the DRM from Kobo eBooks please scroll up and read that part carefully.


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