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Most of the people who like reading eBooks will choose the Kindle eReader, for its eye-friendly screen, and the gigantic Amazon eBookStore. As the magnate in eBooks area, Kindle insist his AZW format, ignoring the popular ePub format. 

In modern days, iTunes gift card is becoming a fashionable gift to family or friends. Cost gift card on iTunes eBooks is a splendid choice, but iPad is a bit expensive, and the screen is not that friendly to our eyes.

Therefore, buy books with iTunes gift card and read them on Kindle can benefit us most. But Kindle can't read iBooks directly, even if there is no DRM, the iBooks in ePub format, you still cannot read them on Kindle.

Don't worry, just 3 steps, you can read iBooks on Kindle

1. Make iBooks convertable

First of all, find the iBooks you purchased in your computer. It always in the iTunes Library folder, the default path is X:\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Books.

Secondly, download and install the tool needed.

Statement: Epubor program does not support removing DRM from iBooks, and the tool above is not from Epubor.

2. Convert ePub to Mobi

Download and install eBook Converter. Click Add Files and choose the DRM-free ePub ebook.

ebook converter

Choose "MOBI(Kindle, MobiPocket Reader)" as the output format, click ibooks drm removal and the ePub ebooks will be converted to mobi in seconds.

Windwos Version Download Mac Version Download


3. Three ways to transfer iBooks to Kindle

After converting epub to mobi,  we can add iBooks to Kindle then read them by 3 methods.

Method 1: Connetc Kindle to PC by USB cable, there will be a Removable Disc in My Computer. Then put iBooks on Kindle by Copy & Paste the mobi file to the Document folder.

Method 2: Send the converted iBooks to your Kindle e-mail address. When you connect your Kindle to WIFI, the iBooks will transfer to your Kindle automatically. Find your Send-to-Kindle e-mail address in Amazon.com---Manage your Kindle.

ibooks drm removal

Method 3: Download and install Send to Kindle for PC, right click on the mobi ebook, there will add an option called Send to Kindle, choose it then send the books to your Kindle. Receive the ebook as method 2.

ibooks drm removal

Click here to learn more tricks and tips about Kindle.

4. iBooks VS Kindle

1, Eye-friendly screen of Kindle. If we read on iPad for 1-2 hour, we easily get eye-tired, but for Kindle, this will not happen unless we read unless 3-4 hours.

2, Battery life. You are on a train-trip, reading a nice eBook with your iPad, suddenly, the iPad screen turns down because the battery has run out. But for Kindle, its battery can be at least last for a week without any charging.

3, Weight. The iPad is around 650g, while Kindle 3 is 240g and Kindle 4 is 170g. When we read eBooks, we often hold the eReader in our hands, it is tired if we hold iPad for 1-2 hours.

4, District limit. Most of eBooks in Amazon Store can only be purchased in the US. But Kindle is popular all over the world, while iBooks is available in many countries. Therefore, iBooks + Kindle = Best Reading.


joined Epubor since 2011, loves everything about eBooks and eReaders. He seeks the methods to read eBooks more freely and wants to share all he has got with you.

04/8/2013 08:12:50
It doesn't work with iTunes 11.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.6.8 :(
09/4/2013 19:07:11

Yup, the Requiem only works with iTunes 10.5/10.6, and the version after Requiem 3.3.6 even delete the iBooks decryption feature.

I guess the developer might meet the pressure from Apple. Who knows?

11/15/2013 23:48:15
It's a fake.
Epubor does not support Fairplay removers (Apple iBooks DRM).
Do not buy it...
11/18/2013 01:13:51

Hi Stefano,

I guess you didn't read the post carefully.

It said pretty clearly that to remove DRM from Apple iBooks, you need "this tool", and it takes you to another site which provide some helpful information.

And in step 2, it also says "Click Add Files and choose the DRM-free ePub ebook", DRM-free ePUB eBook, not DRM protected ebook.

In the entire post, Epubor never said they support FairPlay DRM.

12/18/2013 23:55:50
You cannot use ePub software to convert iBooks with DRM FairPlay to mobi format to read on your kindle.  I purchased this software and was misled last year that it would work on my Mac. I wanted to use my kindle to read books I legally purchased on various devices. I am not trying to steal.  It is not fair for honest people to be restricted to convert purchases. Shame on epubor and shame on apple. I could buy a hardcover and lend it out but I do not.  It is very annoying to think you are making a purchase only to learn you are really purchasing a license to read when you buy DRM media.  Just another way to make more money for them while the honest customers suffer.
12/19/2013 00:20:58
By the way Johnny,  don't waste your breath telling me what you replied to Stefano.  Your marketing material CHANGED AFTER THE FACT. In fact you yourself emailed me with instructions indicating that since iTunes upgraded to downgrade my version, or use a PC and use pirated software requiem as your "work around" solution.  Telling customers that we did not READ the full post INSULTS our intelligence. ESPECIALLY when your older marketing videos and advertising did NOT say ePub books.  Why would a company set up a "secret" Dropbox link to us (which is so not cool) if you knew that once iTunes updated their software epubor would not work?  You failed us.  Telling other customers they they didn't read your instructions is unacceptable and just proves again you do not care about customer service.  Lastly, I saved ALL YOUR EMAILS fussing up and telling me exactly how to game the system.  Had the developer of Requiem NOT RETIRED would you be so condescending and insulting to the people that posted here?  I seriously doubt it.  In fact, I bet you would tell them the same thing you told me.   EPubor lied plain and simple.  And yes I will post to anyone that wants to know how "unsupportive" this company is after they take our money.
12/24/2013 18:43:25
Hi Dani,
You can issue a refund freely if you have any complaint about our program or service.
12/19/2013 11:29:19
Looks Great! Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to try this out!
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