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Remove iBooks DRM, Read iBooks on PC

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iBooks is an amazing app for reading ebooks. iBooks has integrated the iBookstore, where you can download the latest best-selling ebooks or your favorite classics anytime and anywhere. However, most ebooks purchased or downloaded from iBookstore have Apple Fairplay DRM protections. To read iBooks on PC/Mac, you need to make iBooks convertable.

Here is the guide, just 4 steps to remove DRM from iBooks. In another word, now you can get your own iBooks for PC.

How to bypass the limitation and get iBooks for PC

Step 1: Find the ebook file in your PC.

Run iTunes, right click the ebook, choose "Show in Windows Explorer". Then the folder which contains the ebook will pop-up automatically.

Or you can directly go to "X:\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Books".

remove iBooks DRM

Step 2: Make sure if the ebook is DRM protected.

Open the ebook via ebook reader soft, like Adobe Reader, Calibre or Firefox plug-in, etc. If fail, then it has DRM protection.

If an eBooks purchased in iTunes has DRM protection, you can only read it on IOS devices like iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad, and the device must authorized with your iTunes ID which purchased this eBook, you can't share iBooks with your friends, read it on another device, you even can't enjoy iBooks on PC/Mac.

We purchased an eBook, we should have the right to read it on any device we like. Unless we piracy it for business purpose, removing DRM won't hurt anyone's benefit.

remove drm from iBooks

Step 3: Bypass the limitation.

remove ibooks drm

Requisite software.


Read no-limited iBooks on no-IOS device 

 - PC: There are many reading software which can read ePub eBooks on PC, like Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, etc.

 - Mac: You can read them by Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, Stanza, etc.

 - KindleConvert ePub to Mobi first, then transfer Mobi files to Kindle via USB Cable, Kindle email, or Send to Kindle application.

 - Nook: Transfer the book to Nook via USB Cable, then search new content on Nook, it will add the new-transfered book in the document section.

 - Sony: Transfer the book to Sony via Calibre. Load the book to Calibre first, then right click on the book, "Send to device --- Send specific format to --- Main Memory". Then you can find the book in your Sony Reader.

 - Kobo: Same as Sony.

 - Android Phone: Install Stanza on your phone, then transfer books to your phone via USB Cable, read them by Stanza.

 - Nokia Phone: Few apps on Nokia can read ePub books, but most of them can read PDF or TXT. Convert ePub to PDF to read them on your Nokia phone, if your Phone can only read TXT, don't worry, covnert PDF to TXT.

 - BlackBerry Playbook: This tablet use Kobo app as default reading app, so check the Kobo guide above.

 - BlackBerry Phone: Same as Nokia.

Now, you can read iBooks on whatever device freely. For PC users, you can just use ADE as your iBooks for PC as it can read all the non-protected ePub and PDF books.

read iBooks on PC

Something you should know:

Removing DRM from iBooks only for self-use, DO NOT share or spread the DRM free ebooks to any one else or any public domain.


If you purchase eBooks from Amazon Kindle, Sony, B&N Nook, Kobo, etc.

Ultimate eBook converter can convert them directly to another format you want, no need to remove the DRM first


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