3 Methods to Borrow Kindle Books: A Complete Guide 2019

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As an eBook lover, you may need to pay for every book you want to read. If you are an avid reader, you must have spent a large amount of money on this project. There will be some time that you do not want to own one book but just want to read it without paying any money. Why not just borrow the book you want to read? Borrowing books will save you a lot money, so why not? If you are looking for ways to borrow Kindle books, here you come to the right place. Keep reading, today I will share three methods to borrow Kindle books so that you can pick up one for yourself.

3 ways to borrow kindle books

1. Borrow Kindle books from Kindle owner

Talking about borrowing Kindle books, your friends or families will be the first one come to your head. Why not? Because they are the most easy to access resources for everyone. Borrowing from friends or families is not a bad idea. As I have introduced how to share Kindle books with friends and families before, I would recommend you follow this guide to use Kindle lend & Borrow function and Kindle households and family library to borrow Kindle books.

2. Borrow Kindle books from kindle owners’ lending library

If you have purchased the Amazon prime membership, here is another method for you to borrow kindle books which is borrowing from Kindle owners’ lending library(KOLL). What is KOLL? KOLL is a special library which can benefit the Amazon prime members who own Kindle devices, such as Kindle Fire, Kindle E-Reader and Fire Phone. So let’s explain this thing much simpler, to borrow from Kindle owners’ lending library, you need to be the prime member as well as have your own Kindle devices. If you meet the above two requirements, you can use this service to borrow kindle books. Another great thing about kindle owners’ lending library is that this library contains more than 800,000 titles included the current and former best sellers. To be mentioned, everyone can only borrow one books each month but with no due date. In comparision, books borrowed from other kindle owners which will be forced to return to the book owner after 14 days. After the brief introduction to KOLL, let’s see how to borrow Kindle books from KOLL on Kindle e-Reader and Kindle fire respectively.

Borrow Kindle books on Kindle eReader

Step 1. Open the store at your Kindle eReader, click the shopping cart to go to the Kindle store and then tap the three dot at the top right corner, you will see “Kindle Owners’ lending library”.

kindle owners's lending library

Step 2. Tap “Kindle owners’ lending library” to go to see titles in KOLL, Input the book title you want to read to the search bar to find the book you want to read. You will see the eligible titles have the Prime icon under it.

search the book in KOLL

Step 3. Tap the book title to open the book details. You will see there are two button over there, just ignore "Buy for $xx" button but tap “Borrow for Free” to borrow this book.

tap borrow for free button

Step 4. Once this book has been borrowed successfully, you will see it at your home screen when the download is complete.

Borrow Kindle books on Kindle Fire

I know some of our readers are Kindle Fire fans, so here I will also share you how to borrow kindle books on Kindle fire through Kindle owners’ lending library.

Step 1. Tap Books to open your Kindle library, and then click the shopping cart at the top right corner to open the Bookstore.

kindle store one fire

Step 2. Tap the menu bar at the top left corner and select “kindle Owners’ lending library”.


In the library, you will see different categories such as “Featured in lending library”, “Popular”, “Mystery&Thrillers” and so on.

KINLDE featured lending library

Step 3. Now you can browse the titles to select the one you want to borrow or you can fill in the book title at the top search bar to search exactly book you want to read. Just like on Kindle eReader, you will see prime eligible titles with Prime badge too.

kindle prime eligible titles

Step 4. Tap the book you want to borrow, the book details will be displayed. Tap “Borrow for Free” to borrow this book.

borrow for free

If you have already borrowed one book in your account, you need to return the previous borrowed book at first. A window will pop up like below picture. Click on “Return” to return the book you have borrowed and then click on “Close” button and your new borrowed book will be delivered to your Kindle fire immediately.

return books borrowed from KOLL

Then when you go back to your library, you will see that the borrowed book have been downloaded to your Kindle device. Just tap the book title to read it.

read borrowed kindle books on kindle fire

Here are some tips I want to share:
1. Books borrowed from Kindle owners’ lending library cannot be read on kindle reading app, but only on Kindle devices.
2. You should be prime members as well as kindle device owners to use this method.
3. You can only keep one borrowed kindle books in your account.
4. When you return a book, the book will be removed from your Kindle. Your notes and highlights will not be removed but saved in cloud in case you will purchase or borrow this book in the future.

3. Borrow Kindle books from library

Important Notice:  Kindle Books are currently available for U.S. libraries only. So if you are not live in the USA, you may pass this method.

There are thousands of libraries in the United States offer library books for Kindle. So if you have your own library card, it is easy for you to borrow kindle books from libraries for reading on your Kindle fire, kindle e-Reader or Kindle reading app.

Before get started, prepare a library card from library participating in lending kindle books and remember the PIN. If you do not know whether your library is eligible and carries Kindle eBooks, go to OverDrive and click on “Find libraries near you” and then fill in your library name to see whether your library is participating. If you do not have any library card yet, you can apply a card from any participating library. It doesn’t need to be the library close to you. Get the card and the PIN ready.

Step 1. Go to website that you own the library card and then search for Kindle books. Or you can use OverDrive to search your library and then go to your library directly from OverDrive. Please remember choose Kindle format as almost all libraries offer EPUB/PDF eBooks at the same time.

search kindle books at library

Step 2. In your search result, please click the book you want to borrow and you will see how many copies it is still left and what formats are available now. Just select the Kindle format and add to bookbag.

add kindle books to bag

Step 3. Now you will go to Amazon website to checkout this book. Please just click on “Get library book” and pick up the device or reading apps you prefer to reading this book.

get library books

A pop up message will tell you that the library book has been delivered to device or reading app. Now you can go to your kindle device or reading app to download this book!

download library book

Frequently Asked Questions about borrowing kindle books
Q: How to return borrowed kindle books?

A: For returning borrowed kindle books, no matter borrowed from other owners, Kindle owners’ lending library or OverDRive, they are following the same steps.
Step 1. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices, and then go to Your Content tab.
Step 2. Select the Actions button next to the book you want to return.
Step 3. Select Return this book, and then select Yes in the pop-up window.

Q: Can I remove DRM from borrowed kindle books?

A: Epubor software does not support rented books. For books borrowed from others, or library are a kind of rented books because you are not the owner of this book, but have the reading accessibility for some period. If you want to complete own the Kindle books, we suggest you purchase this book and then remove DRM from Kindle books with Epubor Ultimate.

Q: What’s the difference between Kindle unlimited or Kindle owners’ lending library?

A: The biggest difference between kindle unlimited and Kindle owners’ lending library is they are using different library although some titles are the same but Kindle limited contains more titles than the KOLL. What’s more, you can borrow up to 10 titles using Kindle unlimited service,but only 1 title via KOLL.

Q: Why can’t I lend my Kindle books?

A: There are many situation that you cannot lend your books. But the most common situations have been listed as below.
Situation 1. You have loaned this book to someone else before as Amazon only allows you to lend your book once. Take care of your chance.
Situation 2. The publisher bans this function for some books. So please go to check whether this book is loanable or not before lending it. You can go to Manage Your Content and Devices and find the action button besides the book title to see whether “Loan this title” is available or not.


There are the three methods about borrowing Kindle books I want to share with you guys today. You can either borrow kindle books from others, Kindle owners’ lending library or public library. But from the instructions, we can see that it is no so easy to loan your kindle books to other people as well as borrow kindle from others or libraries as Amazon is in complete control of Kindle books. You will always find some limitations on borrowing Kindle books. To stay in control of your own library, the best method is to strip the Kindle DRM and back up all of your Kindle eBooks.

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I borrow books from library in epub format. I then find these books in epubor ultimate. have to purchase from Epubor) I move them over to remove the incription. Then at bottom I say change to MOBI format. Find this new formatted book in your documents. Plug in your kindle device into computer /Screen will show it plugged in. Find your kindle in documents (G) and open it. Look for documents ( on the kindle. Now click on the file(book) and hold your finger down and drag it to the documents in Kindle and release finger. You will see it load onto your Kindle. Now you have the book forever unless you delete it. This sounds really complicated but once you try it's easy. If u get stuck email me. You can also put that same book on other devices. The lifetime membership for Epubor Ultimate is worth the price.    
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