3 Methods to Convert EPUB to Docx

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Indulged in reading eBooks on portable devices on the go? Then you must familiar with EPUB, PDF and MOBI eBook format, right? We know that there are three main eBook formats on the Internet and these files can't be edited by users directly. So if you have some epub books and want to change some errors or customize the books, you can convert epub to docx for further editing. To achieve this goal, I’d like to strongly recommend some the best epub to docx Converter tools for your reference.

Compare EPUB with DOCX

EPUB is a technical standard for e-books created by the International Digital Publishing Forum, which has gained some popularity as a vendor-independent XML-based e-book format. This format can be read by many eReaders as well as other reading apps.

DOCX is a document file format that is directly supported by few ebook readers. Its advantages as an ebook format are that it can be easily converted to other ebook formats and it can be reflowed. It can be easily edited.

Full name Electronic Publication Office Open XML Document
File extension .epub .docx
Developed by International Digital Publishing Forum Microsoft
Type of format Ebook file format Document file format
Introduction EPUB is an e-book file format with the extension .epub that can be downloaded and read on devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, or e-readers. It is a free and open standard published by the International Digital Publishing Forum. The term is short for electronic publication and is sometimes styled ePub. The Office Open XML file formats are a set of file formats that can be used to represent electronic office documents. There are formats for word processing documents, spreadsheets and presentations as well as specific formats for material such as mathematical formulae, graphics, bibliographies etc.
Technical details EPUB is the most widely supported vendor-independent XML-based e-book format. An EPUB file is a ZIP archive that contains, in effect, a website-including HTML files, images, CSS style sheets, and other assets. It also contains metadata. EPUB 3 is the latest version. By using HTML5, publications can contain video, audio, and interactivity, just like websites in web browsers. Office Open XML documents are stored in Open Packaging Convention packages, which are ZIP files containing XML and other data files, along with a specification of the relationships between them. Depending on the type of the document, the packages have different internal directory structures and names.

How to convert epub to docx


Before converting epub to docx, you need to make sure epub files are drm free. If your epub files are DRM-encrypted, you can follow this full guide to remove DRM from Google Play/Kobo epub files.

1. Calibre

Ebook lovers may have a deep affection for Calibre. Calibre is a powerful and easy to use e-book manager. Most importantly, it’s also completely free and open source and great for both casual users and computer experts. It’ll allow you to do nearly everything and it takes things a step beyond normal e-book software. But it’s not an almighty software. For example, Calibre can’t read decrypted KFX books yet.

First, add the epub books to Calibre.

Second, select the epub books and click “Convert books”, it will pop up a window.


Third, choose Docx as the output format, then click OK. At the same time you can also edit the metadata, such as the book cover and title, etc.


Fourth, find your DOCX file. After the convertion, you will notice the same epub book displayed in the main window has two formats, epub and Docx. You can open the docx file by just clicking DOCX or right click the DOCX and save the docx format to your disk.


2. Epubor Wordmate

Epubor Wordmate is a powerful and professional eBook creator and editor. It is a MS Word add-in, which enables you to create and edit epub, mobi, PDF eBooks in Word. With WordMate, just import all your own eBooks and easily edit the font, content and text format with word features to get the best reading experience.

It’s way much easier to operate than Calibre. You only need to import the ePub book, then click File in Word Toolbar to save the book as docx file.


Besides convert epub to Docx basic function, with Epubor Wordmate, just with few clicks, you can create Word file to EPUB, MOBI, PDF eBooks and publish for Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Google Play and more. The output eBook's quality is pretty good, no content loss. It will remain all text formatting, fonts and images which were edited by Word.

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3. Free online Tools

There’s also many other online free epub to Docx converter, like Convertio and Online-convert, however, sometimes these tools are very convenient to use, sometimes the first site would terminate the conversion saying an upgrade is required and the second site would give a nonspecific error message even before beginning.

In order to convert epub to docx using online tools, their methods are similar. First, upload the epub file to the online website. Sencond, choose DOCX as the output. Third, download the DOCX file to your computer.


Free online tools has many shortcomings, like Convertio online converter, the free version can only allow your upload files' maxisum size is less than 100MB. Even worse, the converted DOCX file's quality is not good. If you want to have less limitation, then you need to purchae their software instead.

Sure a free solution is preferred but no one is averse to buying an app if the paid tool is way better and convenient than the free one.

You may as well as realize the convenience brought by Wordmate. Wordmate is the most and powerful and efficient convert epub to Docx tools. It also supports: AZW, AZW3, AZW4, PRC, TXT, HTMLz, TPZ, Topaz, etc. It is especially convenient for those who are not very familiar with computer. As long as you know how to use Microsoft Word, this tiny eBook tool will be easy for you to handle. You don't need to learn any coding. Just enjoy to create your own eBooks.


Time is money. I'm more prefer to the easy-to-use and time-saving Wordmate Add-In. Don’t forget to try the free trial of Wordmate. And also pick one software works best for you.

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