4 Methods to Convert PDF to AZW3

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Kindle eReaders hold the most share of eReaders market in the whole wide world. Amazon builds a wall garden to confine all the books purchased from Amazon Store to Kindle exclusive formats such as azw and the trending dominant format azw3 (kf8). Though PDF files can be read on Kindle natively, the rendering effect is not very good due to the inner nature of PDF. PDF is a graphic format that doesn't resize well. When reading PDF on Kindle, you have to tap and scroll the screen, and drag the file from time to time to fit on the screen. Also PDFs loading causes serious performance issue in Kindle, sometimes they hung up and take a long time to respond. It's quite annoying that nearly drive you nuts when reading PDFs on a Kindle with small display. But still there is no denying that PDF is probably the most common document format used today and that many users desire to use their Kindle eReaders to view PDF content. In this article, I'll introduce the most comprehensive ways of converting PDF to AZW3, so that you can get a better reading experience on Kindle.

Updated(2019.07): There are new ways for you read PDF on Kindle. Please go ahead to How to Send PDF to Kindle.

Covert PDF to AZW3 with online converter

It’s quite easy to convert PDF to AZW3 via the free online converters. No software installation is needed, no registration is required. All you need to do is upload the PDF file onto the online Converter, choose the output format, and click “convert” to process, then download the converted AZW3 file. I’m listing some reliable and most frequently used free online converters below if your PDF files are primarily text based.

1. Convertio PDF to AZW3 Converte

2. Cloudconvert convert pdf to azw3

3. Offdrive Free PDF to AZW3 Conversion

4. Office-Converter PDF to AZW3

5. Conversion-Tool Convert to AZW3

6. FreeFileConvert Free Online File Converter

7. ONLINE-CONVERT Online ebook converter

However, for most of the online converters, the conversion result is not very satisfactory. Sometimes you even get some bad line breaks, see below.


Covert PDF to AZW3 with software/application

If you want to get better and accurate converted result, the following software/applications minimize the effort required to convert PDFs into AZW3 files with relatively higher quality than free online converters.

Epubor Ultimate

Here comes the most powerful and easy-to-use application that works efficiently and effortlessly with DRM removal and format conversion – Epubor Ultimate.

Launch the software, click the Add button in the middle of the main interface to load the PDF files or drag and drop the PDF files into the interface. In the bottom part, select the output format as azw3, then click “Convert to AZW3”, these PDF files will be decrypted and converted to azw3 files instantly. And then the converted file folder will pop out and present all the converted azw3 files. The DRM removal of the PDF files is processed automatically. Stripping DRM restriction and converting format are processed simultaneously by Epubor Ultimate.


Please download the software and witness how fast and efficient that Epubor Ultimate makes wonders for you!

Download Epubor Ultimate for free



As a powerful free open source ebook collection manager tool, Calibre is known far and wide among ebook lovers. We discussed the program a lot in our previous articles, so I’m not going into details about its full features. Instead I’ll illustrate how to convert PDF to AZW3 with this tool.

Launch Calibre, click “Add book” on the left upper corner of the main interface to load the PDF files. Then click “Convert books”, in the dropdown menu, choose “Convert individually” or “Bulk convert”. Then a new interface pops up, choose the output format as azw3 from the right upper corner, then click “OK”.



Convert PDF to AZW3 with Amazon’s Send-to-Kindle service

Amazon developed a special email address for Kindle users that they need to register to before they use their device. Each device has a unique Send to Kindle email address. PDFs can be converted to the Kindle format so you can take advantage of functionality such as variable font size, annotations, and Whispersync.

Step 1. Find Your Personal Email Address within Your Amazon User Account

To find your personal email address, access Amazon website and open your Amazon Account > Manage Your Content and Devices > Manage your Devices, and then click on your device to see your email address.


Step 2. Compose a New Email and Attach the File

Put your personal Kindle email address as the recipient of your email. Remember to write CONVERT in the subject line. Attach the PDF file you want to get converted into a Kindle format and hit Send.


This method only works for text only PDF files. If your PDF file contains a lot of images, charts, or infographics, the converted quality will be lost by adopting this method. And you can’t get your converted file instantly. The attachment size is limited to 50MB, so the PDF files larger than 50MB can’t be delivered or converted.

Seek professional experts to deal with graphic-heavy PDFs for a fee

If your PDF file is heavy with images, infographics, charts, formulas, or equations, then none of the above methods work satisfactorily. The original formatting may cannot be preserved, some images may be lost, charts, formulas may be misplaced. You can’t blame the conversion tools or methods, it’s just because PDF is not a good format for conversion, and it’s designed for printed out instead. In this situation, the best and feasible option for highly accurate conversion is seek professional experts to handle the PDF conversion for you. One recommendation is Hi-Tech bpo PDF Conversion Services.

You can download the software for free by clicking the links below. The trial version of Epubor Ultimate handles DRM removal and format conversion of 20% contents of your original eBooks. If you want to get 100% contents of eBooks decrypted and convert their formats losslessly, you need to upgrade Epubor Ultimate to the paid version.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free



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