5 Best Manga Apps for iOS

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Manga and anime are known to be a dominant part of Japanese culture. Reading manga and watching anime are in vogue for decades not only in Japan, their core fans are all over the world. Nowadays the world for comics has gone to digital and mobile. Tons of manga fans are shifting their ways of reading manga. The traditional reading media like paperback and hardback are gradually abandoned, young manga fans prefer to read manga on their smart phones or portable eReader devices.


If you are following many mangas then you are quite familiar with our daily struggle to read manga on a mobile device. In our previous articles we introduced Best 6 Manga Apps for Android. Well, reading manga titles on your iPhone or iPad does not have to be painful too. In the principle of quality over quantity, I’ll introduce to you the 5 Best Manga apps for iOS that are developed to boost your manga reading experience on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

1. Manga Reader
2. Manga Storm
3. Manga Rock
4. Manga Bird
5. ZingBox Manga

Manga Reader


Manga Reader is acclaimed to be the ultimate manga app for iPhone and iPad users. Manga Reader is the best way to dive into manga world on your mobile device. And best of all, it's free! I sincerely recommend you to try it out. It collects more than 30 manga sources into one application and allows you stream on different libraries simultaneously. With a huge content base, the app also comes with various organizational features that help the users to keep track of everything in the app.

It also comes with the features of cloud syncing, bookmarking, three reading modes (continuous, page scroll, page curl), three reading directions (vertical, left to right, right to left), and different search options (filter manga by manga title, author name, rank, genres).

It can download up to 5 manga pages in the same time, and has no download limits. It will check manga updates every 2 hours. This app is like your savior when websites wouldn't update manga on time. “Restore data from iCloud” option is added to the new version of the app. If you lost your Favorites, History or Downloads data, you can click the option to restore them from iCloud.

The app size is 20.5MB and is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later. You can download it via Apple App Store.

Manga Storm


Manga Storm is equipped with all the great features that a powerful manga app should possess. It has a huge library. There are thousands of manga from over 25 sources and are available in many languages. With a simple but effective UI design, the app comes with features of bookmarking, cloud syncing, three reading directions, systematic manga list organization, manga update auto-checking, and offline reading. It saves your reading progress on each chapter automatically, so you won’t lose your place for the chapter you were reading last time. In addition, it can convert your downloaded manga to CBZ files and export them to read on other comic reader apps.

Do I mention the incomparable reading experience with Manga Storm? You’ll definitely love it. Flip to the next page by swiping or just tap at the edge if you are too lazy to swipe. Continue reading through all chapters in one go. After you finish reading the current chapter, Manga Storm will load the next one automatically.

What impresses me most is that the company of Manga Storm values customers’ happiness and provides efficient customer service. Any bugs or issues that pop up are usually fixed within a day as Manga Storm's developers are super easy to get a hold of. You can post your issues on their official Manga Storm Facebook page, and usually they’ll respond to you within an hour.

Well as awesome as it is, I still think it can be better if it adopts a panel by panel view because looking at a whole page is annoying to read.

The app size is 24MB, and it requires iOS 9.0 or later to install. You can download it via Apple App Store.

Manga Rock


Manga Rock is a free go-to app for all your manga reading needs. It provides access to an extensive catalogue of the most popular Manga titles available. You can discover, read and download manga with this awesome app. There are 24 sources and 7 different languages of manga to choose from, and you will certainly find the desirable manga out there.

Its unique “FOR YOU” option discovers new manga, great authors, or “hidden gems” through recommendation. The “RECENT” option lets you see your recent activity. You can get recommendations, see popular ones, view related ones and more. Manga Rock has three different reading modes and advanced reading settings which gives you a seamless reading experience, and you can customize it any way you want. It also allows you to read both vertically or horizontally, adjust the brightness, change reading direction, and zoom in and out.

This app is light on the battery, has push notifications, save your favorites, pick up where you left off reading, sync and read between iOS devices, backup to the Manga Rock Cloud, and allows you to download mangas. What’s awesome is next chapter automatically downloads in the background when you are reading the manga.

One of the noticeable problems for Manga Rock is some pages won't load for certain chapters when reading a Manga title online. Another downside that more and more users mention is they’re constantly getting mangas that aren't fully downloaded and pages are never loading with the recent versions of the app. The downloading system and performance were way better before the developers released the later versions. Hope the issues can be fixed soon.

The app size is 94.5MB and it requires iOS 9.0 or later to install. You can download it via Apple App Play Store.

Manga Bird


Manga Bird is also an excellent manga reader app for iOS. It has a clean navigable and easy-to-use UI design. It claims to have the biggest library. It supports 8 languages, more than 20 manga websites, and over 100,000 mangas. Like the other mentioned manga readers, Manga Bird also features with several different reading modes (including Day and Night reading modes), 2 reading directions, bookmarking, image crop, various manga searching methods, "Restore data from iCloud" option, etc.

Beside those, it also supports multiple concurrent downloads, offline reading, systematic manga management and more. It has good quality downloads on shoddy networks or on mobile data. It’s able to auto check and notify favorited manga's releases every day in the background.

The most fantastic feature that distinguishes Manga Bird from other manga readers is how easy it is to manage storage! It checks storage size of every read manga in storage management.

In the meantime, it also has some areas need to improved: the developers may give it a more advanced filtering system, so you can choose to see titles in two or more categories and maybe blacklist some when you're browsing. Maybe try to set folders or dividers for my favorites tab, or a way to customize the colors. Well, we’ll see whether the users’ wishes are realized in the new releases of Manga Bird in the future.

The app size is 20.1MB, and it requires iOS 8.0 or later to install. You can download it via Apple App Store.

ZingBox Manga


ZingBox Manga is one of the most amazing free manga readers for iOS. You can read manga in a clean and easy-to-use interface without any banner ads. It supports paper-rolling, page-turning, landscape and portrait mode. The smart sync of your reading history allows you to pick up where you left off last time when read a manga title on another device with ZingBox. Exclusive and original manga of different themes will be updated daily. And also you can find novels adapted from manga here.

Other appealing services include unlimited download and one-click bulk download. Rapid manga downloader with several concurrent download and background download to save any sort of manga for offline reading.

Besides being able to read manga whenever you want, ZingBox gives you the option to create a wish list, get notifications when a new issue is released, and preview mangas with a scoring system to help you decide if the comic is worth purchasing.

Effortlessly backup and also restore ZingBox Manga data across several iOS devices utilizing your Facebook, Twitter, or email account.

Read and download over 100,000 manga from more than 20 manga sources with ZingBox!

The app size is 36.1MB, and it requires iOS 8.0 or later to install. You can download it via Apple App Store.


The above apps are pretty much the best 5 Manga apps for iOS. Please note that most mangas you purchased from Amazon/Kobo/Nook book store are protected with DRM. They can only be read on the specific devices, apps or platforms. If you want to read your downloaded/purchased mangas on cross-platforms or any supported e-ink Readers, or share them with your friends, you need to strip the DRM restriction from the mangas. Therefore, I highly recommend you to install the best eBook DRM removal and converter – Epubor Ultimate!

You can download Epubor Ultimate for free by clicking the links below. The trial version of Epubor Ultimate handles DRM removal and format conversion of 20% contents of your original eBooks. If you want to get 100% contents of eBooks decrypted and convert their formats losslessly, you need to upgrade Epubor Ultimate to the paid version.

Epubor wants you to be satisfied with our products. If, for any reason, the software you receive does not meet your expectations, you can claim a refund within 30 days since you place the order. So why not give it a try? You’ve got nothing to lose.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:



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It's a newer app but it's called mangalife. I think this is now my favorite. You should consider adding it here!

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