5 Must Know Audible Credit Tips to Get Most of It

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What is an audible credit? If you have ordered the Audible audiobook subscription service, you will receive credits monthly or annually to exchange for Audible audiobooks. This credit is called Audible Credit which can be used for buying Audible audiobooks, regardless of the original audiobook price. Here I will share 5 must know Audible credit tips so that you can get most of Audible.com.

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1. Basic Information of Audible Credits

From the home page, you will see Audible advertisement “$14.95 per month after 30 days. Cancel anytime”. This is Audible Golden plan. There are also many other plans offered by Audible. Subscribing from Audible.com is the basic method to get Audible credits. Here I have listed all Audible plans, including plan name, audible membership cost, Audible credit per month, audible credit expired date and how many credits you can keep in account in total.

Plan Name Silver Membership Gold Monthly Gold Annual Platinum Monthly Platinum Annual
Price $14/2 month $14.95/month $149.50/year $22.95/month $229.50/year
Credits 1 every other month 1 per month 12 per year 2 per month 24 per year
Credit Expiration 12 months from when credit is issued 12 months from when credit is issued 12 months from when credit is issued 12 months from when credit is issued 12 months from when credit is issued
Credit limits 5 credit 5 credits 10 credits 6 credits 12 credits

2. How to Use Audible Credits?

It is very convenient to use Audible credit to purchase Audible books.

Firstly, add an audiobook to your shopping cart.

Secondly, go to your shopping cart and you will see that there are two price options for you. One is 1 credit button, and the other is the original Audible books price. If you have one or more credits in your account, just select 1 credit button and go to next step. If there is no credit available now, this option will be in gray color and not selectable. Usually, you can see how many credits available at your account now at the top right corner of Audible website.

buy audible with credit

Thirdly, just click on “Proceed to Checkout” to finish the order. When you checkout, you will see a subtotal of 0.00$. Your credit has been applied to purchase one audible book.

This is how audible credit works.

3. How to Get Free Audible Credits?

Everyone loves freebies especially the Audible audiobook is even much expensive than eBooks. Getting the free Audible credit can save you a lot of money. As far as I am concerned, there are two ways to get the free Audible credit and both methods only can work once.

Method 1. Sign up for 30-day free trial to get 2 free audible credits

If you have not signed up for Audible, you can get two free audible credits by signing up their 30- day free trial plan.  In this way, you can get two free audible credits and 2 Audible originals which mean you will get four free audible audiobooks in total. Still hesitate? Don’t worry, you can cancel your Audible membership before the next billing date.

Method 2. Pretend to “Cancel Audible Membership” to get a free Audible credit

I know this method seems a little bit tricky, but this tricky method 100% works. To use this method, you need to have an Audible membership no matter which plan you are in, even the free trial is ok.  Here is how it works. Try to 'Cancel Membership', select the option 'too expensive' and then you will be asked “Would you like 1 free Audible credit as our gift to you, or to cancel your membership?” Just click on 'bonus credit' and get your own one free Audible Credit.


  • 1. Sometime, Audible will offer you alternative way like “3 months at half price” as the alternative way to “1 free credit”.
  • 2. Please use this method at website, not in your Audible app as  someone reported this method doesn’t work in app.

4. How to Buy More Audible Credits?

For the avid Audiobook lovers, one credit each month may be a little pain. It is easy for them to finish 2 or 3 audiobooks in one month. Are you one of them? Good news to share is that you can buy more audible credits with cheaper price. To trigger this special offer, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • You are in an Audible plan for at least 30 day.
  • You have one or no credit left at your account.

In this situation, this special offer will appear in the spot on the top-right of the website where it normally shows you how many credits do you have. If this option does not appear, you can contact customer service to ask for this special offer directly.

buy more audible credits

Usually, this offer will enable you to purchase 3 extra Audible credits at a time.   Based on your Audible membership plan, the offered prices will be varied.

buy extra audible credits

5. How to Gift Audible Credits

Have accumulated many credits and find it is difficult to choose a title from Audible, but your friends happen to in need of the Audible Credit? Now you must be curious that if you can gift your Audible credit to your friends? I am sorry to inform you that you are not able to gift an Audible credit, but you can gift them a title using one of your Audible Credits. Or you can give a gift membership, and they'll get one credit each month. If they're already a member, they'll receive all credits from the gift membership at once. Here is the details of gifting an Audible book.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Can I still access Audible books I've purchased using credits once I've cancelled my membership?

A: Sure, once the book has been purchased, it will stay in your library and you can download it any time as you like. To be honestly, we never know Audible’s next step so why not just download it and back up your Audible book safely?

Q2: If I cancel audible membership, can I keep my Audible credits?

A: If you have remaining credits in your account when you cancel your Audible membership, it will pop up a windows remind you how many credits do you left and prompt you to use them prior to canceling. Please use these credits before canceling. If you don’t use them up, Audible will take them away.

cancel audible membership


These are the 5 must know Audible credit tips I want to share with you today. Please remember these tips so that you can save your money on Audible! Already purchased many Audible books with your Audible credits? Be careful. There is great opportunity that you cannot play your purchased Audible file on your favorite MP3 players. Why? One more thing you should know is that all purchased Audible books are in their own Audible formats -- aa, aax, aaxc , and are protect by Audible DRM. This is the reason. I would like to mention this powerful Audible software--Epubor Audible Converter. With this audio converter, converting Audible books to MP3 can never be so easy. Just download the free trial to free your Audible book today and listen to your Audible at any MP3 player now!

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