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free kindle booksAre you a big fan of Kindle ebooks who reads dozen of books per month? Always buy books in Amazon store is really a budget for normal people. To get free books from piracy sites is also not a good idea. While searching "free kindle books" in Amazon but only get those public domains.

If you have the same problems displayed above, this list is definitely what you need! These 60 sites allow you to download free legal Kindle books. Most of them are limited-free. So the best practice is to subscribe to their RSS feeds and then check the daily update via RSS reader.

Some basis at first

1. Perfect integration with Kindle devices and apps. Nearly all the books provided in the websites below are sold in Amazon Kindle store, which means they work perfectly on your Kindle devices and apps. You can download kindle books first for reading, then easily manage them in your Kindle cloud library and enjoy all the services provided by Amazon.

2. Limited-free. Nearly all of the books are limited-free, so please keep a regular visit to make sure you will not miss out any book you like.

3. Not a US Amazon user? As most of the books are only free in amazon.com but not in amazon.co.uk, etc. For this situation, you have 2 solutions. To register an amazon.com account and login in your Kindle with US account to sync the book for reading; or play some tricks to make books from amazon.com integrate to your non-US account.

4. Tips on how to read them on other devices or apps. If you are a user of a non-Kindle device like Sony, Kobo or Nook. You can use the Ultimate Converter to convert those books to Epub format, which is the accepted format for non-Kindle devices.


5. Feel free to use this list by yourself. You can bookmark this list or share it on your social networks in case you forget where to find this page. For website owners, you are also allowed to repost this list, but please specify the citing source clearly.

Sit tight and welcome to the highway to free Kindle books!

These 60 site are edited on 2013/04/27, and more sites will be updated once we discover them. Like this page then you will not miss out any awesome site.

Name Alexa Rank Note
eReader News Today 27212  
Hunt 4 Freebies 27592 Offer 100+ free Kindle books per day.
eReaderIQ 29699  
Free Stuff Times 31797 Offer 100+ free Kindle books per day.
Pixel of Ink 32953 Also mixed with bargain books.
Kindle Buffet 33705  
Kindle Nation Daily 42020 Mixed with bargain Kindle books.
Freebook Sifter 65198 Minimalist and clean layout, but about 50 free books on the homepage.
OneHundredFreeBooks.com 69762  
FreeBooksy 70302  
Free Kindle Books and Tips 85538  
I Crave Freebies 90401  
Daily Free Books 107255  
Indie Book Of The Day 108680  
The eReader Café 135593  
eReader Girl 136554  
Daily Cheap Reads 186242  
Bargain eBook Hunter 187830  
Gospel eBooks 200000  
Heidoc 200706 Including Amazon US,UK,Canada,Germany,France,Italy,Spain,Japan,China and Brazil.
eBooks Habit 202969  
eReader Love 217316  
Digital Book Today 222997  
FKB 267911 Sort by fiction and non-fiction.
BookLending 315188 Book free lending platform.
PixelScroll 319861  
Shelf Buzz 344129  
Free Read Feed 429460  
bookbub 521279  
eBook Lister 580696  
Its Write Now 589405  
iLoveEbooks.com 617094  
Free eBooks Daily 645763  
My Book and My Coffee 650754 I guess this site is designed by a girl who is crushing on Pink color.
Daily Free eBooks 692629  
FreeBooksHub.com 973603  
Kindle Users Forum 990706 Contain free Kindle books in US and UK.
KeBooks 999608 Provide 100+ free Kindle books per day with categories.
Centsless Books 1317719  
World Library 1474985  
Free Kindle eBooks 1581603  
Shelfbuzz 2329925  
Free Ebooks Blog 3636151  
Power Reads 4596528 4-5 books per day.
Free Books Hub UK 5386497 Especially for UK Kindle users.
Kindle-Free 13326647  
Free Sci-Fi 22659849 Focus on science fiction
The Best Free Kindle Books / The famous squidoo free Kindle books collection page.
Free eBooks Download / Facebook Page
...   ...
04/20/2016 Update   ...
BookGorilla / Deep Discounts on Bestsellers, Plus Free Books
ManyBooks / Over 33,000 Free eBooks
Getfreeebooks.com / One of the biggest free books website
Bookboon / A lot of free textbooks
Freebookbay / Fiction and Literature free books
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Notice: Public domains site like Gutenburg is not included in this list. Some sites are using the same name, but in fact they are different. There is no duplicate site in this list.

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06/28/2013 07:10:38
could you please update details for kebooks. We now provide 100+ free kindle books, arranged into categories. thank you!
06/30/2013 23:37:54

Hi Abhi,
Thanks for the infomation, I've already updated the details about kebooks.


10/10/2015 07:24:32
There’s thousands of free kindle books at FreeKindleBooks.uk and it has an easy search feature. All eBooks can be downloaded for free and read on any device!
06/30/2013 23:43:35
thank you very much Jonny.
08/3/2013 07:46:04

I hope you'll consider adding KindleAddicts.com to your list. Though we list daily bargain books, we also have "Freebie Friday" every couple of weeks listing free Kindle books.

Thanks so much for your consideration!

08/5/2013 03:08:55
Hi Sandy,
I will add your site into the list in next update. But I can't guarantee you the exact time.
08/13/2013 10:04:09
how could you note have included guttenberg for fantastic freebies!!
08/13/2013 20:40:39

Hi Kish,
I've already stated in the post: Public domains site like Gutenburg is not included in this list.

12/2/2013 12:43:54
Download FREE EBOOKS in various domains (Leisure activities and practical life, Novels and Literature, Computer and internet,
Smartphones and Tablets)
01/23/2014 09:09:33

Thank you for this list

Please include The Vessel Project in your list of sites. At least 3 free books are posted each day.


05/14/2014 10:32:39
So  Cool !!!
Very  enjoyable book is  now  in e-book .
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This is Asian butterfly seeks readership.
07/25/2014 12:58:55
Thanks for the new sites!!!! Tired of the same old same old.
10/27/2014 18:55:43
Wow!!! Thanks for all the websites and info that you share...I just fired up my Kindle Fire HD and don't have the money to buy all the ebooks right now and when I came across your website, through google search, it was like Christmas time for me!! LOL....Thanks again...I have already started to fill my Kindle Fire Library with some of the freebies from Amazon that I have found through your website...kitten
11/17/2014 02:07:39
Wow! As a true bibliophile, and having just this minute found your website, I'm going to be like a child in a toy shop. This is the most exciting readers website that one can imagine! Excellent!
11/17/2014 18:43:54
Hope you enjoy your time here. And we are keeping updating new content, 2-4 posts per week.
01/24/2015 06:50:22

NewFreeKindleBooks.com lists free and discounted eBooks.


02/24/2015 09:43:39
If you're looking for non-US free ebooks, bookangel.co.uk has a daily list of ebooks free on Amazon UK.
03/22/2015 17:43:23
We hope you will add BookGorilla.com -- thanks!
04/15/2015 11:29:27
Please add www.manybooks.net to your list. There are lots of free eBooks there on many subjects.
04/26/2015 02:24:19

Please add PreciousFreeBooks. com

07/11/2015 19:15:59

New site just opened with over 32,000 free instant eBook downloads and over 30 million paid books.


Very easy to use!!

08/7/2015 02:37:31
Download  lots of free ebooks here: www.globalgrey.co.uk
09/28/2015 02:36:34

Could you please list this blog in your website


11/30/2015 13:48:37
love this site
thank you
02/1/2016 04:03:22
Thank you for this list.
We made a new website dedicated for public domain books.
You can download book or read it online.
you can find us on:
I hope you add it to the upper list.
Thank you.
10/8/2016 00:17:13

Very useful! Thank you for sharing. I was finding different sites to promote books too and these post got huge list, and the comments is also a landmine.

I would really appreciate if you add our site ->> mybookcushion.com

It solely promotes FREE and Bargain YA kindle eBooks, so if your readers are into these specific genre, it'll be easier to find them on our site.

More power!

11/5/2016 22:43:28

Please add www.ebookchristian.com to your list.  All genres welcome.

Our only requirement is that your book does not contain vulgar language, graphic violence, or erotic content.

Thank you.

01/13/2017 01:13:01
Adding another to the list: www.kindkindle.com
01/20/2017 16:35:20
I woul like to recommend www.topfreebooks.org It is a web resource, very useful for students and researchers as it contains a variety of documents, lecture notes, and magazines. Just use the search bar and have full access to the books you’re looking for.
02/12/2017 01:51:42
i need free kindle book,thanks!
02/12/2017 10:33:12
add this www.kindlebookbuket.com
04/15/2017 14:21:15
Can u plz tell me where to download free goosebumps horror land books
05/21/2017 04:46:14
NewFreeKindleBooks.com has a daily updated listing of free and discounted eBooks for your Kindle.
08/20/2017 18:59:11
One of the best places to get good ebooks for free is:  myfreekindle.blogspot.com/
08/20/2017 19:07:21
One of the best places to get good ebooks for free is:  www.myfreekindle.blogspot.com
12/5/2018 08:36:51
   I am so excited finding this website !!!   Thanks to All !!!  
12/5/2018 08:48:03
We are glad to know that you like our website. Just enjoy it!
01/28/2019 17:14:15
Very good list, congratulations!
02/25/2019 21:49:18
GrayCity.Net is an English-language website with free books to read online, with the ability to listen to audio versions.
09/8/2019 09:53:44
Wow.  Thanks a bunch.  Some of these sites I have never heard of before today. Appreciate your site.
06/17/2021 21:47:13

Thanks you for the list!

I'll add one more site: aliceandbooks.com

I really appreciate your work :)

08/12/2021 04:30:46
Z library if definitely the best free ebooks website.
Check it out
12/7/2021 02:17:02
Thanks! I might think you forgot to add this https://apkmortgage.com/amazon-kindle-mod-apk/
02/8/2022 18:48:13

Can u plz tell me where to download free goosebumps horror land books


07/6/2022 19:03:17
Download Mangago Kindle MOD APK <a href="https://modyolos.com/mangago-5/">From Here</a>
. MangaGO is the Multi-Book that has the most famous Stories, Novels, Comics, and much more interesting Reading Material in any language.
07/21/2022 23:03:53
Download Vidmate apk For Free Kindle Book From Here: https://modyolos.com/vidmate-apk-downlaod/
10/15/2022 22:59:08

Great list!

A site you're missing that I really like is northstarreaders.com

It has a good mix of free and bargain fiction and nonfiction kindle books that are added daily.

11/11/2023 00:23:49
awesome info and details
03/30/2024 20:37:29
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