7 Places to Download Kindle Screensavers

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One of those characteristic of Kindle is the non-replaceable screensaver, or someone calls it wallpaper or sleep images.

But where there is a problem, there is a solution. To change your Kindle's screensaver, you need to hack Kindle at first. I was going to put some links to the specific guide pages, but I find that there is not a universal method for different Kindle models and firmware versions. They might be useless just a week later.

Find a solid way to hack your Kindle Screensaver

So if you want to hack your Kindle for a customized screensaver, please search in Google like this ["Your Device Name" + "screensaver hack" + "Firmware Version"], for example, [kindle touch screensaver hack 5.1.2]. By this way you can find a solid hack solution for your Kindle. Here is a jailbreak tutorial for the Kindle Paperwhite. It may not be suitable for all Kindle readers. But I'm sure it can help you much as the general processes are the same.

Places to download Kindle Screensaver Images

1 kindlesavers.com


KindleSavers is a place to download and share high quality Kindle screensavers. Now this site has collected hundreds of images for different Kindle models, and it also accepts image submission from users.

The images tend to minimalism, like a big simple icon, or repeated abstract patterns.

2 kindlewallpapers.tumblr.com


This is a blog built upon tumblr and it contains over 300 Kindle screensaver pics which covers various kinds of themes and styles, like animals, comics, classic arts, comedy, sports, movies, etc.

All the screensavers I am using on my Kindle Paperwhite at the moment are downloaded from this site.

3 www.kubizo.com


This site is pretty really a gold mine, it offers nearly 3,000 screensavers for Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Paperwhite.

But the problem is that most of them are just converted into grey shades images, the size are not suitable for Kindle screens. For this situation you need to manually customize the image size for you Kindle screen's resolution.

4 www.reddit.com/r/kindlescreensavers/

kindle screensaver reddit group

You can easily figure out this is a reddit group from the url. Just like all the user-generated content sites, this reddit group has a huge images capacity and the quality is pretty well, because those low quality ones are all disliked and buried under the dust.

5 smile-back.blogspot.com

kindle screensaver pics photobucket

In fact this blog is not specially focus on collecting Kindle screensavers. The author of this blog just tired of dealing with those useless image tools. So he dumped all his Kindle screensavers on Photobucket!

The pinned blog post contains a link points to the photo albums, and there are over 100 hand-picked Kindle screensaver pics available for you.

6 Google Search

kindle screensaver google image search

In many cases we want to find a solution looks professional and solid, but we often forget that the simplest is the best.

Just search [Kindle screensaver images] in Google Image Search, you can get what you want. And if you want get images much more specifically, you can search keywords like [Kindle Touch screensaver images], [Kindle Paperwhite screensaver images], etc. Just like what you are always doing when using Google.

7 Flickr Search

kindle screensaver flickr search

Sometimes Google search results are not what we need, then we can ask a favor from professional image sharing site: Flickr.

But flickr's search box is not that reliable, it often tells me that there is no images suits my searching keywords. So if you want to seek Kindle screensaver images from flickr, please try this flickr image search engine: compfight.com.



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300 screensavers here:


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Hi. How do I get my screensavers to Kinlde Oasis 2?
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