8 Top Websites to Publish Your Own Book

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With the rapid development of the Internet, so many industries are promoted with the Internet now. And the ebook publishing is one of them. You can choose to publish your own books on the Internet now. Your own books, your own way. Online self-publishing services exactly offer users what they need to create, publish and then promote their own ebooks. These sites help people avoid finding an agent, pitching to the publishing houses (a venture that can take months even years) to get their work published. Compared with the paper book publishing, online publishing also has the convenience of going on without printing the book out. Also publishing books online is the cheapest way to publish your own book. So why not have a try to publish in this way? Very easy and fast to reach readers in this Internet age. Next I will list 8 top websites for you to publish your own books.


website to publish your own book

Lulu has a wide range of industry retail partners for your ebook to reach readers, such as the iBookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble Nook and more. You even have the freedom and flexibility to set your own ebooks price. You may start your online eBook journey with their free eBook Creator Guide.

Lulu not only allows you to create a variety of books, but also allows you to develop digital media from music and ringtones to videos. You can also view and digitize your old photos, albums and books. You have the option of leaving the book just for private view or releasing it to the public.



Smashwords is the world's largest indie ebook distributor. With it, you can publish your ebook to Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, OverDrive, Flipkart, Oyster, Scribd, Baker & Taylor's Blio and Axis360 (libraries!) and more. Smashwords makes ebook publishing free, fast and easy. It offers the free ebook conversion service to multiple formats from a Word document. You can take this comprehensive guide as a reference: Self-Publish an EBook with Smashwords.



Everyone can create his/her own book with Blurb. All kinds of proper books are welcome there. There are many templates and layouts offered there, you can choose one you like from them to use. Or you can import your own designing. When you finish creating your ebook, you can choose to make the book open to the public or keep it private. If you make the option to open your book to the public, you can sell the book on Blurb website. Besides, you have this option to offer readers a preview of the first 15 pages of your book to help them know whether they are interested in it and whether they want to make a willing purchase of it.

It might be best to add the subtitles, tags, categories, and descriptions of your book to increase your book search ranking. If you are not sure how to make it more professional, you can choose to contact a “Custom Bookmaker”. Then an independent provider who can help you in your book development will come to help you with that.



Updated 2020: This website is discontinued its service.

You are able to write a book alone or collaborate with other writers on WeBook website. You can write your book with the online text editor which is provided for you to write. Also you can add images from these popular image sites like Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, etc.

The privacy problem is well solved on this website. There are two kinds of privacy settings for you: you have the right to choose who can view your writings and who is able to write the story. Throughout the year, submission periods on WeBook website are offered to you in which you can submit your book for consideration for publishing. And there you can share your royalties with people who have given you helpful feedback and who assisted you in the improment and development of your book.



MyeBook is a free website that allows you to create, publish your own book. After logging in to the platform, you can upload your PDF files to it. You can customize your background , brand settings and other settings. When you publish your book successfully, you may get your own unique ideas and wonderful content for people all over the world to read. If you want to have your eBooks published and then sold to others, you can promote your 'bookstore’ through a link (myeBook.com/my/username). With PayPal, your payments will also be smooth and hassle free.

Nook Press

nook press

Nook Press is powered by Barnes & Noble Nook. You can self-publish your ideas and books there easily. It offers a free conversion service to help to make your books compatible with Nook and other mobile or computing devices. This website enables you to write, edit and format your manuscript in one place. Also you can collaborate with your friends and other editors directly in Nook Press. If you publish your books on this website, you can get instant access to millions of readers at Nook. Then you can track your earnings on a daily basis and adjust the price of your book (if necessary) there.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

kindle direct publishing

If you know eBooks, you may also know what the Kindle eReader is. Publishing in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing means that your books will be on the Amazon Kindle Store. It has a really large number of clients there shopping books. So you will have a great chance to get many eBook users to your book. Start your ebook journey here to learn how to publish your own eBooks on Kindle Direct Publishing.

Kobo Writing Life

kobo writing

Using Kobo Writing Life to publish your own books, you can move closer to millions of readers in over 170 countries. You can do the publishing yourself according to the instructions on the website. Kobo Writing Life can make your book available within their main catalogue, on any device. You can just bring your own written materials to this website simply in a Word document format and there it can convert your document into a complete eBook for you.



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