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Kindle to PDF Converter enables you to convert Kindle eBooks to PDF with the fast speed and best conversion quality. No matter your Kindle books are encrypted or DRM free, the best Kindle to PDF Converter -- Epubor Ultimate can decrypt and convert them with simply one click.

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Since almost all Kindle books are encrypted, first of all, you need to remove DRM from your Kindle books. Next convert the decrypted files to PDF.

How to Remove Kindle DRM on Win&Mac(Catalina and Big Sur Excluded)

Note: The solution to remove Kindle DRM on Mac Catalina and Big Sur is different: Remove Kindle DRM Mac Catalina/Big Sur(100%Working)

Since version 1.25 and above Kindle desktop app contain changes that makes it incompatible with the existing eBook DRM Removal, thus downgrading to the old Kindle app(below version 1.25) is required to make Epubor Ultimate work.

Step 1follow this guide to downgrade your Kindle app to an older version automatically.

Step 2download your Kindle books via the old Kindle app.

Step 3remove Kindle DRM with Epubor Ultimate.

Launch Epubor Ultimate, you’ll notice all of your downloaded Kindle books via the old Kindle app appear on the left panel under Kindle Tab. All your need to do is to add them to right main interface to remove DRM. When DRM is removed, it says Decrypted to the right of the book title.

kindle books decrypted

Tips: Clicking Decrypted word will take you to the folder which includes all of your drm free files.

Convert Decrypted Kindle Books to PDF

After your Kindle books are decrypted, choose PDF as the output format and click Convert to PDF to start the conversion. When the conversion complete, it will say Succeeded.

find the converted kindle books

Tips: You will find your converted PDF files by clicking Succeeded or the folder icon on the lower right corner of the software.

Since you know how to convert encrypted Kindle books to PDF, then it’s needless to say that now you know exactly how to convert DRM Free Kindle books to PDF.

Download the Best Kindle to PDF Converter

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03/29/2014 06:25:08
Legal. Muito bom o software mas é meio complicado de se fazer a instalação e muito demorada.
01/26/2016 01:52:20
It won't let me download it onto the Mac ... which was the whole idea in the first place! I thought it was supposed to be a converter for Mac???
01/26/2016 19:16:44


Please download Kindle to PDF Converter for Mac via: http://download.epubor.com/kindle2pdf.zip

10/2/2020 06:44:21
I don't believe this will work because it specifically says the "old" kindle app. The old kindle app will not open on Catalina on Mac. Is there a version of Kindle that will work on Catalina that also works with this converter?
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