A Comprehensive Introduction to Kindle AZW3 Files

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AZW3 files debuted with the release of Fire Tablet in late 2011. In this article, you’ll get a comprehensive understanding of azw3 files. I’m going to explain what an azw3 file is, elaborate how to open an azw3 file, introduce the best azw3 readers, and illustrate how to convert an azw3 file to epub/mobi/pdf/txt.


1. What is an azw3 file?
2. How to open an azw3 file?
3. Special Recommendation: Epubor WordMate
4. How to convert an azw3 file to epub/mobi/pdf/txt?

What is an azw3 file?

The extension .azw3 refers to files of Amazon "Kindle Format 8" (KF8) eBook. The file structure of AZW3 is an enhanced version of the standard AZW file format which was built off the Mobipocket format and was used by Amazon earlier.

AZW3 format supports HTML5, CSS3, and several other formatting techniques, so it has better performance than AZW and MOBI. The formatting, typesetting, and layout of eBooks in AZW3 format are no worse than EPUB. Amazon pushed out AZW3 to replace MOBI and it becomes the mainstream Kindle format.

Amazon also adds its DRM scheme for digital rights protection and anti-piracy to AZW3 format. Kindle’s publishing program, KindleGen is provided by Amazon for publishers to create great-looking kindle books.

How to open an azw3 file?

Please refer to articles Top 5 AZW3 Readers for Android , How to read AZW3 books on an iPad/iPhone and How to Read AZW3 Books on PC and Mac to check the detailed introduction.

Windows Mac Linux iOS Android
Kindle for PC
Kindle Previewer
Epubor WordMate
Kindle for Mac
Kindle Previewer
MOBI Reader
Kindle for Android
Librera Reader
Moon + Reader

Special Recommendation: Epubor WordMate

Epubor WordMate is an MS World add-in which allows users to create eBooks from MS Word documents and read ebooks with MS Word. In a few clicks with WordMate integrated into MS Word, authors can create eBooks in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats from MS Word documents and publish them on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, etc.

Epubor WordMate can also function as an eBook Reader supported for a variety of formats such as epub, mobi, azw, azw3, epub, mobi, prc, txt, html. Besides reading eBooks with WordMate in Word, you can also edit these eBooks. The lightweight program integrates creating ebooks, publishing ebooks, editing ebooks and reading ebooks all in one set.


Under the premise that MS Word is installed on your computer, you can download Epubor WordMate here. Please don’t run MS Word during the installation. Once Epubor WordMate is installed, please open your MS Word document, and you’ll see WordMate tab shown in MS Word toolbar.


Go to WordMate interface by clicking on its tab in Word toolbar, then click “Import” to load the AZW3 book you’d like to read. After the ebook is imported to the Word doc by WordMate, please click “Read” to change the view mode to ebook reading mode and start enjoying reading the book with this magic tool!


P.S. Epubor WordMate only applies to Windows operating system.

A DRMed Kindle title can only be read on the device/app which downloaded it. So only DRM free ebooks can be read on these apps. If the AZW3 ebooks contain DRM restriction, you need to strip DRM from the AZW3 files before reading them on these apps.

Epubor Ultimate can handle DRM removal and format conversion effortlessly. Please refer to read the guide Remove DRM from AZW3 eBook Files to learn more.

How to convert an azw3 file to epub/mobi/pdf/txt?

In common eBook file conversion cases, I would recommend you Calibre. But it is complicated to run Calibre to convert ebook format. You need in install DeDRM plugin, modify the plugin settings and input Kindle Serial Number into the plugin as decryption key, then remove the DRM and convert the format.

So here I introduce the most powerful and easy-to-use tool to decrypt your AZW3 books and convert their formats – Epubor Ultimate.

Heads up: Please ensure the AZW3 book is purchased via your own Amazon account and downloaded via Kindle e-ink device or Kindle for PC/MAC installed on your computer. The book must be associated with your Amazon account. Loaned books or books obtained from other sources cannot be supported by the program.

1. Install Epubor Ultimate.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free

2. If the azw3 books are stored in your Kindle e-ink Reader, please connect your Kindle device to your computer via USB cable. Make sure the books are downloaded on your Kindle device rather than saving in Cloud.


If you don’t have a Kindle e-ink Reader, please install Kindle for PC/Mac on your computer. Sign in the Kindle reading app with your Amazon account, and you’ll see your Kindle Library. Make sure the AZW3 books you’d like to remove DRM are downloaded to your local computer.


3. Run Epubor Ultimate, it will detect and sync your Kindle books automatically. Click “Kindle” tab, and you’ll see all your Kindle books are listed in the left side column. You can drag and drop the AZW3 books to the main interface of the program. On the bottom part, you can choose the output conversion format, click “Convert to XXX” button, and the program starts to decrypt the books and convert the formats simultaneously.



We’ve published some instructional articles in Epubor website regarding AZW3 file conversion topic. Please take a look at the following articles to find the best solution caters to your needs.

Convert PDF to AZW3

Convert ePub to AZW3


You can download the software for free by clicking the links below. The trial version of Epubor Ultimate handles DRM removal and format conversion of 20% contents of your original eBooks. If you want to get 100% contents of eBooks decrypted and convert their formats losslessly, you need to upgrade Epubor Ultimate to the paid version.

Epubor wants you to be satisfied with our products. If, for any reason, the software you receive does not meet your expectations, you can claim a refund within 30 days since you place the order. So why not give it a try? You’ve got nothing to lose.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free



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