A Visual Guide to Switch Language in Adobe Digital Editions

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Adobe Digital Editions is a eBook software produced by Adobe which main function is download and read ePub and PDF books from online book stores, such as Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books, Kobo Store.

Many users found that there is no option to change the language in Adobe Digital Editions. But sometimes, the downloaded ADE was installed with a language which we don't familiar, so how can we switch the language in Adobe Digital Editions?

In this post, I will introduce two ways to change the language.

Method 1: Change the Language Preference of OS

The ADE's language setting is base on your OS language preference. Normally, if your OS is English, the ADE's language is English. So if you want to change your language to spanish or other languages, you just need to set the language as your preference language for applications.

Here, I take Windows 7 as an example.

1 Open Windows Explorer, Go to " Control Panel">Language and Region Options.

Control panel Regional and Language

2 Choose the Language Which You Want to Use and Save.

In this menu, select the language which you prefer to use, and save your option.
Note:this will not change the OS's language, it just used for applications.

select preference language

3 Restart Adobe Digital Editions.

When you restart ADE, the language will become what you selected before.

Method 2: Delete Language Folder in Adobe Digital Edition's Folder

For some reasons, maybe you don't want to change the preference language of your OS, so you can use another way to switch language in ADE. but this method only works for changing another language to English, such as Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Janpanese, French, German, Korean, Italian, etc.

For Windows System, open Adobe Digital Editions' folder, delete or rename the language folder which you don't want to use.

Windows Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Digital Editions 4.5\

delete or rename language fold in ade

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