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10/18/2014 21:37:18

Unfortunately, I can not install the linux version of Epubor DRM remover. So I can not try it, so I will not take the risk to buy it.

Linux mint 17 (Cinnamon)
System error is:
Fontconfig error: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/10-scale-bitmap-fonts.conf", line 70: Non-dual matrix element
Fontconfig error: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/10-scale-bitmap-fonts.conf", line 70: Non-dual matrix element
Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/10-scale-bitmap-fonts.conf", line 78: saw unknown, expected number
Unable to load library icui18n "Can not load library icui18n (libicui18n.so.48:

kind regards

11/17/2014 20:12:01
You can just unzip the installation pack then use the program in Linux.
02/5/2016 20:42:15

Excellent Software!

Finally converted my EPUB to Kindle so I can read on my Paper white.

The Epubor software is fast, simple and intuitive. It's simply the best converter I've ever come across.

10/18/2016 12:52:41
I have no any feedback for 2 tage!
I asked to refund my transaction and nobody interested.
05/21/2017 16:59:04

At first I was unimpressed after an initial experience of being impressed because I tried to convert some ebooks and there were some it couldn't convert from one format to D.R.M. free P.D.F. while another pay to use permanently application could convert those files, but after using the other application for a while which I had purchased a licence for I found there were files it could not convert and it would only create 74KB P.D.F. files that can't be opened and have no preview so I was no longer thrilled about that application. However, I still had my unregistered copy of this application and thought I would give it another try and to my delight Ultimate was able to convert all except one of several files the other application. The unconvertible file being a very large file, and one I can essentially live without or try some other possible solutions.

What I like is that it does seem to be fast and that it displays the Kindle books one has on one's computer by their English titles NOT the mumbo jumbo, gobbledy gook titles generated and used by the Kindle system; it is nice to not have to guess which Kindle book you are looking at via the application.

I also like the automatic and quick removal of D.R.M. coding.

I also like its dogged persistence when it encounters a troublesome ebook file, but it is annoying that there is no means to stop Ultimate trying to convert a file.

Overall I think it is much better than I thought after my first somewhat solid trial of it, enough to have forked out the money for a licence, but I would like to see some improvements and maybe there is a way to report bugs and suggest improvements, but so far I haven't seen any, but I will look and if there isn't the means to do so, will you please provide it?

While I am at it I would like to ask that you introduce the option to stop a conversion that one can see is going nowhere BEFORE Ultimate asks you if you want to end or persist trying to convert a file, and it would be nice if there was some indication of the progress of conversions and what is happening behind the scenes of conversions to help one know how much longer a conversion will take as well as help one work out if the file is defective.

It would also be nice if one could import artwork to replace the cover for an ebook produced  by Ultimate and not be limited to the cover Ultimate offers as a replacement cover page. While this can be done by Adobe Acrobat or any competent P.D.F. editor it would be nice if you could do this with Ultimate.

Besides that I am very happy so far and glad I could scrape up the money for a licence, and I admit I was hasty in condemning this application based on one or two failures I think it was, and should have made more allowance for the fact not all files will be convertible due to corruptions etc., and I'm glad I kept a copy on my computer as long as I did and gave it another trial. However, I'm disappointed that having purchased a lifetime licence I am only allowed 3 recoveries of my licence via the application and your system without contacting a staff member. I think this would be fair for a 1 year licence, but NOT a lifetime licence; I don't expect to need to recover my licence many times if at all, but must you people impose this restriction on people who take out a lifetime licence?

Anyway, I'll give you 5 stars because I think while it is not a perfect application it seems very, very good and with a few modifications can be even better, and I hope you will be open to suggestions and if any are good and feasible you will communicate to customers and maybe potential customers whether or not you will do so, perhaps via a blog, and one more I have is give customers a location to send you a copy of ebooks they tried to convert with Ultimate, but couldn't and analyse them to determine why and use that information to improve the conversion engine which I think would work in your favour by helping you create and maintain an edge over competitors.


05/22/2017 18:02:35

Hi, thanks for your reviews. To report the bugs or solve your problem on converting, you can open a ticket on our site. Here is the link: http://ticket.epubor.com/ or you can just email to us(support@epubor.com).
For other suggestions, we will take into consideration.

12/25/2019 11:03:20

I have been using Epubor for many years now , in fact I use it quite a lot! It's the best piece of software I've ever bought!
So easy to use!
I have never had an issue anytime I needed help or just to ask a question.That plays a big part with companies that sell any kind of software. Epubor ranks up to a 10+!Thanks so much!

Today in my group online, I think there was at least 6 people or more that bought the Ultimate Edition! I had sent them a copy of the email I had gotten a few days ago, just waiting for all the comments to come in!

Merry Christmas and thank you for all your wonderful products!

12/27/2019 09:18:07
Thank you so much for your support. We will keep doing our best.
12/28/2019 01:53:23

I love all your software! When a product is as good as what you all offer, I make sure to pass the word and in the case this year. I got my email from Epubor for their Christmas special.

Right away, I forwarded my email to my group and friends told them of the good luck I had removing the DRM off my books.I do NOT ever give rating if a program isn't up to my expectations.

I like to remove it and all my books are in folders with a picture and synopsis of what the book is about.
Epubor Ultimate makes this possible for me.

If anyone is in doubt about whether to purchase Epubor Ultimate or not, don't worry, its worth every penny you pay for it!
Thanks again,Epubor!!
Happy New Year!

10/6/2021 01:29:33
It's a very useful program. I have many bookss that I receive in lot of different formats and it almost always succeeds in converting them to pdfs (I like to keep them in this one form for use and so I can edit them) It will even convert books of other types, so I always try dropping them on Epubor first before looking for some online converter.
I hope that sometime Epubor will finally figure out Kindles latest form of encryption, so it won't be necessary to uninstall a later version of Kindle. Then unregister and register again with Amazon. Then install an early version of Kindle then download all the books again! Anyway, a great program, thanks
10/8/2021 16:17:24

Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to know that our software can help you.

Have a nice day!

07/13/2022 21:52:59
Is Epubor still in operation? I have had several tickets open for over a week with no response. Live chat i not responding. Emails are unanswered. And the software is suddenly not opening books downloaded to Adobe ADE.
02/9/2024 07:51:45

The Epubor Wattpad Downloader is the best software I think I've ever used. If you read Wattpad you know it is impossible to download or make a copy of a story in your library, and this application can do the unthinkable. It can download stories in three different formats in a matter of seconds, all while keeping the exact structure of how the story was written so that no content is lost or out of place.

When you first install the software, you're allowed to download three stories for free until you have to buy a subscription (1 month, 1 year, or lifetime). I downloaded three stories and was so impressed that I heavily considered buying a license for 1 month. Having never done something like this before, I was hesitant to pay for a subscription but it was the best decision I made and saved me so much time when trying to figure out how to save stories from my Wattpad library.

I have nothing but great things to say; the application is straight forward and simple to use. However, I did run into some issues (not my fault, nor theirs), so I submitted a ticket and within 2 days I received a response and the problems were quickly resolved. The support team was very helpful and attentive. I absolutely love this software and will be purchasing another subscription in the future :)

02/17/2024 21:12:35
Thank you for your comments. We are glad to know that our software is helpful.
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