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add mobi to kindle app

There was a long time that I think it is easy to add mobi to kindle app, just with usb then copy. But after I searched some forums, this view changed.

Firstly I'm surprised that there are so many people asking questions like "how do I add my .mobi files to kindle app on iPad". After I finished reading their questions, I tried some different ways, and then collected those frequently asked questions together in this article. This is also the reason that I write this content. Trust me this is what you are searching for if you don't know or met some problems during adding mobi files to kindle app.

In order to make sure you can get a better understanding, I divide kindle app into several parts, kindle for android app, kindle for iPad /iPhone / iPod app, Kindle for PC, Kindle for Mac, even more.

Add mobi to Kindle app android

This part is written for those people who owned an android tablet or smart phone. To add a mobi file to your kindle app for android, follow these steps below.android

1 Connect Android to computer

Connect your android device to computer via USB cable please.

2 Copy mobi to Kindle folder

After connected, in common it will show up a disk drive on your computer. Then from your android device, find this folder "Kindle", copy and paste your .mobi books to that folder of your android.

add mobi to kindle android app

3 Launch Kindle app on Android

Disconnect your android tablet or phone from computer please. Then launch the Kindle app on your android. After you run the kindle app, from the menu in the top left corner, click on "On Device", you will see your added mobi files.

check added mobi files

Tips: If you access to the kindle app with your own amazon account (wifi connected), your perchased mobi files will be synced to this app automatically, click on "Books" to check.

Add mobi to Kindle app iPad

This part is for you if you owned an iPad, iPhone or iPod. Reading mobi files On iOS devices with Kindle app.ios devices

1 Connect iOS device to computer

Connect your iPad / iPhone to your computer via USB cable.

2 Copy mobi using file sharing

At this step ensure that your iTunes is 9.1 version or later. Click here for latest version of iTunes. Of course kindle app should be installed, too.

Launch iTunes 9.1 or later on your computer (where your ebooks downloaded). Find "Devices" in iTunes, on the left sidebar select your iOS device first. Then select “Apps" from the top menu bar of iTunes window. Scroll down to find the "Fire Sharing" section.

Under the file sharing section, you will find some apps installed on your iOS device that support file sharing. Select "Kindle" app, then drag .mobi ebook files to "kindle" box.

file sharing

3 Open kindle app on iPad/iPhone

Disconnect your ios device from computer, then launch the kindle app please. Now these files should appear on your iPhone / iPad when you open the Kindle app.

Note: If you can't see "Fire Sharing" , or you can't update your iTunes to 9.1 or later, it means that you can't transfer your mobi files to the kindle app on iPad / iPhone with iTunes directly. To resolve this problem, here are 2 methods for you:

Method 1: Send to Kindle E-mail address

Just manage your kindle to send your mobi files to your kindle e-mail address, then sync your files, ok.

Method 2: Convert mobi to epub for reading in iBooks

As iBooks is the built-in reading app for ios devices, so since we can't read mobi books with kindle app successfully, why not change another good app to read those mobi files?

But as we known that iBooks only supporst files purchased from iBooks stores or some personal files with epub or pdf, so here we need to convert mobi to epub or pdf format. Recommend you a tool ultimate converter, the best ebook converter. Click here to learn how to convert kindle to epub.

Download Epubor Ultimate:

Add mobi to kindle desktop app

Viewing your mobi files via the Kindle desktop app is much easier. Just navigate to your mobi files, right-click the title and choose to open it via the Kindle app.

view mobi via kindle desktop app

Frequently Asked Questions about adding mobi to kindle app
Q: Is there a simple and common way to add mobi to kindle app?

A: Yes there is a common way to add mobi to kindle app, no matter your kindle app is in android, iOS, or your computer. This method is sending your mobi files by kindle e-mail address. Go to amazon store to log in with your account, then manage your kindle or content, find your kindle e-mail address or add an address to approve. Email your files to this address, then after you opened your kindle app on your devices, you will see this added mobi books.

Q: How to add converted mobi files to kindle app?

A: If your files are converted from another formats, it is also available to transfer mobi to "kindle" folder. The important thing is to find your kindle folder location, I think.

Q: How to add mobi to Kindle for Blackberry app?

A: Kindle for Blackberry app only supports books purchased from amazon kindle store. You can transfer your books to this app, but converted files are not ok, do remember please.

Q: How to add mobi to Kindle for Windows Phone app?

A: The same as blackberry app, you can only read purchased files from kindle store with Kindle for Windows Phone app.


All about how to add mobi to kindle app have been shared in this article above. You can choose the appropriate methods to meet your needs.

But, if you think reading files on Android/iOS devices with kindle app is not so good, you can try to convert mobi to epub or pdf with this ultimate converter. Then you can read them with any reading apps you love. Maybe you will find it is a better resolution to read kindle books on android, iPad, Mac, and more non-kindle devices.



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05/19/2015 05:08:50
Did not work for Kindle on iPad (two mobi files in Kindle Documents in iTunes), and could not find anything named "Kindle content" on Mac 10.9.5
06/10/2015 23:50:14


Maby you can try to look under "preferences" and "General" on the pref pane

05/19/2015 05:29:29
Using my email "send to Kindle" at Kindle.com DOES WORK for .mobi
05/22/2015 22:53:08
Residing in my Android Download folder, my mobi file was too large to send/share to Kindle App (50MB max). Searching for a solution, I found this page, connected phone to my PC via USB, copied and pasted file directly to kindle folder, and worked as described.  Seems so simple now. So pleased to have found this.  Thanks!
06/11/2015 04:23:34
I have to close Kindle App for Mac, then right click on the .mobi file, then click Open with Kindle to get this to work.
02/22/2016 23:45:36

The article is well written, the translation software needs work. But good information is presented. The tool for conversion of mobile files is also very helpful!!!

Thanks Ada!!!

B-)  :-D

08/8/2016 11:06:46
There is a way to do it on the windows app. It is just a case of finding where to put it as it is in a hidden folder.
07/20/2017 03:45:44
This information is no longer relevant and will not work on modern phones, as there is no longer a "kindle" folder.
07/20/2017 10:11:08
The iPhone is without the "Kindle" folder. But the Android phone, it still has the "Kindle" folder.
09/17/2017 02:43:59
I need to remove all of my notes send iBooks on my iPad and transfer them to my pc.  Trying to find out if I need to have iMobi on both the iPad and my HP computer to do this transfer.  Can someone guide me on how this is done?
09/20/2017 15:27:46
Since the HP computer does not support iBooks, I am not sure how can you transfer your books from Ipad to the computer. May I ask which online store do you purchase these books?
11/8/2019 00:05:10
The kindle folder on my android has dozens of sub folders within sub folders.  Where do I put the mobi file within that network of folders?  Not in the main file. Please update this.
01/27/2020 10:03:08
I added my first mobi book to Android Kindle app easily. Thank you!
01/31/2020 19:47:46
Thank you for your comments. Glad to know this article can help you. Have a nice day.
04/14/2020 12:37:26
I've received various mobi files from a friend. And I keep it in 'internal storage' on my Android. Why I can not find those files on my Amazon Kindle!? Plizz help..
06/6/2020 12:10:11

Seems like a dumb question, but I don't have a Kindle folder (that I can find) on my phone (Samsung S9). I know it must be there because I have no problem using the app for books I bought from Amazon...I'm thinking it must be hidden and I don't know how to expose it!!

I'd appreciate any help!



06/8/2020 11:01:38
Thank you for contacting us. Please download the kindle books to your computer, not to your mobile phone. Then use Epubor software to remove DRM.
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