Adobe Digital Editions for iPad, ADE Now Available on the iPad

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adobe digital editions now available on the ipad

If you ask me what's the biggest event in eBook industry 2015, I will tell you my anwer without hesitation: Adobe Digital Editions for iPad is released officially!

Adobe realeased their seminal Digital Editions app for the iPad (ADE 4.0) on 28, January. This app allows you to read any ePub (including ePub3) and PDF books you bought from online stores. What's more, it also supports eBook files you borrowed from the public library.

Supported eBook formats: Protected or unprotected EPUB (2.0.1, 3.0) and PDF.

Free download adobe digital editions for iPad

How to get Adobe Digital Editions on iPad? As Adobe has released this app in Apple App Store, so you can open your "App Store" on your iPad, then search "Adobe Digital Editions".

From the searching results select the one you wanted, click on "Get" to install it. It's free to use. (You can also download it from iTunes.)

Once installed successfully, you will see a clean library, where it puts a plain jane guide, teaching you how to get started with Adobe Digital Editions.

adobe library

This is a must-read instruction for all users. i

This app doesn't have much features in functions yet, but these provided I do like them very much. When you open a book, the reading menu appears at the top and bottom of the application window, providing these features:

Timer--How long you have been reading.

Format settings--Change the color themes, font size and margins.

Searching--Search ebooks.

More--Annotate, highlight, add bookmarks.

ade for ipad features

Read Adobe DRM protected books on iPad

The main functions of Adobe Digital Editions for us is reading Adobe DRM protected books, yes? So, how to read these books with iPad Digital Editions?

Step 1: Authorize iPad with Adobe ID

The first time we open a protected book, ADE will ask you to authorize your device.

authorize adobe id on ipad

Most of people may already have an Adobe ID (used on computer), just enter the ID and password please. Have forgotten it? Check to open ADE on your computer, then choose "Authorization Information" from "Help" menu.

find adobe id

Of course you can also create a new account if you haven't got yet.

After finished authorizing, come back to the library please. In fact at first glance, I'm a little disappointed because this app doesn't sync my purchased books (at this time)! My adobe library on PC and Mac have collected a lot of books, but on iPad I can't see them at all, even though I have authorized with the same Adobe ID. Most of the major ebook platforms offer this kind of sync service, which I do hope Adobe will provide this in the near future.

Step 2: Transfer and open books

As we can't sync any contents on iPad with ADE, so it's necessary for us to transfer those purchased files to iPad.

Firstly, please find your books on PC or Mac. You know books downloaded to ADE library are saved well on the documents folder named "Digital Editions".

For Windows:?...\My Documents (Documents)\My Digital Editions ...

For Mac: Users/Your computer name/Digital Editions ...

sync books to ade for ipad

Then sync the books to your iPad via iTunes “File sharing" on your computer.


If you can't transfer Adobe epub pdf books to Adobe Digital Editions for the iPad, you can try to mail them as attachment to your Apple mail, or import them to Dropbox.

Soon you will see your books in the library, click to open, you can begin your reading.

read adobe digital editions on ipad

Problems and shortcomings

See? Though I can sync my purchased epub and pdf books manually, this app still couldn't show them correctly in the library. The covers of my books are not displayed well with the proper size.

In fact I've been testing this app for a few minutes several days ago, and it is rather slow and clunky. It works, but can't satisfy my needs.

My device is authorized. Every book
I try to open, I get a message "unable to download". Error getting license. I have tried several different books and bookstores.
Terrible app that doesn't do what it
says it will. I got a book was forced to download it to this app to read it and when I did it said the book is not readable so it's pretty useless

So, in my opinion, unless Adobe open more features and functions, and improve their services. There is really no need to use this app to read adobe books at this time.

I prefer to keep on reading them with apple's official iBooks app.

You may ask "How can the iBooks read and open Adobe DRM protected ePub PDF books?" I just removed the Adobe DRM with this removal, nothing to worry about.

Download the tool for free:


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