What is ACSM File Format? A Comprehensive FAQ on ACSM Files

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"I have purchased an eBook from Google Play, but when I download it, it is a Urllink.acsm file, not the epub or pdf as it is described on the product page. What is an ACSM file? How can I get the PDF as promised? Can I even read the ACSM file on my computer?"

what is acsm file

If you purchase books from the Google Play Store, you may commonly come across .acsm files. But what is an .acsm file? How do you open it? You probably have many questions on your mind. This article will help you get these questions answered completely.

What is .acsm file?

An .acsm file is not a real file, but rather a download link for the eBook you have purchased or rented, which is distributed by Adobe Content Server. The file obtains data from the Adobe Content Server to activate and download the original content of the eBook, such as ePub and PDF formats.

The .acsm file acts like a connection between the Adobe Content Server and the authorized Adobe Digital Editions ID for the eBook. This means that if you use the same Adobe ID on different computers, you are able to download and open the same DRM-protected .acsm file with Adobe Digital Editions. This is one of the many reasons why so many eBook vendors employ this eBook distribution method, as they believe it can provide seamless fulfillment of books across devices.

One of the most important reasons why eBook vendors use the Adobe Content Server to distribute their eBook contents to their customers is that it can add DRM protection to the eBooks. This DRM protection helps prevent piracy and ensures that only authorized users can access the eBooks.

How Do I Open an ACSM File?

Is there any way to open .ascm file? Actually, there is no way to open .acsm file, but we can download .acsm file to pdf or epub with the assistance of Adobe Digital Edtions. Please note this is the only method to open .acsm file.

Step 1 Install Adobe Digital Edition( ADE)

The Adobe Digital Editions is available for both windows and mac. You can download it from ADE office website.

Step 2 Authorize your ADE with Adobe ID

If this is the first time that you use ADE, you will receive a message to create an ADE account. Run Adobe Digital Editions and navigate to "Help" option at the menu. Select Authorize Computer at the drop drop-down list.

Authorize ADE

The Computer authorization box will pop up. Put in your Adobe ID and passwords, and then click on “Authorize” button to finish the authorization process.

Authorize ADE

When the authorization is finished, you will see a message to inform you that your computer has been authorized. Just click on “ok” button to close this window.

Step 3 Open acsm file with Adobe Digital Editions

When you have authorized your ADE with the adobe ID, just drag and drop the .acsm file to the main interface of ADE. Then you will see the Adobe Digital Editions is downloading the content of this book.

Download acsm content

When the downloading is finished, the Adobe Digital Editions will open the acsm file for your preview as the below picture.

open acsm file

How to Convert ACSM to PDF/ePub?

After authorizing your Adobe Digital Editons with Adobe ID, just open the .acsm file with adobe digital editions and you'll get your acsm downloaded to PDF/EPUB. Now you have converted acsm file to PDF or ePub already.

How to set ADE to download acsm file automatically?

You can set your ADE to automatically download your acsm file to epub or pdf. Go to the main interface of ADE, navigate to Library at the menu bar and select preferences at the drop down list. Then library sync option window will pop up, check “Automatically download your synced books to this device”. Next time, if you have downloaded acsm file, when you run ADE, it will automatically download ACSM file to epub or PDF.

Library sync option

Where are Adobe Digital Editions stored files on Windows and Mac?

Windows: C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Digital Editions

Mac: /Users/Username/Documents/Digital Editions/

How to Remove DRM from ACSM File

After you have converted .acsm to pdf or epub, you can open and read them with ADE. But you cannot open your downloaded pdf or epub with your favorite reader. That's because the pdf/epub files are protected by Adobe adept drm which we have discussed earlier. To read the acsm pdf or acsm epub, you need to remove the acsm drm at first.

To remove acsm drm, you'll need the best drm removal software--Epubor Ultimate. It can remove acsm drm, kindle drm and kobo drm with the original quality preserved in 60X faster speed.

1 Download and install Epubor Ultimate.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

2 Remove DRM from PDF or epub with 1-click

Launch Epubor Ultimate, click on the “Adobe” Tab in the left column, it will detected the books stored at My Digital Editions folder which contains you downloaded acsm content--epub and pdf eBooks. Drag the book from left to the right column, the DRM will be removed automatically within seconds.

Remove DRM from ACSM file

Click on the "Output folder" icon at the bottom right corner, you will discover all the drm-free acsm pdf or epub files. Now you can read these books at any reading app or ereaders that compatible with pdf and epub. If you think the above step is too simple, you can read the detailed guide: how to remove drm from acsm purchased online.

How to Read ACSM on Kindle?

Not all eReaders support adobe ePub or PDF files, specifically the Kindle device. The Kindle only supports Kindle-compatible formats, such as MOBI, AZW3, KFX format, or DRM-free PDFs. As for ePub files, they need to be converted to Kindle format before being transferred to the Kindle device.

In the above parts, you have already removed DRM from .acsm, ePub, or PDF files, right? There is one more step: choose the "AZW3" format by clicking on the download arrow next to the convert button. Then, click on "Convert to AZW3" to proceed with the conversion. For the detailed guide, please read How to read acsm on kindle.

convert acsm to kindle

Frequently Asked Questions on ACSM File

Q: What does ACSM stand for?

A: ACSM stands for Adobe Content Server Manager.

Q: Can I open an ACSM file without Adobe Digital Editions?

A: No, you cannot open an ACSM file without Adobe Digital Editions. If you insist on opening acsm file without ADE, you can use the Calibre acsm plugin.

Q: How do I open an ACSM file?

A: To open an ACSM file, you need to have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your device. Once you have installed Adobe Digital Editions, simply double-click on the ACSM file to launch the application and start the download process.

Q: Can I convert an ACSM file to a different format?

A: No, you cannot convert an ACSM file to a different format. The ACSM file is simply a link to download the actual eBook file, which is usually in a format such as PDF or EPUB.

Q: Where can I download Adobe Digital Editions?

A: You can download Adobe Digital Editions for free from the official Adobe website.

Q: Is ACSM the same as EPUB?

A: The .acsm file is not the same as an epub file. The .acsm file is not the actual ebook; instead, it is a file that Adobe Digital Editions uses to download and open the ebook. Depending on the downloading option you choose, it can be downloaded as an epub or pdf file. The epub file is the actual content that you download from your .acsm file.

Q: Can I convert ACSM file to PDF?

A: Yes, you can convert an .acsm file to a PDF using Adobe Digital Editions. The steps for converting the file are the same as opening the .acsm file with ADE. Converting an .acsm file to a PDF is the process of downloading the actual ebook content to your computer in either PDF or ePub format.

Q: Are ACSM Files Compatible with Other E-Readers?

A: ACSM files are specifically associated with Adobe Digital Editions. However, their compatibility with other e-readers depends on the file format to which they are converted. By converting ACSM files to widely supported formats like PDF or ePUB, users can enhance compatibility across various e-reading platforms. Using Adobe Digital Editions, you can transfer acsm file to Nook, kobo and more Adobe drm compatible eReaders.

Q: Are ACSM Files Secure?

A: Yes, ACSM files contribute to the security of digital content distribution. They incorporate Digital Rights Management (DRM) to prevent unauthorized access and distribution of e-books, safeguarding the rights of content creators and publishers.

Q: How to acces acsm file?

A: ACSM file are drm-protected file which can only be opened by authorized Adobe digital editions.

Q: Where are ACSM file stored after I download them to my computer via Adobe Digital Editions?

A: Once you open the ACSM file in Adobe Digital Editions, the actual EPUB or PDF file for the ebook will be stored in your computer's "[My] Digital Editions" folder (under "Documents").
For windows: ...\My Documents (Documents)\My Digital Editions ..
For Mac: ...\My Documents (Documents)\My Digital Editions ..
You can right click book cover in ADE>>"Item info">>"Location" to find the location of it.

Q: How to remove DRM protection from ACSM?

A: To remove DRM from an .acsm file, you will first need to convert the file to PDF. Then, you can use Epubor Ultimate to remove the DRM from the Adobe PDF file.

Video Guide: How to Download ACSM to PDF/EPUB

A video guide that may help you know more about download acsm to epub/pdf and convert acsm to drm-free pdf or epub.



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