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When Amazon officially launched Kindle Unlimited Subscription on July 18, 2014, most of the ebook lovers were so excited and cannot wait to order the Kindle unlimited subscription service. With the "all-you-can-read" Kindle unlimited subscription, Amazon did appeal a lot of subscribers. Now about three years has passed, are you still the loyal Kindle Unlimited subscribers? Is Kindle Unlimited Subscription worth it? We will list all things you may want to know about Amazon Kindle unlimited so that you can decide whether Kindle Unlimited is worth paying 9.9 bucks per month or not.

1. How many titles does Kindle Unlimited contain? Kindle Unlimited offers over 1.4 million titles.

Started with 640 thousands titles, now Amazon owns the biggest catalog (1.4 million titles) which exceeds its competitors Oyster and Scribd. Although none of the major publishing houses have allowed their books available on Kindle Unlimited library, Amazon has exclusive books from its self-publish platform and some small publishing houses. In other words, it is lack of books from famous authors.

Since there are many authors choose to self-publishing, the Kindle Unlimited library keeps growing. On the contrast, the Oyster has closed its ebook subscription service. Since almost all the books from Kindle Unlimited library are Amazon exclusives, you can not read them at other places.

2. What're the differences between books from Kindle Unlimited and Kindle store? Kindle Unlimited books are only a smart parts of Amazon ebook store.

The Amazon is also the biggest ebook seller around the world which has about 3.17 million books available. Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited titles are only 38% of the Amazon ebook store. Besides the Kindle Unlimited catalog, it has many books from the big five publishers (Penguin Random House, Hachette, Macmillan, HarperCollins, or Simon & Schuster) which you cannot find in Kindle Unlimited library.

3. What's the Kindle Unlimited price? 9.99USD per month.

Just like other ebook subscription service, the Kindle subscription offers 30-day free trial. To start your free trial, you must have an Amazon account with a current, valid credit card. In the meantime, you have to enable 1-click payments. You can go to Manage Default Address and 1-Click Settings to turn on your 1-Click payment. Your Kindle Unlimited membership will be continued until you cancel it. You will pay 9.99 USD for it per month.
Amazon also allows consumers to order the Kindle Unlimited and give it as a gift to anyone else. This service is also called Kindle Unlimited Pre-Paid subscription. There are three options--6 months($59.94), 12 months( $119.88) and 24 months($239.76). When you place the order, it will ask you write down the recipient’s email and select the delivery date. You can order it for yourself or anyone else.

kindle unlimited as gift

1, Once the gift email has been sent out, the gift can’t be refunded. The recipient can exchange it for an Amazon Gift Card.
2, The delivery date or recipient email cannot be changed once you complete the purchase. The only method is canceling this order.
3, If the month-to-month Kindle Unlimited subscriber receives the pre-paid subscription, the existing month-to-month membership will be put on hold at no cost to you and will restart after the pre-paid periods is over.

4. Is Kindle subscription service available around the world?

It is available in US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, India, China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and Austalia. The Amazon will continue to expand this Kindle subscription service to other countries. Below are the coutries suppirt Kindle unlimited subscription service and how much does Kindle unlimited costs at each country.

Amazon Store


Cost per Month


United States



United Kingdom













Rs 199.00(1 month), 166.50(6months), 149.92(12months)



Yuan 12/Month or 118/year



JPY 980






MXN 129



CND  9.99



AUD 13.99

Note: Customers only can order the Kindle Unlimited service from their local Amazon store. For example, the US customers only can order on Amazon.com and the UK customers on Amzon.co.uk. This restriction refuses many customers who are not from the local countries.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I want to try using KU on US but I’m from Portugal. Is it possible?

A: Yes, you can do it. Please change the region/country setting on your Amazon account from Portugal to US in “Manage Your content and devices”.

5. Kindle Unlimited Subscription service works on any device.

If you think the Kindle device is the only Kindle Unlimited subscription supported device, you are wrong. Just like the Kindle books purchased from the Amazon Kindle store, you can read Kindle Unlimited books on any devices if it has Kindle apps installed. Now the Kindle app is available on ios, Android, Mac, and PC. So you can read your kindle unlimited books on your Kindle device, your phone, tablets or computer with the free Kindle reading apps.

6. How to find Kindle Unlimited books?

Usually, if you random browse the books on Amazon Kindle store, click on the book title, you will go to another page. In this page, you will know if this book belongs to the catalog of Kindle Unlimited or not. How about we gathered all Kindle Unlimited books in one category so that we can choose the books directly from the Kindle Unlimited library.

Method 1: Go to directly to catalog of Kindle Unlimited page. When you go to the Kindle Unlimited page, you will see there are different genres under the kindle unlimited catalog. At the right column of this page, the popular books in Kindle Unlimited also have been listed by different genres.

kindle unlimited books page

Method 2: Browse kindle unlimited books with Kindle unlimited filter.
When you go to Amazon kindle store, choose kindle eBooks and check the ”kindle Unlimited Eligible”, you will see all the Kindle Unlimited books.

kindle unlimited books page

7. How many Kindle Unlimited books can I have at one time? Ten books in total.

You can keep ten titles at your Amazon account and there are no due dates. If you want the 11th book, you have to delete one to borrow another book. But there is no limit to how many books you can read in a month. So you can read as many kindle books as like.

8. Kindle Unlimited also contains audiobooks and magazines.

If you are an audiobook fan, you must be familiar with Audible Whispersync for Voice. Now you can still use this powerful function to switch seamlessly between reading and listening. However, only the books contain “with narration” are free. There are some Kindle Unlimited books with audiobooks available, but they are not free. You can go straight to the page--books with narration in Kindle Unlimited to browse the free audiobooks.

kindle unlimited with narration

The Kindle Unlimited new feature allows members to read magazines for free. According to the “new to Kindle Unlimited” image, you can see many popular magazines such as Good Housekeeping, COASTAL LIVING, Reader’s Digest, Town&country, Bon Appétit, or Yoga. You can visit Kindle Unlimited Magazines&newspapers page to browse more magazines.

kindle unlimited magazine

9. How much are the Kindle Unlimited books?

People choose to order the Kindle Unlimited books because they want to save money. Do you really save your money? If you have ever browsed the Kindle Unlimited store, you will know that most books from the Kindle Unlimited are at the very low price which is less than 5 USD. Many of them are even 0.99usd. So if you only read one or two books every month, you'd better not enroll Amazon unlimited subscription. With 9.9 bucks, you can buy two or even more books and own your purchased books in your account forever. However, if you are a really avid reader and read more than 10 books per month, Kindle unlimited service can be a good choice.

10. How to cancel the Kindle Unlimited subscription?

For some reasons, people will choose to cancel their Kindle Unlimited Subscription. How to do it? Login to your Amazon account, and select “Your Account” from the drop-down list of the menu bar of “Your Account” and you will go to another page. Click on “Manage Your content and devices”—settings—Kindle Unlimited settings—click on “cancel kindle unlimited”. In the prompted window, just click on “I want to cancel” to cancel your membership.

11. Will the subscribed books be gone when the membership has been canceled?

When your Kindle Unlimited subscription has been canceled, you can use the Kindle Unlimited service until next billing date. After the billing date passes, your books ordered from the Kindle Unlimited will be deleted automatically from your Kindle library. If you want to keep the last ten books, you can download them to your Kindle device and then deregister your Kindle device from your Kindle account.

However, your bookmarks, notes, and highlights you made on the books will be saved to your Amazon account via Whispersync. They will be available again if you purchase the book in the future.

Detailed guide How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited?

12. Kindle Unlimited vs Amazon Prime

I’ve received many questions about what’s the differences between Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime reading. I have to say these two services are totally different and designed for the totally different purpose.

For more detailed comparison of Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading, please read the article Kindle Unlimited Vs. Prime Reading already published on Epubor website.

13. What’s the best deal for Kindle unlimited?

kindle unlimited best deal

As the Amazon prime Day is coming soon, if you are the Amazon Prime member, you can have the best deal to get Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Usual price

Sepcial offer (12:00 am PST 6/29/2017-not sure)


6 months




12 months




24 months




If you are the Amazon Prime member and interested in the Kindle Unlimited subscription service, you should take this offer. If you order the 24 months Kindle Unlimited, you can get 40% discount offer. This is the best deal for now.

14. Is the Kindle unlimited worth it?

Yes, it is worth it.

1. Most of the titles from Kindle unlimited service are written by non-famous self-publish authors. That means these books probably are not best sellers. If you are looking for something new, here is a good platform.

2. You can also find some famous series like Harry Potter, some classics like the Count of Monte Cristo, some good indie titles like What If?

3. Since the kindle unlimited membership are on sale twice a year. You can get the best deal on cyber Monday or prime day. I think you can take this price benefit if you want to enroll the kindle unlimited.

4. It is worth a while. Once finished the book you are interesting, cancel the kindle unlimited membership.

5. If you read a lot and fast, you can go through a lots of books with Kindle unlimited service.

6. This service includes some audible audiobooks and magines.

7. If you read a lot biographies and history books, you can find many from Kindle unlimited library.

No, it isn’t worth it.

1. Many mainstream books are probably available free from your local library. You can borrow it from your local library via Overdrive or libby.

2. In many regions, there are only self-publishing books. You can never find any best sellers there.

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Besides these listed things about Kindle Unlimited, there must be some other things. Also, have you ever tried Kindle Unlimited? Do you think it is worth the money or not? Please share them in the below comments.


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07/30/2017 19:49:58
Thank you for your review.   This provided a fair and comprehensive summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the plan.
07/30/2017 21:40:10
I have Amazon Prime and you are allowed 10 books per month. Prime Reading works the same as Unlimited with no time limit and return if you want to check out another.
10/31/2019 23:07:07

"Live Chat" means just that, a live person.   a "robot" is not a live person. Robot couldn't answer my question...

My question/comment is that I purchased my Kindle in Arizona as well as my Kindle Unlimited subscription, through Staples/Amazon.com. and pay monthly through my U.S. bank account.  I winter in AZ and am in Canada rest of year.  How can I use this one Kindle Unlimited subscription/account to purchase books both in Canada and USA, without having to purchase a subscription in both countries? I wish the limit wasn't 10 books at a time, as I like to keep certain books in series in my library so I can follow the series with future publications.
I hope you can help me.  Thank you.

11/4/2019 11:09:24
Sorry, I guess we cannot help with this issue. Amazon made the decision.
12/4/2020 01:48:31
Need to change credit card info
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