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How to remove eBook DRM? I believe a large number of people will recommend you use apprentice alf drm removal tool, especially those who was always being interested in eBooks long long ago. They are senior and professional in eBook reading, so they tried their best to find some convenient methods that they can choose. This is just also the reason why Apprentice Alf blog was created:

Everything you ever wanted to know about DRM and eBooks, but were afraid to ask.

What's Apprentice Alf DRM Removal Tool

Developer is Apprentice Alf. He developed this DRM Removal tool for eBooks, and posted the tool and kept updating on apprentice alf's blog. apprentice drm removal tool

In this blog, he not only posted the drm removal tools free but also wrote some professional guides on drm and ebooks, such as, what's drm, current eBook formats and drm schemes, how to remove drm from Amazon books, and so on. If you are looking for free and simple softwares for removing drm from your books (Kindle, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Sony, library books), you are in the right place.

Appretice Alf drm removal tools changed a lot during the past years. And the newest version is v6.1.0 on December 21, 2014. You can download the zip file from


How to Use Apprentice Alf DRM Removal Tool

To get started on removing drm from your eBooks by apprentice alf tool, firstly please download the zip file to your computer.

But the downloading place I think is a little messy that may confuse us. It's not as clean as I expected. It contains ads with a big "Downlodd Now" button, but the right download link is the left one (grey one). And, before downloading please uncheck the box "Use our download manager and get recommended downloads".

If you followed what I said, the downloaded file should be a .zip file, not a .exe.

download apprentice alf drm removal tool

Then unzip the file. Before choosing which one to run, you'd better "read me".


Among them Calibre DeDRM plugin is the simplest option for you to remove drm because it can deal with almost all your purchased books. You know Calibre is the most famous eBook management tool especially with its ebook formats converting and metadata editing functions. But you can't remove drm with Calibre directly unless you use a third party plugin tool. Fortunately DiapDealer and Apprentice Alf have converted the DRM removal scripts to a calibre plugin.

Apprentice Alf Calibre DeDRM Plugin

Get your Calibre run, then choose "Change Calibre behavior" to go to the "Preferences" page. Here you'd better not select "Get plugins to enhance calibre" because alf drm tool is not the one calibre official released.

change calibre behavior

Click on "Plugins" under "Advanced"section. Then with the last button "Load plugin from file" to choose "DeDRM_plugin.zip".

load plugin calibre

Click the "Add" button. Click "Yes" in the the "Are you sure?" dialog. Click OK in the "Success" dialog.

plugin dedrm successfully installed

Then it will back to the main interface. You will see your plugin has been added successfully. To tack effect restart your Calibre please.


Once you finished, next time you add books into Calibre, the drm removing job will begin soon. Then you can continue to convert your books to other formats and edit ebooks metadata.

Calibre developer center won't provide you the development of the DRM removal plugin and the support services if you met some questions. But don't worry you can get help after you read this article on Alf's blog.

This is a fantastic tool to remove DRM from eBooks, you can't deny this, yes?

I want to thank Alf too.
I'm so thrilled that I can choose where to buy my eBooks and read from the library.

Best Alternative to Apprentice Alf DRM Removal

You know if we want to read one book on multiple devices, for example, read Kindle books on Nexus 7, read iBooks on Kindle, just DRM removing can't achive our goal. We need to convert the decrypted books to the supported formats, too. And if so, we should install both the DeDRM plugin (Javascript but also the Calibre software.

And, in fact before downloading the alf ebook drm removal, we should also make sure the javascript is enabled in our browser. See? There are some needed preparations. Though you are an expert at computer, you should spent a long time resolving the problem, which will reduce your patience.

So here I recommend you an alternative to this drm removal tool: Epubor Ultimate.

alternative to alf drm removal tool

It's an all-in-one tool which helps you remove drm from eBooks and convert eBooks formats. In other words, it owns the alf DeDRM removal tool's function and also the Calibre's function (format converting, meta editing).

The clean and friendly interface makes it possible to batch convert your books in several minutes. Save your time and energy the most!

  Alf DRM Removal / Calibre DeDRM Plugin Epubor Ultimate
Pros Free; More functions and features to manage eBooks All-in-one tool; Easy to use; Clean interface
Cons Not easy to use Paid software (free trial)

If you desire more functions added, don't worry the develop center are always doing their best to update regularly. Feel free to let us know if you had better idea by opening a ticket.

Download the tool for free

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download



works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

12/31/2018 02:28:43
Your blog post is dated Nov 2018 but you reference a version that is from 2014 as being the latest?  The newest is 6.6.1 dated June 2018
10/9/2019 00:44:17

"So here I recommend you an alternative to this drm removal tool: Epubor Ultimate."


"Ada Wang works for Epubor"

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10/9/2019 10:38:26
Thank you for your comments. There are two methods have been mentioned in this article. People can choose what they like. I know someone may like to use the complex tool but others will like something easy with good customer service. It depends. I don't think this action should be blamed.
Have a nice day!
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