What to Do When Audible App Windows 10 Doesn't Work

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Audible app Windows 10 has been discontinued in 2022. Recently, Audible has sent out emails to Audible users to inform them about the Audible’s removal. According to the email, Audible will discontinue Audible Windows 10 App on January 13, 2022 from Microsoft Windows Store. Audible app will no longer be available for download from the Windows app store store from then.

audible app discontinue

Fortunately, users who already have the app install on their Windows computer will have it work until July 31st, 2022. After that, this app will not work at all.

cannot download audible from windows store

Updated 2022/10/20: I've tested today and ensure the Audible Windows App doesn't work anymore. You can't download or listen audible books via it anymore.

So how can we download Audible books or how to listen to audible books when Audible Windows App doesn't not work? Read the following part to get your answers.

Features of Audible App Windows 10

Features of Audible App Windows 10

  • Download audible books to your windows computer.
  • Listen to Audible books offline, navigate to chapters, add bookmarks, take notes, and control narration speed.
  • Access to audible store to purchase audiobooks.
  • Transfer audiobook to MP3 players.

audible app windows 10

Anyway, Audible Windows 10 app offers you a comprehensive audiobooks experience. According to Audible’s response, they made this decision based on the feedback they received from Audible listeners. Maybe only a small subset of users were listening to audiobooks with the Windows 10 App. However, there are serval reasons why people prefer to use this Audible PC App. As for me, I can listen to audiobooks while working, and it allows me to manage your audible library as well.

Audible app windows 10 alternatives

Since Audible will kill this app, is there any alternative for this Audible App for Windows? If you are looking for the way to download audible to Windows computer, or transfer Audiobook to your mp3 player, or even listen to audible offline on your computer, below are Audible Windows 10 App alternatives for your reference.

1 AudibleSync

AudibleSync Download


The AudibleSync is another Audible Windows 10 app that allows users to download audible book and transfer audiobooks to audible supported MP3 player. Compared with Audible Windows 10 App, Audible Sync is plain and simple. What’s more, it is also lack of stability. Many users reported that they cannot sing in to the app. It takes you to the launch screen even if you have answered a captcha.

2 Audible Manager

Audible Manager Download

Audible Manager

There is also a very old Audible app that still alive on Windows platform, that is Audible Manager. Different from Audible Windows 10 app, you cannot use Audible Manager to download audible audiobooks, but you can add downloaded audible books to it for playing and transferring to other devices.

Still I have to admit that the user interface is out of date, but it is the option to simply listen to audible and transfer audible to compatible devices that is appeal if the Audible Windows 10 App isn’t work in the future.

AudibleSync and Audible Manager almost have the same features as Audible App Windows 10, though are light on very advanced features and exclude some important features. This is particular true for experience users who use Audible App Windows frequently.

How to download Audible to Windows computer--The easiest way

Although AudibleSync can help you download Audible books, it is not the best option. Now Audible allows you to download audiobooks from its website directly without installing any app.

If you install Audible App for Windows 10 just to download audible to your computer, now you can do it now much easier by clicking “Download” button in the Audible library on Audible.com.

download audible books to desktop

How to listen to audible on any player--convert audible to drm-free mp3 files

As there are limited Audible supported devices and players, listening to audible can be a problem. Fortunately, you can liberate your audible files by converting them to drm-free mp3 files with Epubor Audible Converter.

Download Epubor Audible Converter for free:

Just download audible to your computer, and then launch Epubor Audible Converter, and add audible files to it. Then choose “MP3” as the output format. Then start the conversion. Once finished, you’ll get audible files in mp3 format.

convert aax to mp3

Final Words

1 Audible PC App installed from Microsoft Store will still work until 31st, July 2022, but it is not available on Microsoft Store anymore now.

2 To download audible to Windows computer, just go to Audible.com and click on "Download" button. This is the easiest way.

3 To listen to audible on any devices, just convert it to mp3 with Epubor Audible Converter.

Download Epubor Audible Converter for free:



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03/15/2022 23:35:43
Thank you very much for this. I’ve been using a paperwork to transfer my Audible files to MP3 for quite a while. This information gives me a chance to download files to my computer and have them ready.I’m not sure audible is worth the expense without this flexibility.
03/15/2022 23:49:35
  I have been an Epubor user for years..  Trouble is, no chapter breaks.?
Result is a single, huge MP3 file..?
  Any way to keep or maintain chapter breaks.?
  (some simple subdivision upon conversion to MP3..?)
Thanks, Earl
03/16/2022 00:21:19
Are you meaning that you want to see chapter breaks in the "single" MP3 file or the M4B file that's created?  You do know that you can split the single file into individual chapter files, right? If not, all you need to do is click on the "option" icon (next to the X) and set the "Split by Chapter" button.  If you're converting a number of books at the same time, you can also set the "Apply to All" box as well. But, if you want longer breaks between chapters, at this point, that would take some time inserting them manually using Audacity.
03/16/2022 00:22:48
You can choose M4B as the output format, and it will keep the chapters intact.
03/16/2022 14:35:29
But it still works in two other ways, splitting into parts of the same length as you like or by chapters. After opening the aax file, you can make this choice for the respective file in the options. Perhaps you are not curious or adventurous enough when using software. Hau rein.
03/16/2022 00:06:49

Has Audible said exactly why they are deleting the App and still keeping on competitive devices?

I use it while traveling only using a Windows device in a small window with a navigation app.

What MP3 players that will keep the stopping point so I can restart listening when I again travel weeks later along with listing my library identifying unread books?

08/19/2022 02:19:30
For a while, one could [OPEN WITH] Audible from the DOWNLOAD file (Win 10). That stopped a week or so ago. As of today, I can no longer put Audible files into Epubor to convert to mp3, either. About the only thing I have found is to download into iTunes (from Download file, OPEN WITH ITUNES) and play it from there. I personally am thinking that if I must listen from my WIFI, then I can save money by using Chirpbooks or use Downpour for only a little more. Some books just won't be available on either of these, but they have enough good ones that I, at least, will be happy. And I have enough in my Audible library to download onto my iPhone/iPad so good enough. And Epubor may figure out a work-around.
08/31/2022 23:24:07
I was so relieved to find the Epubor app after discovering that Audible have withdrawn the Windows 10 sync app.  I am not the world’s most techie person and I am also blind but I found the download and conversion process to MP3 very straightforward.  I do not like listening to audiobooks on either my phone or desktop PC.  I prefer to use my Vctor Reader Stream.  After converting the Audible download to MP3 I successfully copied the files to an SD card.  
09/7/2022 11:16:02
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to know this software can help you out. Have a nice day.
09/28/2022 00:40:10
Audible have stuffed this up bigtime
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