Troubleshooting: Audible Book Not Downloading

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I have purchased some Audible books just now. It seems I'm unable to download my audiobooks. My phones have lots of memory space left and I cleared all cache/data before reinstalling. What should I do if I am unable to download my audiobook on the Audible app?

The Audible app is available for Android/iOS/Windows systems and allows for the downloading and playing of audiobooks purchased from Audible.com. However, a lot of users reported that the Audible books cannot be downloaded, and they received the Error Message "Unable to download title" on the Audible app. Here we collected 10 feasible solutions to help you resolve the issue of Audible books not downloading on the Audible app for Android/iOS/Windows.

Besides the Audible apps, Audible books can also be downloaded from the Audible site in a web browser on a computer.

audible book not downloading

Solution 1. Update Audible App Application

If you are not using the most up-to-date Audible application available for your device, you may encounter the problem of Audible books not downloading. You still have access to the application, but the download won't start. By updating the Audible app may solve the problem to a great extent.

For Audible iOS App

Open the App Store. Tap your profile icon at the top of the screen >> Scroll to see pending updates and release notes >> Tap "Update" next to the Audible app to update that app >> Tap "Continue".

update audible app ios

For Audible Android App

Open the Google Play Store on your device. Tap the "Menu" button >> Tap "My Apps" >> Tap the Audible for Android icon >> Tap "Update" >> Tap "Continue".

For Audible Windows App

Open the Windows Store app. Tap the ellipsis ... in the upper-right corner >> Click "Downloads and updates" from the drop-down menu >> Click "Get updates". Then the Windows Store app scans for updates for all installed apps.

If your Audible Windows needs to be updated, the update will automatically install it.

update audible windows app

If all the apps are up-to-date, a message displays "You're good to go".

you are good to go

Solution 2. Change the Download Quality

Your audiobooks can be downloaded as either High Quality files or Standard Quality files. Compared with standard quality, high quality will result in bigger file size. To change the format of the Audible files in the Audible app, please follow these steps:

For Audible iOS/Android App

Open the Audible app. Tap the "Profile" icon in the upper left corner of the app screen >> Tap the "Gear" icon in the top right corner >> Tap "Data & Storage" >> Under "Download By Quality", change the download quality to quality that is currently not checked off.

That is to say, if your current download quality is "Standard", change it to "High", or vice versa change from "High" to "Standard".

change audible download quality

For Audible Windows App

Open the Audible Windows app. Tap the "Menu" button >> Tap "Settings" >> Tap "Downloads" >> Tap the button under "Download format" to change the download quality from standard quality to high quality or vice versa.

change audible download quality

Solution 3. Change Download by Parts Setting

If you are having downloading issues, or your device is limited by available storage, you may need to download your audiobook in individual parts. Audible titles that are longer than 12 hours can generally be downloaded as either a single download or as multiple shorter downloads. When you download your audiobook in multiple parts, you will use less storage space on your device.

Note: When Multi-Part Downloads are enabled, Audiobook synchronization across devices using Whispersync for Voice may be affected.

To change settings to download audiobooks from single parts to multiple parts, or from multiple parts to single parts, follow these steps.

For Audible iOS/Android App

Open the Audible app on your device. Tap the "Profile" icon in the upper left corner of the app screen >> Tap the "Gear" icon in the top right corner >> Tap "Data & Storage" >> Scroll download to "Download By Parts" >> Tap on the option that is not selected, to switch the Download by Parts setting.

change download by parts

For Audible Windows App

Open the Audible Windows app. Tap the "Menu" button >> Tap "Settings" >> Tap "Downloads" >> Tap the button under "Download your library by parts" to change the download by parts setting.

change download library by parts Audible windows app

Another 7 Potential Solutions for Audible Books Not Downloading

If the above 3 solutions didn't solve the problem, try the following 7 tips.

Solution 4 Close and restart your Audible App.

Solution 5 Check your Wi-Fi is turned on and you are well-connected.

Solution 6 Sign out first and then sign in to your Audible app.

Solution 7 Reset your Audible app, and clearing the storage and cache.

If your Audible download is stuck in queue, you can try to reset the application. This option will remove all temporary and cached data in the application and will cancel pending and partial downloads. Any completed downloads or application preferences will not be affected. The Audible app may close and reopen and your library may have to reload again.

Solution 8 Delete the Audible app and then re-download the application from the app tore.

Solution 9 Upgrade your Android/iOS/Windows system to the latest version.

Solution 10 If your Audible books won't download after following all the above solutions, contact Audible support for help.

Solution 11 Thanks to Jarno's sharing, you can just turn on the Airplane mode, open the app again, go to your Audible library, and switch the Airplane mode off again. This may fix the issue of Audible books not downloading.

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05/8/2022 08:47:49
My Audible book stopped at suddenly at chapter 19, listening to Clan of the Cave Bear.  I have turned the app off and on, turned my iphone off and on and the book is still stuck.  I can go backwards, but cannot continue.  What can I do?  Is something wrong with the audible book?
Thanks. I appreciate any assistance.  Can I download it again?
05/9/2022 10:31:32
Thank you for asking. Please delete it and redownload it to your computer to try again.
05/20/2022 09:53:14
I am on chapter 30 of a book and it will not continue. I have attempted everything as listed in this site . But I have not deleted the app yet . When I started to , it said the data would be deleted…. Is that true ?
07/29/2022 05:44:56
purchased book on Audible with my iPad. Waited, then it refused to download. Saying there is not enough storage on iPad.  I have 20 + gigabytes free for storage. Why is this problem?  what to do?
02/3/2024 17:37:51

Just wanted to add a solution that worked for me. My audible app would not load the home page, or download anything, it would just keep trying, but no go.

I closed the app, switched my phone to airplane mode, opened the app again, went to my library, and switched the airplane mode off again. I was then able to download the book I'd been trying to download, and the app worked fine again.

02/7/2024 09:40:45
Thank you for sharing. We will add your workaround later to this article.
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