Differences Between Audible Download Manager and Audible Manager

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What are Audible download manager or audible manager? Are these two software totally different or just the one thing? If you are new to Audible, you'll be confused by these two programs with similar name. Here I will share the knowledge of Audible Download Manager and Audible Manager so that you'll understand these two software better.

audible manager vs audible download manager

1. What is Audible Download Manager

1 What is Audible Download Manager?

Audible Download Manager is a program that helps you download audible audiobooks to your Windows computer and import the downloaded files into the Windows Media play, iTunes or even Audible Manager.

What Audible download manager can do for you?

1. It can help you download audible books to your windows PC.

2. It enables you to configure your download and import settings.

2 How can I activate Audible Download Manager?

Please ensure you have installed Audible Download Manager on your computer at first. Acitvating Audible download manager is the key step to download audible books. You can never skip this must-have step if you are going to download audible books via this method.

Launch Audible download manager, click on "Options" >>"Activate PC".

activate pc

A new window will pop up and requests for the Audible Activation. Just fill in your Audible account information.

Sign in audible account

Then your Audible Download Manager is activated on your PC successfully.

activation of your pc succeeded

3 How do I download audible books to PC with Audible Download Manager?

Step 1. Log into your audible library and click on "Download" button next to the book title.

download audible adh

You will get a .adh file instead of a real audible book.

audible adh file

Step 2. Double click the .adh file and choose to open it with Audible download manager to download .adh file to audible .aa/aax format.

download audible adh to aa/aax format

Once the audible books downloaded successfully, they will be imported to Windows Media player, iTunes or Audible manager according to your choice at the download manager settings.

Pro Tip: Set up Audible Download Manager
1. You can discover and change the downloaded files locations by clicking on "General Setting">>"Change Location".
2. You can choose where to import your downloaded audible files by clicking on "General Settings">>then check the box before the programs you want to import audible books to. Please note: you need to install these programs at first.

audible download manager general settings

4 Alternatives to Audible Download Manager on Windows and Mac

Is there any alternative to audible download manager? Can I use any other program to download audible books to my pc or mac?

For downloading audible books, you can also use Windows 10 Audible app. It is released by audible for the Windows 10 users only. It is the best audible book managers which you can manage all the audible books you purchased. It is also the perfect audible player where you can play audible books with. It also can be the audible downloading app where you can download the audible books. Anyway, audible app for windows offers a comprehensive audiobook experience wherever you are. It is pity that this program only available on Windows 10 platform.

audible windows 10

2. What is Audible Manager

1 What is Audible Manager?

Audible Manager is a program for audible users to listen and organize the purchased audible books.

Features you need to know about Audible Manager:
1. It works as audible books player on Windows.
2. It can transfer your audible audiobooks to a comptatible non-Apple MP3 devices.
3. It also functions as a CD burner which allows you to burn the audible files to CDs.

2 How to use Audible Manager?

After knowing the basic features of audible manager, how to use audible managers to listen and organize audible books?

1 Please ensure you have downloaded and installed Audible Manager.

2Launch Audible Manager, click on "File">>"Add Audio Files">>select the audible files you downloaded and then click on "Import".

add audible books to audible manager

All your downloaded audible books will be imported to your Audible Manager. But when you click on the book title to listen to it, you will be requested to Activate Your Device as the below picture.

activate your device

3Click on "Ok" and input your audible account information in the pop up windows to activate your PC.

Sign in audible account

Then you can play and organize your audible books freely.

play audible on audible manager

For import audible books to audible compatible mp3 players, please read the detailed guide Transfer & Play Audible on Audible Compatible MP3 Player.

3 Alternative to Audible Manager

Since the Audible Manager only works on Window, but my platform is Mac, is there any Alternative to Audible Manager on Mac or Windows? There are two featured alternatives to Audible Manager--iTunes and Windows Media Player.

iTunes and Windows Media player both need to be activated to import and play audible books. The process is the same as activate Audible Manager.

iTunes is the default media player on Mac. If you are on Mac, iTunes is the best program you can use to play your audible files. Besides the Audible Manager features mentioned above, it also supports various digital format and even enables you to purchase digital content within the app. Please note iTunes is also available on Windows.

Windows Media Player is the default media player available for windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10. It allows you to watch movies, listen to audios and even view images. Of course, it also can import audible books for playing and organizing.

audible books on windows media player

What’s the Difference Between Audible Manager and Audible Download Manager?

After reviewing the above parts, it is clear to tell Audible Download Manager and Audible Manager are totally two different things, but they are working together to ensure you play audible books on your computer smoothly. The Audible Download Manager helps you download audible books and then imports them to Audible Manager for playing and organizing.

Now can you clarify Audible Manage and Audible Download Manager now? For more tips on Audible files, please read Audible Audiobook 101: Up to 17 Audible Insider Tips.


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