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Nowadays, eBooks have been one of the essential parts of our daily life. Most of us may prefer to reading eBooks with our smartphone or e-Ink reader which are easy-to-carry. We can read downloaded files anywhere. But sometimes we do have the need to open and read books on our computer which has a bigger screen. Maybe an AZW4 file, so how to open and read AZW4 books? In this article, I will tell you 2 AZW4 eBook Reader for PC and Mac, then you can enjoy your downloaded books freely.

Kindle for PC/Mac

As we know, AZW4 is created by Amazon, now it's only supported by Kindle for PC/Mac and Kindle app for Andorid/OS. To read downloaded AZW4 files, Kindle for PC/Mac is surely a good AZW4 eBook Reader for PC and Mac.

Kindle for PC/Mac provides us some basic settings such as font size, words per line, brightness and background color mode. Though with some simple functions, it does have a few friendly features like you can add notes and highlights and look up unfamiliar or rare words with its built-in dictionary which is very helpful for us to learn foreign language.

When we start reading Kindle books, we can get navigation controls, bookmarket any page in the book, and “Go ” option which lets you jump to a particular section of the book, such as beginning, cover and any location of the book. Besides, it also has a search function, we can search for words, phrases, etc.

The advantage of Kindle for PC/Mac we must point out is that we can sync the book to furthest page read, so there won't be the hassle of finding where you left off. It's very convenient for readers.

azw4 ebook reader for pc and mac

But Kindle for PC/Mac doesn't support open 2 different files in a window at a time. If we open another Kindle book, previously opened book will be replaced. Besides, sometimes the app doesn't respond normally. It makes me upset.

Key features

1. Sync to Furthest Page Read
Customize your eBooks
3. Look Up Words with built-in dictionaries 
4. Search function
5. Locate any page of books

Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader

Do we can only read AZW4 files with Kindle for PC/Mac on computer? Of course not, to read this file on more available reading app, we can convert it to PDF format, then select a good PDF reader such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader to read them.

Before converting AZW4 files to PDF, we need a professional eBook Converter tool. Here I recommend you an easy-to-use and powerful software Epubor Ultimate, which supports batch conversion. We can convert a lot of files within a few seconds without quality losing. Besides, it's very convenient, when the conversion has been finished, it will automatically pop up a window which shows all your converted files. For detailed information, please read the guide how to convert AZW4 to PDF.

Download the tool for free

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

After we convert AZW4 files to PDF, now we can use Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader to read them.

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a good choice for us to read PDF files. It offers us 3 different reading modes to read PDF files: Read Mode, Reverse View and Text Viewer. We can select one of the reading modes we prefer to read converted PDF files.

During reading the PDF books, we can add, remove, manage bookmarks, take notes and highlights. We can also adjust page size for best reading experience, including actual size, fit page, fit width and fit visible.

If we don't want to read books by ourselves or do not have enough time to read the PDF, we can use the "Read the document out loud" options which will read PDF for us. It can read normal text, comments, image descriptions. 

Even if we already have opened a PDF file, the application will open your another file in the same window. Once we have finished reading converted PDF files, we can choose to print it and set options to make the printed files in high quality.

read azw4 with foxit reader on pc and mac

Key features

1. Read PDF files options
2. Search function
3. Different reading Mode
4. Customize eBooks
5. Automatically scroll reading
6. Print PDF files

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is an essential tool for us to read and print PDF documents, with the full screen reading mode, we can enjoy PDF files even on smaller screens.

As a popular PDF Reader, Adobe Reader provides us many basic features, such as editing tools, adding notes, highlight text, underline tools and reading aloud features. Its simple interface make us can easily use it. It also supports us different reading mode, like full screen or normal.

We can search text to find specific information. Its all the different features are very straightforward. I guess most of us may prefer to read PDF files with it.

converted azw4 ebook reader for pc and mac

Key features

1. Increased security
2. Sticky notes and highlight options
3. Full screen reading
4. Accessibility options
5. Print function
6. Read Out Loud option

All the AZW4 eBook Reader for PC and Mac mentioned above can help us read AZW4 files. But to get a best reading experience and have more choice to read AZW files, I recommend you to convert AZW4 to PDF first and then read converted AZW4 books on your PC and Mac. After all, converting AZW4 files enables us not only to read AZW4 with PDF reader on our computer, but also view them on devices that support PDF files, such as Nook, Kobo and Sony eReader. So why not convert AZW4 to PDF and read them on more reading app and eReader not only Kindle for PC/Mac.

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