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Calibre is a one-stop solution for eBook reading problems, as an almighty and open-source software, there are hundreds of eBook lovers and developers contributing to this software and make it the household name in this area.

But nothing is purely perfect in this world, Calibre also has its drawbacks: The ugly interface and not enough user-friendly.

calibre is ugly and complicated

Calibre Alternative 1. Hamster eBook Converter (Win)

In all the eBook format conversion freeware, I think this is the software only second to Calibre. It supports 3 most popular formats: EPUB, PDF, and Mobi, and has integrated over 200 devices into the output options list.

Using this program to convert eBooks is much more easier for a people who is not that familiar with computer skills. The whole process just like a guide, at each single step, the software only lets you do one thing, that will absolutely confused you.

Pros: Gorgeous design, friendly to new users;

Cons: Not support drm protected books, too many clicks for converting a book, only for windows;

hamster ebook converter

Calibre Alternatives 2. Epubor (Win&Mac)

Here meet our new software--Epubor eBook Manager. As an all-in-one tool, it provides almost all must-be functionality to the users. Also, it offers the amazing user experience and best customer support.

As our advertisement on the website, Epubor can fit all your eBooks needs, including the best eBook manager, eBook Converter, Device Transfer, and eBook editor functions. What's more, the Pro version supports DRM protected eBooks. Which means, you can use this software to handle your purchased Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo, Google books.

Pros: Extremely easy to use, support DRM protected books, beautiful interface, for PC & Mac;

Cons: Free version can not handle DRM-ed eBooks

Download Epubor

Calibre Alternative 3. BookONO

This software is still in Alpha stage, but the author is pretty confidence with it, he says:" The highly popular ebook management software Calibre has a new competitor. BookONO promises a more open approach than Calibre and scores already in the alpha version with additional features such as a built-in browser, but is still recognizable in its infancy."

BookONO actually uses Calibre as its backend, and the author says they might re-write the core codes with C++ to make the conversion faster. However, they are not starting do this until now.

Pros: Better interface than Calibre, free to use;

Cons: Not stable.




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09/30/2013 06:03:26
One of the « pros » of Calibre and BookOno is that they work on linux. Even though linux-users are still not that many, it may be relevant.
07/7/2017 23:29:35
I agree with epux. Why is ePubor not available on Linux? Would be good for me. Now I have to maintain a windows VPS to use all these "Windows-only"-programms I used in the past. But eventually, I will dump them. Did that just now with MediaMonkey to use Clementine as alternative on Linux.
01/9/2015 18:12:37
Thanks. I discovered today that not only does Calibre have the drawbacks you listed (The ugly interface and not enough user-friendly), the not user friendly part extends to the developers being actively rude to users who submit requests for updates. No more using Calibre for me. Just because it's Open Source doesn't mean you should blow off your customers. (Open SOurce means word of mouth recommendation is even more precious.)
04/6/2015 17:21:48

Another 'feature' of Calibre which is obviously caused by some pathetic bug in the Calibre python file handling code is trying to rename books and getting nonsense permission and lock etc. errors when the database is on a NAS; in my case FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201503270027 with full user file permissions to a Windows 7 mapped share of a ZFS ZRAID2 dataset with windows permissions and filesystem support.

If you can't rename a folder because your code is moronic, like still having unclosed explicit or implicit directory locks, including directory watches or current directory handles, or doing unnecessary fail causing stuff, you can still switch to the copy and delete move approach, then leave what's left for a later clean-up, preferable marked for later deletion by name or marker file!

It really stinks that the help rejects fixing this broken code so that it works properly with a NAS .. L A Z Y!

For now, I'll just tolerate renaming a book, exit the part failed metadata edit, re-edit the metadata of the new index name, then clean out the no longer unindexed junk later.

03/15/2016 19:54:31
Whatever! I love Calibre and don't think it's ugly. :-)
06/29/2016 18:55:34

Yes, I noticed Calibre developper are rude morons. I didn't speak to them, but I read on the forum, they don't care if users ask for an improvement of the not so good thing, they claim their ways are the best possible.

I don't like Calibre, because of the way it manages the folder. Calibre forces me to organize my books in a way that is not comfortable. They didn't understand that some users uses Calibre to edit, and then use android apps to read. The apps get really confused with the fact each book is put in a folder with the author name. If I have 900 books, I have to go and fetch each of my books in each folder... That's crazy.
They could add an option to let the user decide the way he wants his book to be managed in folders, but now, they have the best solution, and if you prefer another one, you are a moron. Everything is like this, there is only one way to do things, their...

The way tags and categories are managed and edited, is also a true heachache. To find an option in Calibre, you need to go and fetch in a ton of submenu, it's a nightmare.

I'd like to quit Calibre, and no hope it could become better, because developpers are autistic. Yes, awful interface, that's true.

However, I didn't find a software to edit metadata and tags, find covers, as Calibre do, but with an interface to read, that prevents eye straining.
I would use Moon Reader, but still needs Calibre to make a Calibre library that could be recognized by reading softwares, and also, reading softwares are too basic regarding metadata/tags editing.

10/8/2016 18:20:57
I agree very much.  I use my own folder structures to store books as I don't like the way Calibre does it.  I put things in Calibre just to edit tags and metadata.  Once done, I save-to-disc and delete from Calibre.
It's a shame, I would prefer to use Calibre fully.
10/16/2016 23:45:35

Calibre is a monolithic, spaghetti mess of untyped Python code which is painful to figure out for even an experienced developer like me, but it still seems to be the most comprehensive, free, ebook organiser & reader software.

Because you can't easily categorise a lot of books because of the crappy and slow Not-Invented-Here 'database', I am forced to set up loads of library folders to make it manageable, because saved searches can't be layered, so are useless for this.  Some people have suggested sharing the book and database files, but that is a very very stupid idea which will lead to data corruption e.g. the locking collisions and data corruptions I saw for Microsoft Access and Visual Sourcesafe.

Too much config. requires manually editing config text files, which is so not OK.

What I hope happens, but doubt ever will are:
* Calibre at least uses a proper fast database for indexing, at least SQLLite and a fast search engine like Lucene.
* Calibre gets layered search with a much faster database, so that I only need one main Calibre directory.
* Calibre is properly split into modularised components with web services, so that the user can swap out the UI and add remote control e.g. using light weight tablet UIs and for headless installs on a NAS.
* Migrate most of the code away from horrible Python and it's obviously inadequate libraries, I'd prefer Java.

What others or I could look at is to retain the Calibre file system and database, so that it can be used for the unimplemented gaps, reverse engineer them and start to write replacement compatible software which does things more professionally with proper web services i.e. not in (untyped) flaky Python.  If Java is used the Calibre plugins may be supportable using the scripting API, Jython and adapter objects.

09/16/2017 03:19:05
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12/13/2017 14:59:15
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