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The Amazon Kindle eBook store is the biggest and most widely used eBook store on the web. However, Audible, acquired by Amazon, has also become the world's largest producer of downloadable audiobooks. But the majority of Kindle eBooks and Audible books all have DRM protection, which means that your purchased eBooks and Audible books can only be read with specific apps or eReaders authorized by your own account.

So in this guide, I am going to introduce you 3 best Amazon DRM Removal and teach you how to get rid of Amazon DRM and gain the full control of your purchased ebooks and audiobooks and videos.

1. Amazon Kindle DRM Removal——Epubor Ultimate
2. Amazon Audible DRM Removal——Epubor Audible Converter
3. Amazon Video DRM Removal——Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

Amazon Kindle DRM Removal——Epubor Ultimate

Amazon Kindle eBook store which has over six million e-books available in the United States is the most popular eBook store in the world. And Amazon's Kindle is the pioneer in the eReader market. All Kindle devices integrate with Kindle Store content. Kindle enables users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, magazines, etc. In order to take the full control of purchased Kindle books, it's very necessary to get rid of DRM from the purchased Kindle eBooks.

Epubor Ultimate is the first DRM Removal to declare that it can successfully decrypt KFX books not long after Amazon adopts KFX as its main ebook format. Besides this, you can also convert eBook format with Epubor Ultimate. Honestly, Epubor Ultimate is the best DRM Removal and eBook Converter on the market. With this easy-to-use tool, it can meet all of your demands. Isn't that super amazing? Next, I am going to show you how to remove DRM with Epubor Ultimate.

Step 1, download Epubor Ultimate to your computer.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

Step 2, download Kindle books to your computer with Kindle for PC/Mac.

Tip: Epubor Ultimate can also automatically detect your books downloaded by Kindle device.

Step 3, run Epubor Ultimate, add your Kindle book to the right main window to remove DRM. The books will be decrypted immediately as soon as you add it to the main window(Batch decryption is supported).

Kindle books downloaded via Kindle for PC/Mac will be saved as azw format and displayed under Kindle Tab in the left side-bar. See the image below:

decrypt kfx via Kindle for PC1

While Kindle books downloaded via Kindle devices will be saved as KFX format and displayed under Kindle Device Tab in the left sidebar. See the image below:

remove kfx DRM

Tip: Epubor Ultimate can automatically detect your downloaded books without adding books manually.

If you also want to convert the book format after the successful decryption, you can choose your preferred output format and click the Convert button to start the conversion.

convert kfx to pdf

Tip: It says "Succeed" on the right of the book title after the successful conversion.

Though Calibre now support removing DRM from Kindle books, you can never find such a easy-to-use and efficient DeDRM tool like Epubor Ultimate on the web.

Amazon Audible DRM Removal——Epubor Audible Converter

When speaking of Audiobooks, there's no faster way than it to gain knowledge and know the world. And some people prefer audio over text for learning, for them, listening to audiobooks is an indispensable part of their daily life. On one hand, audiobooks can greatly boost your efficiency. On the other hand, audiobooks allow you to listen to it anytime and anywhere you want, even if you are doing other stuff at the same time.

Audible books are the largest and the most popular audiobook store in the world, and Epubor Audible Converter is the easiest Audible DRM Removal and the fastest Audible Converter, so next I am going to teach you how to remove DRM from Audible books so that you can listen to your purchased books anywhere you want without restricting to specific apps authorized by your account.

Step 1, download Epubor Audible Converter to your computer.

Download Epubor Audible Converter for Free

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Step 2, drag and drop your Audible AA/AAX books to the main window of Epubor Audible Converter. The Audible books will be decrypted soon.

decrypt audible via audible converter1

Tip: The decrypted AA file will be saved in MP3 format, and the decrypted AAX file will be saved in M4B format.

MP3 format is the most common audio format which can be accepted by most of the audio player. If you want to convert the decrypted AAX to MP3 after the successful decryption, please choose MP3 as the output format and click Convert to MP3 to start the conversion.

convert to mp3 via audible converter1

Amazon Video DRM Removal——Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

Amazon Video is an Internet video on demand service. It offers television shows and films for rent or purchase and Prime Video. In the United States, access to Prime Video is available through a video-only membership. So is there any legal way to remove DRM from Amazon Video on Demand, so that I can move my purchased Amazon movie to other computers? The answer is absolutely positive. Next let’s learn to remove DRM from Amazon video on Demand with Aimersoft DRM Media Converter.

Step 1, download Aimersoft DRM Media Converter to your computer.

Step 2, click Add button to upload Amazon videos to Aimersoft DRM Media Converter.

remove amazon video drm with aimersoft

Step 3, choose MP4(recommended) as the output format and hit the Start button.

There you go! You’ll get a DRM free MP4 format videos which can be shared with your friends now.


If you are a Kindle book or Audible book lover, Epubor Ultimate and Epubor Audible Converter are the must-have Amazon DRM Removal for you to decrypt Amazon DRM and gain full control of your purchased books. Both DRM Removal offer trial version. And if you want to liberate your Amazon purchased videos, then Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is your best choice.


Hillary Zhang works for Epubor and writes articles about eBooks and eReaders. She seeks the methods to read eBooks more freely and wants to share all she has got with you.

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