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Android eReader app is playing an important role among various android apps. We have posted "How to Read DRM EPUB books on Android Tablet / Phone" before, and with more and more people reading eBooks on tablets and phones, nowadays, people desperately find it indispensible to install additional android eReader apps on their android devices such as Kindle, Nook or any others. That results from different eBook formats and the DRM restrictions. Anyway, having a good android eReader app on your android tablet or eReader is inevitable.

This article covers best android eReader apps, most of which support DRMed EPUB/PDF. Official apps like Kindle for Android, Nook for Android etc are not introduced here as they are provided for certain purposes and you can download them from the official websites as you like. Now let's have a look at the best android reading apps.

No. DRM Supported Reading App Ratings
1 Aldiko Book Reader Premium android eReader app-5 star
2 Bookari Ebook Reader Premium android eReader app-5 star
3 BlueFire android eReader app-4 star
4 DL Reader android eReader app-4 star
5 txtr eBook android eReader app-4 star
6 eBooki android eReader app-3 star


No. non-DRM Supported Reading App Ratings
1 Cool Reader android eReader app-5 star
2 FBReader android eReader app-5 star
3 Moon + Reader android eReader app-5 star
4 OverDrive android eReader app-5 star


Android eReader apps with DRM support

1. Aldiko Book Reader Premium

android eReader app-aldiko

Formats: EPUB, PDF, Adobe DRM supported

Requires Android: 2.2 and up

Size: 6.5M

Price: $ 2.99 (Premium) / Free

android eReader app-5 star

As the leading eBook application on android platform, Aldiko has been pre-installed in 20+ android smart phones and tablets from over 200 countries. The Aldiko Book Reader Premium provides the following features:

1. EBooks from public libraries are supported.

2. Fully-customizable reading display and friendly interface. Night mode, bookmarks and other functions are included.

3. Advanced library management system.

4. In-app shopping experience. Many free books are provided.

5. 18 languages are supported.

6. Ads free.

Aldiko Book Reader can be installed on android 2.1 or up. 
Get more about Aldiko.


2. Bookari Ebook Reader Premium (formerly Mantano)

android eReader app-Mantano

Formats: EPUB, PDF, Adobe DRM supported

Requires Android: 2.1 and up

Price :$ 6.99 (Premium) / Free

Size: 7.6M

android eReader app-5 star


1. Ebook Reader: Customize the display patterns of EPUB/PDF. Text to speech are available.

2. Excellent library management.

3. Notes Manager: Organize, display, tag, filter, sort, search notes and create "Review Sheets" from a selection of notes.

4. OPDS(Open Publication Distribution System) catalogs explorer: Search, add filter and full-text book search.


3. BlueFire

android eReader app-BlueFire

Formats: EPUB, PDF, Adobe DRM supported

Requires Android: 2.2 and up

Price: Free

Size: 11M

android eReader app-4 star


1. with in-app purchasing.

2. Integrates account management.


4. DL Reader

android eReader app-DL Reader

Formats: EPUB, PDF, Adobe DRM supported

Requires Android: 2.1 and up

Price: Free

Size: 9 M

android eReader app-3 star


Provide access to your bookstore. It is fully-compatible with bookstores which use Adobe Content Server. You are allowed to create and deploy it to your taste.


5. txtr eBook

android eReader app-txtr eBook

Formats: EPUB, PDF, Adobe DRM supported

Requires Android: 2.1 and up

Price: Free

Size: 6.9M

android eReader app-3 star


1. Access to lots of eBooks from the most recent bestsellers to free classics and you can download them as you like.

2. Full customization of reading display such as text size, margin and backgrounds.

Book availability may depend on your location.
It supports ADE DRM but it doesn't seem to work so well as the DRMed books need to be uploaded from txtr. And a txtr account is said to be required.


There are still two android eReader apps that support ADOBE DRM but not so popular. Both of them are free and not connected to eBook stores. Maybe you can have a try.


6. eBooki

android eReader app-ebooki

Formats: EPUB, PDF, Adobe DRM supported

Requires Android: 2.2 and up

Price: Free

Size: 10 M


Android eReader apps without DRM support

1. Cool Reader

android eReader app-Cool Reader

Formats: EPUB (non-DRM), FB2, DOC, TXT, RTF, HTML, CHM, TCR, PDB, PRC, MOBI (non-DRM), PML

Requires Android: 1.5 and up

Price: Free/ Donations

Size: 6.3 M

android eReader app-5 star

Cool Reader is free and open source (GPL). It is said to be one of the best android eReader apps. And very few android eReader apps support MOBI as it does. It mainly contains the following features:

1. Customized display styles and view modes.

2. Bookmarks and export of bookmarks to text file.

3. Support online catalogs (OPDS) .

4. Support Text to Speech (TTS) .

5. HDictionary support (ColorDict, GoldenDict, Fora Dictionary, Aard Dictionary).

6. Read books from ZIP archives.

7. Styles can be customized in wide range using external CSS.

8. Automatic reformatting of TXT files (autodetect headings etc.)

9. Support Chinese, Japanese, Korean languages.

10. Autodetection of TXT file encoding (GBK, Shift_JIS, BIG5, EUC_KR).

Most complete FB2 format support: styles, tables, footnotes.
Additional fonts,textures etc. can be placed to offer more options.


2. FBReader

android eReader app-FBReader

Formats: EPUB, RTF, FB2(.ZIP), MOBI, TXT

Requires Android: Varies with device

Price: Free

Size: Varies with device

android eReader app-5 star


1. External TrueType / OpenType fonts are allowed. Includes hyphenation patterns for 16 languages.

2. Enable a browser / download for network e-book catalogs/stores. 5 popular libraries(English, French, Russian, Chinese and Polish) are included.

3. Custom OPDS catalogs are supported .

4. External dictionaries (ColorDict, all Slovoed dictionaries (by Paragon Software), Fora Dictionary, FreeDictionary.org, LEO dictionary) are supported..

5. It is open-source (GPL) and localized for 14 languages.


3. Moon + Reader

android eReader app-MoonReader



Requires Android: 1.6 and up

Price: $4.99 (pro) / Free

Size: 4 M

android eReader app-5 star


1. Online eBook libraries are supported.

2. Full visual options, changeable reading modes including Day & Night mode and various paging types( touch screen, volume keys or even camera, search or back keys) are provided.

3. 15 customized (search, bookmark, themes, navigation, font size and others) are allowed.

4. “Keep your eyes health” options for long-time reading.

5. Real page turning effect with customized speed/color/transparent, 5 page flip animations.

6. Bookshelf management.

7. Backup / Restore options to cloud via DropBox, sync reading positions between phones and tablets.

8. Highlight, Annotation, Dictionary (Offline or Online, support Google, ColorDict, Fora, etc.), Translation, Share functions all in this eBook reader.

9. Localized in 38 languages.


4. OverDrive

android eReader app-OverDrive
Formats: EPUB, MP3
Requires Android: 1.5 and up

Size: 2 M
Price: Free

It's light and easy to use.

android eReader app-5 star


1. The "Get Books" feature offers a library near you and you can download eBooks and audio books from your library directly to your Android device.

2. "Additional eBooks" feature offers free eBooks.

3. DRM-free EPUB eBooks from other sites can be downloaded and read.


Other android eReader apps are not introduced here for following reasons.

1. Connected to fixed stores.

2. No support of DRM & You have to pay for it.

3. No support of Engligsh.

4. Other reasons.




works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

08/1/2012 18:54:42
I like wordplayer with speech installed. It makes any book an audio book
08/2/2012 17:51:43
I am so glad that you have got a good reading app.Most android eReader apps listed in this article support drm but wordplayer doesn't.Furthermore,it does not support various eBook formats without Calibre, which can be achieved easily by Cool Reader or others.
Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience here.  
12/7/2012 13:59:48

I love your site, thank you!!
I just bought a Nexus 7 for my wife. I want to set it up for ebooks from our local library.
It would be helpful if your site offered a flow chart of the steps required to reach a certain goal; I.E. "Set up a Nexus 7 to read free ebooks (Overdrive)from public libraries".  What are the sequential steps?

Your site is great!!  Thanks again, aldous

12/28/2012 22:32:39

Hi Aldous,
We are pretty happy for your kind words.
If you have got a Nexus 7 and want to read books in it, we have another article tells you how to do this: http://www.epubor.com/read-ebooks-on-nexus-7.html

And for the OverDrive, we will compile a detailed guide about about how to use it in the future.


07/7/2013 02:30:10
It would be great if you could include PocketBook reader https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.obreey.reader into your future reviews.
07/7/2013 18:46:25

Hi, Max

Many thanks for your comments. I will add this app when I update this post next time.



02/6/2014 20:00:58
I am interested in this diet. My mom and others I know have done this diet with great sucsess.
06/5/2014 00:14:51
Waiting for the diet book to sort out my acid reflux
07/28/2015 15:17:06
Thank you I have bought 3 Nexus 7 for my wife and my 2 kids. It is really helpful for my kids to learn how to read. Thank you for your help
08/30/2015 23:40:27
Im so glad to have found this for no money being on a budget money is not an option for anything extra rite now
11/20/2016 14:57:51
Try Infinity Reader from GooglePlay

The reader supports audio, video, scripts and all EPUB3 features. The reader comes with a free book, which contains youtube video. You can download a lot of free books from the reader.
01/3/2018 21:33:25
Like to try it
06/21/2018 14:39:16
I'll recommend Reasily and Lithium for DRM-free EPUB books. They both support many EPUB3 features and very fast. Able to highlight and take note. Reasily can even sync notes to Google Drive. Also it can open multiple books at the same time as if the books are different apps.
05/2/2021 00:38:46
ok i understand
02/6/2022 04:12:55
I don't understand which one to pick. Why can't I just use Adobe Reader.
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