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There are tons of great ebooks available in the market for every interested reader. Mostly, when it comes to picking your next favorite book, it’s our first impression on the cover page that makes us want to purchase the book. Yes, people will judge your ebook by its cover. The importance of a book cover is so powerful that it plays a direct role in the success of your ebooks. In order to make the perfect cover for your ebooks, here are the top 4 best free online ebook cover creator services to help you design an eye-catching and striking cover easily.

best free ebook cover creator

1. What Makes a Good eBook Cover?

The book cover is there to help you promote your book, and ultimately sell it. So what makes for a good book cover that achieves this goal? How to make your ebooks stand out from any digital shelf that’s occupied by thousands of other ebooks? Well, creating an ebook cover that uses an eye-catching color scheme, simple, creative, and minimal graphics, unique and funny typography, a good title and subtitle that is clear and easy to read, and proper balance between text and negative space, can effectively catch a potential customer’s eye and encourages them to explore the book further.

At the same time, when designing an ebook cover, keep in mind that the thumbnail view is the most common view of your cover. There’s a strong chance that the thumbnail view is the only impression you’ll have before a reader decides to see the full-size cover option and description of the book. Be sure your cover will also look good as a thumbnail image.

what makes a good book cover

2. Why do You Need a Good eBook Cover?

The only purpose of a good-looking and enticing book cover is to help you sell your books, which makes a big difference in your sales and distribution. And a great ebook cover can become one of your best promoting tools, which can instantly convey the key thoughts, messages, and images that sum up your story.

Besides, the book cover is also one of the most important pieces of making you become a successful author. Just like in a bookstore, an online buyer will browse through multiple eBooks and will probably judge them by their covers, so for this reason you need to make a great first impression by creating a great cover.

Sometimes a good ebook cover can be the deciding factor in whether or not potential readers will take the time to read or purchase your ebook, so it’s essential that you take the time to design a great ebook cover that stands out from any digital shelf in the crowd.

why you need a good book cover

3. Best 4 Free Online eBook Cover Creators

Thanks to the Internet, there are many professional online ebook cover creator services to help you design a perfect customized book cover in minutes. Most importantly, no complicated tool is required, such as Photoshop.

1. Canva

Canva is a free online graphic design platform that allows you to easily create logo, business cards, posters, book covers, documents and other visual content. Visit Canva website and search for the “eBook cover”, you are ready to create your own book covers.

Canva was created for design beginners. In Canva’s library, there are millions of professional quality photos, icons, illustrations and stock images to choose from. And each eBook template includes layouts for every style and theme. All you need to do is to add them to your page with the handy drag-and-drop tool and use the photo effects feature to make your design stand out.

With Canva’s ready-to-use templates, simple drag-and-drop interface, and its wide selection of design elements, you can easily create a professional looking eBook cover that stands out in the crowd.

canva book creator

2. Placeit

Placeit is your one-stop shop for mock-ups, logos, book covers, flyers, designed templates and animated videos. For most people, Placeit is really simple and easy to use, even for the most novice of designers with little to no design, art, or technical skills. Not only do they offer tons of stunning templates, but they also provide a variety of other marketing and branding tools. So boosting your branding doesn’t have to be a laborious and time-consuming task any more. Placeit also boasts an ever-growing library of templates to choose from. From these templates, you can design and create logos, design templates, high-resolution mock-ups, social media images, and more.

placeit book cover

3. Snappa

Snappa is another popular online ebook cover creator. It helps non-designers create online graphics in a snap. Snapper team have been optimizing their graphic design tool to be as quick and easy to use as possible. If you are looking for an easy-to-use cover design service, Snappa is the ideal graphic design for beginners. Now it is used by thousands of marketers, entrepreneurs, and non-designers to create a wide range of graphics for ebooks, social media, display ads, blog posts, and more.

The program gives you thousands of templates and millions of graphics at your disposal. So you can quickly make a finished product with ease. With the help of Snappa professionally designed eBook cover templates, it will be much easier to become the next best selling author.

snappa book cover

4. MyECoverMaker

MyeCoverMaker is a powerful, all-in-one 3D ebook cover creator that can be used by both graphic design gurus and newbies. The program comes with multiple good-looking templates to enable users to generate professional looking eBook covers, DVD covers, CD combos, iPad screenshots, and even membership card graphics. The ease of use of this program and the user-friendly interface and navigation is noteworthy. With over 1.5M images and 1,000 pre-designed templates across 20 different niches to choose from, anyone can get a professionally designed cover done in minutes. And it is the fastest and easiest way to create realistic 3D eBook and product covers. Besides, their one-click text effect creator lets you easily add impact to your cover and set it apart from others.


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