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Recently I was starting to learn Spanish myself, my favorite way to learn a foreign language is to find book written in simple sentences for reading. With a Kindle, it becomes even graceful, the built-in dictionary saves me lots of time and space.

Amazon doesn't provide me a built-in Spanish-English dictionary, and I only found 2 available Spanish-English dictionaries in Kindle Store, but the ratings are below average. I do not want to waste money on a useless dictionary, so I begin to dig my Kindle resource.

In my Kindle library, I saw a book called Real Academia Española el Diccionario de la lengua española, this is a spanish dictionary, isn't it? But what the heck Amazon doesn't allow me to download it. I click the "actions" button but can't see the "Deliver to..." option, and login my Kindle for PC I also can't see it in my "Archived Items" section.

Obviously I have to find a way out myself. After some searches on the internet, I finally got a free and working Spanish to English dictionary for Kindle, it is built by Dave Slusher, he DIYed this Kindle dictionary himself by RUBY scripts.

But here comes another setback, the dictionary is created in 2010 and for Kindle 2, which only uses one dictionary at a time. Therefore I can't use it because I need dictionaries for other languages also.

Then I find Mac Sturm modified the dictionary to make it working on K4 and later models, and click the button below you can download it. Notice: You can download and use for totally free and legit under Creative Commons license: BY-NC-SA.

Free Spanish to English Dictionary for Kindle Download

And I guess some people may also need the English to Spanish dictionary, I've also find a free one for you.

Download Free English to Spanish Kindle Dictionray

For how to add a dictionary to Kindle, please read this guide: https://www.epubor.com/how-to-change-or-add-dictionary-to-kindle.html

The first dictionary file is .prc format, if you want a .mobi file, you can use freeware Calibre to transform it into .mobi for free.

If you have any other valid option, please share with us by comment.

And if the files in this post help you reading Spanish books better, click the social buttons to help us spread wider is appreciated.


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01/21/2014 02:53:34
Tried it, but unfortunately the online bookconverter does not work.  Gave up after trying to upload to it for over an hour
01/21/2014 02:53:38
Tried it, but unfortunately the online bookconverter does not work.  Gave up after trying to upload to it for over an hour
01/21/2014 07:37:29

Further to my initial attempts, I tried a couple of different book converters.  One did not work (error converting), but finally I got one that did work!  It is called Zamzar, and it worked fairly quickly and sent the mobi file to my email address when finished converting.

Dictionary now installed in my old 2010 Kindle (mark 1?) and works fine.

Thanks for this very useful system.

01/23/2014 23:23:36

Hi Geoff,

Thank you for the feedback, I've modified the content, now it won't direct to that lapsed converter.

01/27/2014 13:44:17
In all seriousness, if we ever meet I'm buying you beer!
11/5/2014 08:19:37
This is awesome! Thanks so much, works great
11/11/2014 00:37:57
Finally a Spanish-English dictionary for kindle (3 in my case) that works. Thank you and Jonny and Dave : ) !
12/28/2014 04:29:15
Hi, I was able to convert the .prc file to .mobi and I have transferred it to my Kindle, but when I open my settings and try to select it as my dictionary, it doesn't appear. It appears on my home though. Help please :(
01/22/2015 08:41:23
And how to download to my Android note 3? Doesn't recognize the file.
01/31/2015 10:10:15
Thanks very much for sharing this resource and providing instructions on how to download and install.
02/8/2015 01:16:38
Excellent, up and working in five minutes.
05/17/2015 18:01:34
Calibre didn't work for me.  But I did convert it to .epub online using zamzar (zamzar dot com).  The dictionary was converted almost instantly and so far has worked fine on my Kindle.  
05/22/2015 01:27:14
I enjoy reading informational articles whenever I can, especially when the writer is as gifted as you. You've succeeded in impressing many readers with this article, including me. Your knowledge on this topic is amazing.
08/19/2015 13:52:30
I live in Spain and I am also studying Spanish.  I have been looking for one of these since I have started reading Spanish Novels to study.  I am downloading now and I will report back tomorrow, if this is as good as it sounds, I'll send you a donation!
08/19/2015 14:39:57

Wooooooooah!!! I downloaded both and they work incredibly!  Thank for so much!  Note:  My calibre (which I have used for years)  didn't like the Spanish to English PRC file.  It spent 8 minutes battling and then gave up.  I used zamzam.com like some other user has said and they emailed me the converted mobi for free without any registration.

Thank you again, would love to buy you a beer, can you donate?

Daniel, 27, English Teacher, Sevilla

11/28/2015 13:20:40
Hey man Thanx alot
the Mac Sturm link does not work
02/15/2016 11:35:29
Brilliant! Thnak you very much. Converted with Zamzar.com as suggested and followed your instruction to install it on my Kindle. Now I can finally read a book that was recomened to me but I only found in spanish.
03/12/2016 14:59:06

Thanks bro!

It really works fine to me!

01/27/2017 01:17:06
spanish dictionary in english translation model
05/3/2016 09:27:58
I have the same need for what I have heard referred to as an "imbedded dictionary" for my e-reader.  My problem is that instead of a Kindle, I have the Barnes & Noble color reader, the Nook.  I've waited patientiently about 5 years now, hoping to find a way to download an imbedded dictionary for it. I need a fairly sophisticated Spanish-to-English dictionary (the Real Academics would be great) since I have retired from teaching college-level Spanish & dread losing vocabulary.
Whatever advice you may have would be greatly appreciated.
07/17/2016 12:47:00
This is a resourceful page. Calibre failed to recognize the first file on Mac OS X El Capitan. Zamzar did the job fine. The dictionaries are splendid especially when considering that I'm getting them for free. Freebies are the best, me thinks.
03/24/2017 08:25:01
It works fine on my Kindle 3.
Thanks a lot.
01/4/2021 08:04:15
Woooooow. Dude thank you SO much! Perfect dictionary!
01/4/2021 13:56:02
Thank you for your comments. We are glad to know it can help you.
07/25/2021 14:31:37
It doesn't download at all. What can be the problem?
01/16/2022 12:28:40
I use the Harper Collins  Spanish-English College Dictionary
08/15/2022 09:51:38
Thank you for dictionary
08/26/2022 21:38:31
Download will not work, is there a trick to it?
08/29/2022 17:31:53
Muchas gracias, ha funcionado a la primera!!
10/11/2022 01:23:37
This Spanish-English dictionary works great even with the "Kindle for Windows 10" app. Had to Google a bit for how to fool the Kindle app into using this file, but got it to work in a few minutes. Thank you!
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