2018 Best Kindle KFX DRM Removal Software Review

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Amazon rolled out its latest Kindle format KFX in 2015, and KFX format has been used for the standard book since then. There are over 10,000 titles on Amazon website are in KFX format. However, it’s universally known that all eBooks distributed on Amazon are protected by DRM. KFX is one of Amazon proprietary formats, with no exception. KFX books are locked by DRM which are incompatible with non-Amazon book readers and software. DRM sounds reasonable, but DRM must serve consumers – not the other way around. People who want to remove DRM from their own purchased Kindle books are in the hope of creating a backup or being able to read the Kindle books on multiple devices. We deem that it’s a legitimate use as long as this is being done for personal use of eBooks purchased, not for piracy. So here in this article, I’ll introduce and compare the 2 best Kindle KFX DRM Removals – Calibre and Epubor Ultimate. Both of them can work on Kindle KFX DRM cracking.

KFX DRM Removal Calibre

Calibre is a powerful open-source eBook Manager. Besides serving as a comprehensive digital library, an eBook Viewer and an eBook Conversion, Calibre can also be used to strip DRM from Kindle books. The Good news is that the latest version of the Apprentice Alf DRM-stripping tools was released in April 2018, which is able to remove DRM from KFX books (includes kfx input plugin).


1. It's completely free for use, although you can donate for the developer Kovid Goyal if you find it useful.

2. The DeDRM plugin for Calibre provides a free way to remove DRM from your Kindle and Adobe DRM ebooks.

3. It’s an all-in-one eBook Management tool. It features library management, format conversion, syncing to eBook reader devices, fetching news from the Web and converting it into eBook form, and viewing many different eBook formats.

4. It gets updates on a regular basis from hundreds of eBook volunteers.

1. Too many frills; hard to find the core functions you need.

2. Its cluttered main interface may probably make you feel intimidated by the sheer number of options.

3. It doesn't work with a UHD (Ultra High Definition) monitor.

4. The PDF conversion tool is not polished and sometimes gives bad formatting result.

5. Sometimes it freezes your PC, forcing a hard shutdown during the installation of Calibre.

6. The biggest drawback for using Calibre to remove KFX DRM is that you have to download and install Calibre DRM Removal Plugin and KFX Conversion Input Plugin to Calibre. This is quite troublesome and time-consuming. It can be a pain in the neck for users who are not skillful at computer.

7. It can’t detect and load your eBooks automatically. Instead, you need to add the KFX books from your computer or Kindle eReader to Calibre manually.

8. Although Calibre can serve as an eBook viewer, it cannot open KFX books no matter the books are DRMed or DRM free.

9. As a freeware, you can’t get instant technical and customer service from Calibre when issues occur.

As a comprehensive all-in-one eBook Management software, Calibre is a little bloated for you to utilize its Kindle KFX DRM removal and eBook conversion features. What’s more, it’s not user-friendly. The operation of Calibre for KFX DRM removal is too complicated for you if you’re not a tech-savvy user.

Guidance: How to Convert Kindle KFX to PDF/Epub/Mobi with Calibre?

KFX DRM Removal: Epubor Ultimate

Epubor Ultimate always boasts to be the first eBook DRM removal and the best eBook conversion out there which can remove Kindke KFX DRM and convert their formats quickly and losslessly. Epubor’s KFX DRM removal technique is very mature which can guarantee the fast, solid and reliable KFX DRM removal. In addition, it’s also capable of removing DRM from eBooks purchased from Kobo, Nook and Google Play. Epubor Ultimate can handle DRM removal and ebook conversion simultaneously and automatically with 2 clicks.


1. Epubor Ultimate is designed to be easy to use for beginners. You don’t need to install any additional tools or plugins to handle eBook DRM removal and eBook conversion. So it’s quite handy for non-tech-savvy users to remove KFX DRM and convert the eBook formats.

2. It can automatically scan and load your downloaded Kindle books to the left sidebar under Kindle or E-ink Device column of Epubor Ultimate interface. You don’t need to add the books to the software manually like you do with Calibre.

3. It removes DRM from your KFX books in your Kindle eInk readers without inputting Kindle Serial Number. If you still want to know where you can find the Kindle Serial Number, you can read the full guide on How to Easily Find the Kindle Serial Number.

4. No frills. It has all the basic features you need and none of the fancy extras that you don't. The plain, neat and intuitive interface makes it’s easy and obvious for Net newbies to figure out how to use the software properly.

5. It gets regular updates and continuous optimization from professional Epubor developers.

6. Epubor provides 24-7 customer service including ticket, live chat, Skype chat, Fabebook messaging, and email support.

It’s a shareware which requires users to pay for the license. Epubor does offer a trial version of the software for free with limited features and functions, but if you want to get 100% contents of eBooks decrypted and convert eBook formats losslessly, you need to upgrade Epubor Ultimate to the paid version.
For Windows system, it costs 24.99$ for one-year license 49.99$ for lifetime license, and 99.98$ for family license.
For Mac system, it costs 29.99$ for one-year license, 54.99$ for lifetime license, and 109.98$ for family license.

Although it’s a paid shareware, Epubor Ultimate is featured with its handy, hassle free operation which makes it especially fits the demands of non-tech-savvy users. If you don’t want to invest a huge amount of time to install and load the DeDRM tools and KFX Input Plugin into Calibre, or you’re confused about how to distinguish the manifold features presented on Calibre interface, or you feel frustrated when you can’t get instant and intuitive customer support, please switch to Epubor Ultimate and enjoy the simplicity and ease it provides you. The application has been optimized over time to work with a large number of books, and it's clear that you won't find anything better than this solution when you want to remove DRM from Kindle KFX books.

Guidance: How to Remove DRM from Kindle KFX eBooks?

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