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EPUB stands for electronic publication and is an XML-based digital publishing format standard. It is a free and open eBook standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum. EPUB is such a popular eBook format that a large percentage of the population uses it. However, reading eBooks via a reader app is sometimes annoying, that's why we found these best online EPUB viewers to use, making reading on the web a pleasure. Don’t miss our top picks of online EPUB viewers which can transform the way you read online.

best online epub viewer

1. Neat Reader for Web

Neat Reader is a powerful epub reader that is available on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and the Web. And its Neat Reader for Web is an online ePub reader that works on all modern web browsers. To use Neat Reader on your browser, simply open the Neat Reader web app. Although Neat Reader can perfectly parse various ePub files and provide a variety of reading features such as notes, highlight, search, customize settings and more, you are not able to unlock these useful features unless you become their premium member by signing up to get 7 days premium trial for free or purchase a license. Even worse, you can only view part of your epub file online if you are not their premium member.

neat reader for web

Key Features:

• Clean interface

• Cross-platform support and works seamlessly to keep your reading in sync

• With comprehensive functions like highlight, make notes and change reading mode, fonts and font size, etc

2. EPUBReader

EPUBReader is an addon that allows you to read EPUB files directly on your browser with no spyware and no hassle. It is such a useful extension that it turns your browser into a fast and lightweight ebook reader! It can run in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and New Edge, etc. Just visit EPUBReader web page after installing EPUBReader extension to your browser, click on the folder button on the top to open your epub file.



• Is available in 24 languages

• Reads all ebooks in the EPUB format without DRM

• Opens the ebooks stored in the computer fastly, and no extra space is required

• Allows you to listen to your ebooks by installing the extension "Read Aloud"(available for Firefox and Chrome)

3. EPUB Viewer

EPUB Viewer belongs to fviewer which provides tools that allow you to view the contents of files or many different formats online. These file formats include AI, PSD, DICOM, SVG, TIFF, VSD, CR2, OFFICE (DOC, XLS, PPT, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX), EPS, XPS, CDR, DJVU, EPUB. Its EPUB Viewer is a free, online cloud file viewer that takes no download or installation. Just drag and drop your epub file to the website to start reading. For a free product, EPUB Viewer is a great option as the layout and design are very easy to use and the website is quite stable.

fviewer epub viewer


• User-friendly interface

• E-books open fast, and no extra space is required

• Full-text search functionality and better navigation

4. ePub Reader Online

When you open the ePub Reader Online website and view your epub file, to your amaze, you will find that the layout of this epub online reader is exactly the same as the above EPUB Viewer. Like EPUB Viewer provider, you can also view many other files on this website, like DOC, XLS, PPT, DOCX, XLSX, PPT, XXPS, AI, PSD, DICOM, SVG, TIFF, VSD, CR2, etc. Besides, ePub Reader Online works smoothly as well.

epub reader online


• Easy-to-use interface

• Easily customizable feature

• Allows you to do bookmarks and search the content

5. MagicScroll Online Reader

MagicScroll online reader is a beautiful online HTML5 EPUB book reader. It is not only a great way to read EPUB books, it's a great way to share them. Upload a book to the website and you'll be given a permanent URL for the book, which you can easily share with your friends. MagicScroll does have a striking means of presenting pages, the page view keeps text narrow and easily readable while the faded black background keeps eyes focused on the page, but the interface is not nearly as clean.

magicscroll online reader


• Multiple choices of reading modes and fonts

• Presents pages in stark contrast to the rest of the web app

• Gives you a permanent URL for the book so that you can share it with others

6. Google Play Books

When Google first released Google Play Books and the Google Play Books e-reader, you couldn't upload your own books. It was a closed system, and you could only read books purchased from Google. However, it doesn't match today's e-book market to keep e-books offline. Most people who read e-books prefer to have their choice about where to purchase books but still be able to read them all from a single location. Luckily, now Google Play Books is one of the few ebook platforms which will let you upload your own EPUB and PDF ebooks to its servers.

upload epub file to google play books reader

So you can upload your own EPUB file to Google Play Books to read them online.

google play books ereader


• Highly comprehensive e-book viewer

• Simple to upload your own EPUB files to Google Play Books

• Supports all DRM free EPUB and PDF files

• Uses the Night Light setting to adjust the background color and brightness automatically

7. Cloud ePub Reader

Cloud ePub Reader is a fast and very flexible reader for EPUB files. It can help you to easily manage and open the ebooks stored on your computer or your Google Drive. Cloud ePub Reader supports text search, bookmark, and table of contents. Besides, you can also add the cloud ePub reader extension to your Google Chrome or Firefox browser for viewing epub files directly online.

cloud epub reader


• Can open files from Google Drive

• Enables the use of navigation scrollbar to browse pages faster

• Embedded table of contents, bookmarks, and text search function

Bonus Tips

All the above online EPUB Readers support ebooks in the EPUB format without DRM. If your encrypted ebooks are purchased from Amazon/Kobo/Nook/Google Play books, you can follow this step by step guide to remove DRM and convert to epub if necessary. If your ebooks are DRM free but they are not epub files, you can also use Epubor Ultimate software to convert your files to epub.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

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04/16/2021 06:44:55
Great list.
04/30/2021 06:37:53
Google play in my opinion is the best one on here
09/8/2021 01:46:50
I personally am not a fan of google play books because it limits the upload size to 100 mb. Meaning textbooks are unable to upload.
04/1/2022 07:42:08
there is a better one, no ad. https://ereader.app. which even can translate the book to other languages
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