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PDF is the most commonly used eBook format as it is supported by almost all eBook readers, tablets, and smartphones. However, the PDF is designed to reproduce fixed-layout pages, which means the PDF format is fixed-format and cannot be reflowed. If you intend to print eBooks, the PDF format is a good choice. However, if you plan to read a PDF file on a device with a screen size less than 10 inches, the reading experience will be horrible. If you have ever read a PDF on Kindle, you must know my feelings—scrolling and zooming in and out to read each line. I bet some of you are still suffering from the bad reading experience now, as Kindle is the most popular eReader. Why not convert PDF to Mobi for better reading on Kindle? Mobi, a native Kindle eBook format, is compatible with Kindle devices very well. In this article, I will introduce you to the 3 best online PDF to Mobi converters and top 3 downloadable PDF to Mobi converters.


Best Free PDF to Mobi Converter Online Convert DRM-free PDF to Mobi format

For those who do not intend to download and install new software on their computers, I would like to recommend some online PDF to Mobi converters to you. I know there are many free PDF to Mobi converters online, but you can never tell which one is the best if you do not use them one by one. From my own tests, I would like to recommend the following three best PDF to Mobi converters. One thing I want to point out is that these online PDF to Mobi converters are completely free.

1: Online PDF to Mobi Converter--PDF2MOBI

PDF2MOBI online converter focuses on converting PDF to other format or any other format to PDF.

How to convert PDF to Mobi with PDF2MOBI?

You can drag and drop your PDF file to the interface of the webpage or just click on "upload files" button to select the file to upload your original PDF file. When the file has been uploaded successfully, it will start to convert automatically. You can download the converted mobi file one by one or download all at a time.


For converting PDF to mobi online, PDF2MOBI is my first choice as it is a native PDF converter which pay its all attention to PDF format. What's more, it supports batch conversion which is really time-saving.

2: Free Online PDF to Mobi Converter -- Convertio.co

Different from PDF2MOBI, Convertio.co supports multiple format conversion, including eBooks, images, videos, audios and so on.

How to convert PDF to Mobi with Convertio.co?

Select the PDF file from your computer, Dropbox, GoogleDrive or URL, then click on " Convert" button. The PDF file will be uploaded and converted automatically. When the conversion has finished, just click "Download" button to download the converted mobi files.

pdf to mobi converter

This online converter can quickly and easily convert PDF to Mobi. It allows users to upload files from different resources, like Google Drive, Dropbox or URL. What's more, if you do not want to download the converted file to your PC, you can store them on your Google Drive or Dropbox.

3: Free Online PDF to Mobi Converter -- Zamzar

As a free online file conversion service provider, Zamzar claims it supports more than 1200 file formats. The interface of this website is neat and well featured. You can easily find the conversion function you want.

How to convert PDF to Mobi with Zamzar?

Go to the Zamzar PDF to Mobi Conversion page, and you will see they have step to step instructions on the website. What you have to do is following the instructions, upload the files, select the output format, fill in your email address and then click on "Convert" Button. Then wait for the email from Zamzar and download the converted Mobi file by clicking the download link they sent.


This is an easy-to-use online PDF to Mobi converter which supports versatile input and output formats. But it is really uncomfortable when it requires me to fill in my email address. If I do not put in my email address, I cannot go to the next stop. It seems that they are collecting users' information by this method. Although you can upload several files at a time, you still have to download them separately.

Although there are so many free PDF to Mobi converters online, you should consider about the privacy issues before using their services cause you never know what they will do to the PDF file you've uploaded to their servers. That's why I want to introduce the following PDF to Mobi Converter freeware.

Best PDF to Mobi Converter Free Download Convert DRMed & DRM-free PDF to Mobi format

Just like online PDF to Mobi converter, there are numerous PDF to Mobi Converter freeware you can use to acheive your goal. Here I pick up 3 best PDF to mobi converter for your computer.

4: PDF to Mobi Converter -- HAMSTER eBooK Converter

Hamster eBook Converter is designed to convert verious eBooks formats into a version that supported by Sony, iRiver, Amazon Kinlde, Kobo or other eReaders. Actually, it is using the Calibre core to achieve the converting function, but its interface is neat.

How to convert PDF to Mobi with Hamster eBook Converter?

Step 1: Download and install Hamster eBook Converter. The Hamster eBook converter is only available for Windows for now. Click here to download the Windows version and follow the instructions to install it.

Step 2: Add files to Hamster eBook Converter.

Launch Hamster eBook Converter. Click "Add File" to navigate to the folder stored the PDF file, or drag and drop the PDF file to the main interface. It supports batch conversion, so you can add more than one file a time.

hamster ebook converteradd files to hamster ebook converter>

Step 3: Convert PDF file to Mobi.

Click on ”next" button to go the next step. Select "Mobi" as the the output format and click on "Convert" button. A window will pop up to ask where to store the converted mobi file. You can "Make New Folder" to store the converted file or click "Ok" to store the output file at the desktop. The conversion will start and it will take a few seconds to minutes to finish the conversion which depends on the size of PDF file.

select mobi as output format  output folder  open folder

When the conversion has completed, you can click on "open Folder" button to reach the converted Mobi files.

1, It is totally free.
2, The interface is neat and easy to use .
3, Batch conversion is supported.

1, It only support DRM-free PDF file.
2, It is only available on Windows system.

5: Best Free PDF to Mobi Converter--Calibre

In the "Hamster eBook Converter" part, I have mentioned the Hamster ebook Converter is using calibre core to realize its conversion function. What is Calibre? The Calibre is a leading ebook tool which contains converting, editing metadate, viewing and organizing function as a whole. It is completely free and open source. That's why Hamster eBook Converter can use the Calibre core to acheive the conversion funcationality.

How to Convert PDF to Mobi with Calibre?

Step 1: Download and install Calibre. It supports multiple computer system platform, including Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Please go to the Calibre download page to download the corresponding Carlibre installation package. Then follow the instructions to install it on your computer.

Step 2: Add PDF file to Calibre.

Click "Add Book" at the menu to add the PDF file you want to convert to Calibre. You can add the books one by one or in bulk.

add books to calibre

Step 3: Convert PDF to Mobi with Calibre.

When the PDF files have been added successfully to Calibre, you can see them at the main interface of Calibre. Right click the book title , then click “ Convert Books" , and select "Convert individually" or "Bulk Convert". You can also click on "Convert Books" at the top menu bar.

convert pdf with calibre

I select all books I want to convert and choose "Bulk Convert". Then I was brought to a new page where I can set up the page size, font, layout and so on for the converted file. Select "Mobi" as the output format and then click on "Ok". The conversion job will be proceeded.

set up output page

When the process has been finished, you will see the books are available on both Mobi and PDF format.

converted to mobi successfully

1, It is completely free and open source.
2, It supports multiple computer systems.
3, It enables you to set up the output page.

1, It does not support DRM-ed PDF file, only if it is installed the dedrm plugin.
2, The interface is complex for the newbie.

6: Epubor Ultimate -- Best PDF to Mobi Converter Free Download

Epubor Ultimate is the best eBook converter as well as the eBook DRM removal. Since Epubor Ultimate focuses its core functionality, it is the first software on the market to crack the Kindle KFX DRM. For the converting function, it has its own converting module--eCore which can highly shorten the conversion speed. For above introduced 5 PDF converters, they can only convert DRM-FREE pdf files to mobi, but referring to converting DRM-protected pdf to mobi, Epubor Ultimate is the best tool. As we know that ebooks purchased from Kobo, Nook, sony etc.are protected to by Adobe adept DRM, it is common situation that you will come across PDF books are with DRM protection. Here I will introduce how to convert DRM-ed pdf to mobi with Epubor Ultimate.

How to convert PDF to Mobi with Epubor Ultimate?

Step 1: Download and install Epubor Ultimate.

Download Epubor Ultimate


Step 2: Convert PDF to Mobi with Epubor Ultimate.

Drag and drop PDF file to the maininterface of Epubor Ultimate. All books will be decrypted. Then select Mobi as the output format and click on "Convert to MOBI" button to start the conversion process.

convert pdf to mobi with EpuborUltimate

When the conversion has been done, you will see "Succeeded" at the end of each book title as the below picture. You can click “Succeeded" to open the output folder or click on "Folder" icon to open the folder includes the converted mobi file.

convert PDF TO MOBI successfully

1, The conversion function is totally free.
2, It supports both Windows and Mac system.
3, It supports batch conversion.
4, It supports both DRM-ed PDF and DRM-free file.
5, It has simple interface and easy to use.
6, Its conversion speed is fast.

1, The DRM removing function is not free.

2, The trial version only convert 20% content of each book.

Editor's Pick

After comparing various PDF to Mobi converters, I highly recommend trying Epubor Ultimate. Its interface is so simple that even a newbie can use it without the need for a user's guide. Moreover, the conversion speed is the fastest among many converters. The most significant reason is that most of your purchased PDF files are protected by DRM, and Epubor Ultimate is the best DRM removal tool. If you have many DRM-protected PDFs waiting to be converted to Mobi format, Epubor Ultimate is the purchase choice.

Download Epubor Ultimate



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