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Maybe you know Calibre kindle drm removal plugin -- DeDRM_plugin, but do you actually know Calibre also can help you remove kobo drm if it is installed Obok_plugin? But what is Obok_plugin? How can it help us with DRM Removing? Bear these questions in mind and keep reading, you'll learn how to use the free Kobo drm removal-Obok_plugin to remove drm from kobo with ease.

calibre kobo drm plugin

What is Calibre Obok_plugin?

Calibre is a pretty great software for ebook lovers. You can read, convert and manage ebooks with it smoothly. However, if you want to remove drm from ebook directly, it cannot, on its own. You need to add some plugins to enhance it. If you are looking for the tool to remove kobo drm free, Calibre Obok_plugin is the best choice for you.

Calibre Obok_plugin is definitely the best free tool to remove the DRM from Kobo ebooks download on Mac or Windows using the Kobo desktop application, or from Kobo ebooks on an attached E-Ink Kobo reader (but not a Kobo Arc or Kobo Vox).

Specifications of Calibre Obok_plugin(Obok_plugin.zip)

Latest version: DeDRM_tools_10.0.9, released on August, 2023

Rating: 5 star

Best for: Remove Kobo DRM

Author: Apprentice Alf

Downloads link: https://github.com/noDRM/DeDRM_tools/releases/download/v10.0.9/DeDRM_tools_10.0.9.zip

Note: Obok_plugin.zip is packed with DeDRM_plugin.zip in DeDRM_tools_10.0.9.

How to install Obok_plugin?

After downloading the DeDRM, you'll get a DeDRM_tools_10.0.9. Unzip it, you'll see DeDRM_plugin.zip and Obok_plugin.zip.

dedrm tools download

To remove Kobo DRM, Obok_plugin.zip is what you should add to your Calibre.

obok_pliugin zip

If you still haven't install Calibre, please download and install it at first.

1 Run Calibre and then click "Preference">>"Plugins">>"Load plugin from file".

load plugin from file calibre

2 Select Obok_plugin.zip from your computer and then "Open". Then click "Yes" in the "Are you sure" dialog box.

are you sure to add this plugin

Now click the "OK" button in the "Success" dialog box.

success box

Then you'll see the Obok DeDRM tool has been successfully added to Calibre Plugin list.

obok_plugin has been installed successfully

Relaunch Calibre and Obok DeDRM will be displayed on the top menu bar.

obok_plugin has been installed successfully

How to remove Kobo drm with Calibre Obok_plugin?

Once the Calibre Kobo Dedrm plugin has been installed successfully, you can remove kobo drm with Calibre. Let's show you how to remove Kobo DRM with Calibre dedrm plugin step-by-step.

1 Download Kobo Books to your computer via kobo for PC or Kobo for Mac.

download kobo books to computer

2 Launch Calibre and then click "Obok DeDRM" at the top menu bar. It will display all your downloaded kobo books with the DRM lock status.

Kobo drm status

3 Then click "Select All" and then "Ok".

remove kobo drm

The Calibre starts to decrypt your kobo books and add all selected books to Calibre. Once finished, click "OK" in the poped-up windows.

add kobo books to calibre

Now you have removed drm from kobo books and also added them to Calibre library successfully.

Obok DeDRM error? The following error is encountered when trying to use the Obok DeDRM plugin in calibre.

Solution: Uninstall your kobo app first, and then download the Kobo Desktop App.

Obok DeDRM error 10.0.9

Is there any easier way to remove kobo drm?

After tried this free kobo drm removal out, you may find that there are so many steps and things you should pay attention during the whole process. Are you hesitating now? I know it is not an easy job if you are not familiar with computer technology or software.

Therefore, I am here to providing you another choice with much simpler interface and easy to manipulate. That is Epubor Ultimate which is the best ebook tools to help you remove drm from kobo ( or kindle, nook, google play books) and convert ebooks to any format with 1-click.

1 Download and install Epubor Ultimate to your Windows/Mac.


2 Download Kobo Books to your computer via Kobo desktop application.

3 Launch Epubor Ultimate and then you'll see your downloaded kobo books loaded in the Kobo tab in the left column. Just drag and drop them to the right column and the kobo drm has been removed with just one-click.

remove kobo drm from kobo desktop

No need to install any plugin! Just one-click to get your kobo books decrypted. If you want things simple, Epubor Ultimate should be your best pick.

However, I want to mention that Epubor Ultimate is a paid software with free trial version. So it's up to you to decide which tool to choose to decrypt your kobo books.

Download the free trial of Epubor Ultimate here NOW:

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10/23/2021 13:11:47
Obok plugin link is dead...?
10/25/2021 09:06:37
Is there any problem with this plugin?
12/27/2021 06:39:59

Hi.  I had some still DRM'd Kobo books I'd downloaded to my old Mac with the Kobo Desktop Edition.  I now use Fedora 34 on my new computer, and I have Calibre installed there.  I have version 7.2.1 of the DeDRM plugin installed and also the obok plugin from the same zip file.  I was able to successfully remove DRM from one of those older Kobo books from the Mac, so my most immediate needs seem to be met.  

However, I've noticed that if I run obok without my e-reader connected, it fails.  Initially it was seeking a file, 'kobo location'.  It took a little while to figure out that "location" was part of the file name, but when I finally created that file that particular error went away and now it says "can't find kobo library."  I was able to get the KoboReader.sqlite file from my device, but I can't figure out where to put it.  I thought perhaps the plugin wanted "kobo location" to either contain the path to the sqlite file, but that didn't work.  The last thing I tried was to make the 'kobo location' file a Linux soft link to the KoboReader.sqlite file.  That made the "can't find library error disappear," but I still got a different error.

I tried to post the error right here, but the site rejected my comment as containing spam.  Not sure how to get help now...

Am I on any sort of a valid path here, or is this just a wild goose chase.  It would be rather nice to be able to just copy that sqlite file from my Kobo at any time and use it for the obok plugin to work on.

Anyway, any help or advice would be appreciated!


05/20/2022 03:00:56
Hi, I followed all your steps to load the plugin, using Calibre ver.5.42 and the DeDRM_tools_7.2.1, but the Obok DeDRM is NOT displayed on the top menu even after restarting the app. Can anyone offer some guidance please. Thank you, Giorgio
05/23/2022 14:41:23
Thank you for asking. But if you have followed this guide : https://www.epubor.com/calibre-kobo-drm-removal-plugin-obokplugin.html, you should install kobo drm removal plugin successfully. Or you can just try Epubor Ultimate.
08/22/2022 04:33:12
A quick check, click on the 3 dots on the extreme right of the icon row menu. I have 2 more icons below which do not show up in normal menu
12/8/2022 02:22:48

Obok worked fine for many books. Still does in the newest Obok-/Calibre-version.

But now I have a book, where in the import-dialog and in the DRM-column there is a green sign (open lock).
Looks like the ebook has no DRM.

But it can't be imported normally nor via Obok.
Obok imports it, looks like success (title and author are correct), but there is neither title page nor content.

12/9/2022 09:24:26
For this question, you may need to contact the calibre or dedrm developers to get the answers. We are sincerely sorry that we cannot help you.
08/9/2023 03:44:32

Unfortunately at this time Calibre+Obok doesn't work, it says it can't find my books, though I have them open in Kobo reader.

Epubor does work, but in demo mode it just gives a sample. I don't mind paying for software, BUT,
in this case I only would like to convert a bunch of books I got for 20 euros (through Humbe Bundle, which lied that they can be viewed on any device, then gives me a Kobo-locked drm book set), so paying 25 dollars to remove the drm from them just doesn't seem very economical (considering that I will never willingly and knowingly spend money on DRM-ed books).

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