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Ever since I started using my kindle to read eBooks, I like to highlight and take notes while I’m reading. Therefore, I have accumulated a lots of kindle notes and highlights throughout the years. I am just wondering is there an easy way to read kindle notes and highlights on printed paper.

There are different ways to export kindle notes to PDF and print them. In this article, I will share three different ways to print kindle notes and highlights.

Different from other ways, you don't have to install any extra apps (even kindle apps). That’s why these two ways are highly recommended.

Method 1. Print kindle notes from Kindle cloud reader

The easiest way to access your kindle notes and highlights is visiting your kindle notes and highlights online. Do you know that your kindle notes and highlights will be stored on kindle cloud reader storage provided by Amazon? Follow the below steps to print them easily.

Step 1 Find your Kindle notes and highlights.

Visit https://read.amazon.com/notebook, and then login to it with your Amazon account information. Once logged in, you will see all your books in the left column with the highlights in the right column. And the most recently accessed is shown first.

kindle notebook

Step 2 Print Kindle notes and highlights.

To print them, hit “Ctrl+P” to trigger the browser’s print function. Then select your printer and other options, and click on “Print” button. Your kindle notes and highlights for the book will be printed out.

print kindle highlights and notes

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I edit my kindle notes on kindle cloud notebook?

A: Sure, you can edit kindle notes on Kindle cloud notebook. After each kindle highlights & notes, there is an option button. Hit the down arrow besides it to display more options—“Edit note”, “Delete highlight”, and “Delete note”. But you can’t edit the kindle highlights but delete them.
edit kindle notes

Method 2. Print kindle notes and highlights from kindle eReader

If you are a kindle owner, here is another fast way to print kindle notes and highlights. Kindle eReader allows you to export notes and highlights to .pdf or .csv files.  With these files, you can print your kindle notes and highlights. Here are detailed steps.

Step 1 Tap the book you want to print its notes and highlights to open it. Then tap the top area of the kindle, and you’ll see the menu buttons. Tap the three dots to show drop-down menu.

kindle ereader notes and highlights

Step 2 Tap “Note & Highlights” to show all the kindle highlights and notes for this book.

kindle notes and highlights

Step 3 Tap “Export notes” and a new window will appear. Select “Send” to send the notes and highlights to the email address on your Amazon account.

send out kindle notes

Now check your email box, and you’ll see your kindle notes and highlights there.

kindle received notes

There are 2 files in this email. One .pdf and one .csv file.

export kindle notes as pdf or csv

Step 4 The .pdf is well formatted, and ready for printing. Now you can open the .pdf file and then print it.

print kindle notes pdf

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I edit the Kindle notes and highlights?

A: Please note that the pdf file is not able to be edited because it is a printing-ready file. If you want to customize your kindle notes and highlights before printing, you’ll need the .csv file you received. The .csv file allows you to modify the list of the notes, font sizes and other things if you use the Microsoft excel or Google sheet to open it.
print kindle notes csv
Now you can just modify everything you want in the .csv file and then print it.
print kindle notes and highlights csv

Ultimate method: Export kindle notes and highlights as PDF/Docx

The above two methods already provide you two ways to print kindle notes and highlights without installing any extral app on your computer. Still I will introduce a much easier way to print kindle highlights and notes. If you are looking for editing your kindle highlights and notes before printing, then you should try Epubor Kclippings. It is a very handy tool that can help you view, edit, export your Kindle/kobo notes and highlights to pdf, docx, epub and many popular formats.

Download Epubor Kclippings for free:

export kindle highlight and notes as ebooks

For getting start with the Epubor Kclippings, please just follow the guide How to Manage & Export Kindle Highlights and Notes?

With Epubor Kclippings, you can either edit the notes and highlights before exporting, or you can even export your kindle highlights to DOCX and edit them eaily. What's more, you can even export kindle notes to pdf, or epub and transfer them to your favoriate eReader. It also supports the batch convert so you can just export all your Kindle highlights and notes at a time. Super easy to use and convernient, right?

Final Words

These are the three ways to export and highlights and print them.You can go directly to Kindle Cloud Reader and click the Book you want to export and print notes, and print them. But you need to repeat this operation many times if you have many books to print. Sounds time consuming, right? Compared with the other two methods, Epubor Kclippings offers a much easier way to manage, edit and print your Kindle highlights and notes. Why not just download the free trial now to give a shot?

Download Epubor Kclippings for free:



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03/31/2024 22:21:36
This doesn't work !I want a notebook I can write on then print it out !
04/1/2024 10:59:35
Then please try to use the Epubor Kclippings  to export the kindle notes and highlights to docx or pdf for printing.
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