How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited

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How do I cancel my Kindle unlimited subscription as I don’t remember signing up for this?

Do you want to escape from your Kindle unlimited? Do you still remember why did you sign up for this? As for me, I was tempted by the unlimited access to countless ebooks at the very beginning. As time goes by, I cannot always find the best-sellers in Kindle Unlimited library. I know some people even don’t know when did they sign up for this and have been charged every month. Don’t worry. Here I will guide you through the whole process of cancelling Kindle Unlimited service.

how to cancel kindle unlimited

How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited On Computer( Windows/MAC)

1 Login to Amazon.com website via browser.

2 On the right side of the top navigation bar, hover over “Hello, [Your name],” followed by “Account & Lists.” Find and click “Your Kindle Unlimited” from the drop-down list.

cancel kindle unlimited on browser

3 You’ll be navigated to Manage your Kindle Unlimited Membership page.

It will display all your kindle unlimited subscription details:
• When you started it
• Membership plan (monthly, 6-month, 12-month, 24-month)
• Billing status
• Payment history & Payment settings
• Option to stop the subscription

4 To cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription, find “Manage Membership” section at the bottom-left, and click “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership” .

cancel kindle unlimited on browser

5 Then you’ll be given a choice between continuing and ending the membership. To cancel Kindle Unlimited subscription, click “End Membership on [Date]” button.

cancel kindle unlimited

From now on, you can enjoy your life without your kindle unlimited membership as well as your credit card won’t be charged in the next billing period.

But great to share is that you still have full access to the catalog of Kindle Unlimited eligible books until the end date of the membership.

"But if I don’t have a computer, can I cancel my kindle unlimited on my mobile device, Android or iPhone? "

Sure, you can do it. To be mentioned that you can’t cancel your kindle unlimited in Kindle app for Android/iOS, but you can do it with your Amazon account (mobile browser) or Amazon app.

How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited on Android and iOS Devices

1 Login to your Amazon app( not your Kindle app).

2 On the drop-down menu on the upper left-hand side, select “My Account” >> “Memberships & Subscriptions”.

cancel kindle unlimited

3 If your membership doesn’t pop up, click through “Don’t see your subscription?”. Then Select “Kindle Unlimited” and then scroll down to tap “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership”.

4 Tap “Cancel Membership” and a confirmation message will appear.

5 Once your request is confirmed, you'll see a message that says your membership has been canceled. It'll also display the date on which your Kindle Unlimited benefits will end.

cancel kindle unlimited

Important tips about canceling Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Tip 1 You won’t be charged if you cancel kindle unlimited during the free trial. The trial period is 30 days and you will only be charged after that.

Tip 2 You can cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription on browser or Amazon app for Android/iOS. But you can’t cancel it in the kindle app.

Tip 3 You won’t get a refund for the rest of the paid period. You still have the access to this service until your membership expires. It’s also important to note that if you cancel a Kindle Unlimited membership that was pre-paid as a gift or monthly bundle deal, you won’t get a partial refund for unused months, so you’re better off using it until the end of the subscription if that’s the case.

Tip 4 Once your subscription does end, your books you borrowed through kindle unlimited l will be removed from your account. So does the bookmarks, notes and highlights you made while your kindle subscription service was active. But Amazon will store your annotations, just in case you purchase the titles at a later date or re-subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

Tip 5 If you can’t cancel kindle unlimited by yourself, just contact Amazon support to get this done.


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