Can't register kindle App? Here are 7 Useful Tips

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I download kindle for PC to my computer, but everytime I tried to register it, the registration window flashes non-stop so that the username and password cannot be entered. I can't register kindle for PC. How to fix it?

You can read kindle books without kindle device, but only with Kindle app. But how to register Kindle App? What should we do if the error occurs when you try to register your kindle App? You’ll get these questions answered in this article.

can't register kindle app

Part 1. How to register kindle app for PC/MAC/Android/iOS

If you have installed Kindle for PC or Mac on your computer, you can access your kindle books and read them. To register kindle for PC or Mac, please download and install Kindle App desktop application at first.

1, Launch kindle for PC. If your kindle for PC is unregistered, the registration window will pop up automatically. Or if it doesn’t, you can reach it by clicking Tools>Options>>Registration>>Register.

register kindle for pc

2, Then fill in your Amazon account information and click on “Sign in” button to register your Kindle for PC.

sign in kindle for pc

Note: please ensure you are choosing the right kindle marketplace for your Kindle account. To know more about kindle marketplace, please read How to Change Kindle Store Country.

3, Now you have registered your Kindle for PC successfully. And you can download or read your kindle books on your computer.

If you are on Android or iOS, after launching the kindle app, you'll see the registration window, just input your username and passwords to register it.

register kindle ios

Sometimes, things will not be so easy, as there are many complaints about can’t registering kindle for PC. In the following part, we've collected some useful tips for fixing the kindle app registration issue.

Part 2. Useful tips to fix can't register kindle for PC

Tip 1 Please ensure you are using the correct account credentials.

Is there any possibility that you are using the incorrect account credentials? To check whether this account credentials are correct or not, you can just login amazon.com to see whether you can login or not.

Tip 2 Uninstall and reinstall kindle App.

Some old version of kindle for PC are not able to be registered. Recently, we've received many kindle users emails about the kindle for PC 1.24 is not able to be registered because it refreshes in every second. We've tested the kindle for PC version 1.24 and ensure this version of kindle for PC is unable to be registered.

There are two ways to fix this issue: installing the latest kindle for PC or the older version 1.17. Then register with your amazon credentials. After testing, we are sure these two versions are good for registration.

Most of the people who have installed the kindle for PC 1.24 are intending to disable the kindle kfx format and remove kindle drm because the latest kindle for pc comes with much tougher kindle drm. You may be curious if you still can remove kindle drm from the latest kindle for PC? Sure, you can still remove kindle drm even if you have installed the latest Kindle drm. You can follow How to deal with the new kindle update to remove kindle drm. And also you can downgrade your kindle for people to older version 1.17 to remove kindle drm.

Tip 3 "An error occurred saving registration [1001]".

If you have more than one users on one computer, the corrupted or unexpected entry in the registry will cause the registration error. To fix this issue, it is recommended that users to create a new user and then copy the files from the old one. Then you can install and register your kindle for PC successfully this time.

Tip 4 Run the Kindle app as administrator. Right click it and select "run as administrator", and then register kindle for PC again.

run as administrator

Tip 5 Changing the country to anything other than "default" or "amazon.com".

I'm trying to use Kindle for PC, but whenever I open the app and try to register the device, the login page just refreshes once every second so I can't do anything. Anyone else have this problem or a solution?

If you have the same issue, just try to change the country to a different country like "amazon.com.br". This will get your issue fixed and get your kindle app registered.

change amazon website

Tip 6 Change the Amazon passwords.

If you have created Amazon accounts in different countries but use the same registration credentials for both sites, you may fail to Sign in your Kindle app. To fix this issue, the easiest way is to change one of the passwords will get this issue fixed.

Tip 7 Contact Kindle Support Team.

If the above troubleshooting can't resolve your registration issue, you can still contact Amazon Support team to get further assistance.

amazon customer support

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07/19/2021 21:12:00
hello, I manage to login with the two methods (.com.br, or downgrading to 1.17, but almost all my books are gone,except 2. Do you have an idea ? I don't know how to fix it.
07/20/2021 08:57:05
After downgrading to 1.17, try to login the right amazon website, and then you'll see all the purchased kindle books.
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