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One advantage of ebook reading is that we can custom the font style freely. Almost every ebook reader provides some options for users to change the font type or font size. But you may only use the default fonts which the ebook reader has preinstalled. It would be better if we can add extra fonts. In this article, we will show you how to add fonts for Aldiko - one of the most popular ebook readers on Android. This tutorial is with no need for root access of your Android device. And it can be used for other Android ebook readers too. The process may be a bit different but generally speaking they are very similar.

First, get the fonts you want to add. You can get many free fonts from Dafont.com and FontSquirrel.com. It's better to choose the ttf fonts.


Connect your Android device to computer with USB cable. Navigate to this path: /sdcard/Android/data/com.aldiko.android/files/fonts. This folder should be empty at present.



Copy the fonts you've got in the first step and paste them into this folder.


Now eject your Android device from computer. Launch Aldiko and open a book. Tap the screen to call out setting menu. Choose "Settings" – "More" – "Font". You will meet a window asking you to download additional fonts. Choose "Dismiss" and you will see the fonts you just added.



Select a new font and tap "OK". Turn back to the book page and you'll find the new font has worked.


For many Android ebook readers, this tutorial should work. The key job is to find out the folder where the ebook reader put the fonts. But this not works for the Kindle app. If you want to change the Kindle app font, the process may be a bit complicated. You need to root your Android device first and the process may impact other apps. Here is an article for you reference: How to change Kindle App Fonts on Android.

If you are using an e-ink ebook reader like the Kindle Paperwhite, customizing fonts for it is also easy. Please refer to our post: How to add fonts to Kindle Paperwhite.


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07/25/2014 06:11:01
So.... what exactly is the default font????
06/9/2019 13:14:18
I want sans serif
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