How to Combine Audible Accounts

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You may create more than one Audible account to take advantage of Audible promotion. Obviously, it is more convenient if we can keep all purchased audiobooks in one place. That's why most of us who have multiple audible accounts and choose to combine audible accounts. This step-by-step guide will show you how to merge audible accounts.

audible account details

Merge Audible and Amazon Account

Why combine Audible and Amazon Account together?

I have a Kindle Fire HD. I had separated Amazon & Audible Accounts with different email addresses. I registered my Kindle under my audible account. Now I can access my audiobooks, but not the ebooks I had purchased and my 1-click ordering no longer works? Is it possible to completely merge these two accounts?

If you can access both your kindle books and audible books in one account, things will be much easier. But there are more advantages you should know about combining audible and amazon account.

  • 1. Amazon family library sharing will enable you to share your contents with your whole family members.
  • 2. You only have to remember only a single username and password.
  • 3. You can access kindle books and audiobooks at the same time on kindle devices, no need to log out and in to enjoy audiobooks and kindle ebooks. What's more, it enables you to listen to audiobooks from multiple kindle devices.
  • 4. Making whispersync is much easier between an audiobook and kindle book.
  • 5. Only one single payment information is to set.

How to Combine Audible and Amazon account?

Note: After combining your Audible and Amazon accounts, you may lose your badges, stats, bookmarks, and annotations from your Audible accounts and you'll never reverse it.

Step 1 Login to Audible accounts via web browser with your Audible account information.


Step 2 After logged in, click on "Hi, Your username" in the top-right corner and select "Account Details" from the drop-download list.

audible account details

Step 3 Then you'll see "Connect your Amazon account to Audible". Click "Merge now".

merge audible and amazon accounts

Step 4 Follow the instructions on the screen. Enter your audible passwords and amazon information, and then select a payment method. Finally, click on "Finish" to connect your audible to Amazon account successfully.

From now on, you just need to remember your Amazon information for signing into audible.com.

How to Merge 2 Audible Accounts?

Compared with combining audible to Amazon account, merging two audible accounts seems impossible for most of us. Anyone has had success in doing this? Here I want to share two methods of combining Audible account and many users have merged their accounts by using the following two ways.

Method 1. Contact Amazon customer support/Livechat

Thanks to Amazon customer service, it really helps me a lot. Just go to Amazon customer service and tell them you want to merge your two audible accounts. They will check whether these two accounts are eligible to merge or not.

Step 1 While logged in and on the main page, scroll to the bottom of the page and, under the column labeled "Let Us Help You," click on "Help."

Step 2 On the next page, under the heading "Browse Help Topics," hover over (or tap if on mobile) "Need More Help?"

Step 3 Click "Contact Us" from the menu that appears to the right.

Step 4 On the next page, select the general area of concern from the four topics offered "An Order I Placed," "Devices," "Digital Content and Services," or "Prime or Something Else."

Step 5 Click the drop down bar(s) under "Tell us more."

Step 6 Click the button that appears with the word "Chat" to commence an online conversation with a customer service rep.

Or you can just email to Amazon customer service at "social-support@audible.com" and they'll check if you are eligible to merge your accounts.

There are some cases that you can not merge your audible accounts as below.

Case 1. Your Audible UK account and Audible US account cannot be merged due to the copy right issue.

Case 2. You have two different account types, let's say one being a username and one being an Amazon account-connected one. For this case, Amazon will help you transfer all your books over. That may be what most of us wanted.

Method 2. Use Audible Family Library Sharing

Is there a way to combine libraries from two accounts? My husband and I each have our own account. The syncing with Kindle titles is something we'd both like, but only one Audible account can connect to our Amazon account.

If you set up an Amazon Household, you and your family members can share your purchased audible books easily.

Step 1 Login to your Amazon account, and go to Amazon Household. Then Click "Add adult" button.

create amazon household

Step 2 The invited adult should enter their account information to join the household. Then the follow the instructions on the screen to add an adult to your Amazon Household.

Detailed steps, please follow how to share kindle books with family.

Step 3 Once you have added a new adult, go to the "Your device" tab under "Manage your content and devices". Then click action menu ("..." icon) before the reading app, and then check the "Show xx's content".

enable kindle reading app sharing function

Step 4 Then refresh your audible app and you'll see the other user's audible books. Both users in the household can listen to the same books at the same time, and the bookmarks and placeholder will remain specific to the user. 

If you really cannot merge your audible accounts, this is also a workaround for combining all your audible books.

The Bottom Line: How to Manage All Your Audible Books in One Place

Most of you may want to merge your Audible accounts for managing audible books in one place, right? For various reasons, you can not merge your audible accounts. But this is not the end of story. I will show you the easiest way to manage all your audible books--downloading audible to drm-free mp3 format for backing up at one place.

To achieve this goal, just download Epubor Audible Converter to download Audible books and convert them to MP3 format.

Download Epubor Audible Converter for free:


Step 1 Click on "Login" button at the top-left corner, select your Audible region, and then sign in with your Audible credentials. You can skip the log in process if you have downloaded your audible as aax file on your computer. Just drag these AAX to Audible convert and convert it. All done!

convert aax to mp3

Step 2 After the successfully logged in, your Audible library will be loaded automatically. If not, click on "Refresh" button.

convert aax to mp3

Step 3 Drag the Audible title from left to right side, and here you can check the box next to "Split by chapters" to split your Audibles, then click on "Convert to MP3" button to download and convert Audible to mp3 files.

convert aax to mp3

Step 4 It will take a few minutes to download and convert your Audible files, depending on their length. Once the process is complete, a green checkmark will appear.

convert aax to mp3

Click on the "Open" button to open the folder that contains the downloaded Audible AAXC files and the converted Audible MP3 files. See below picture.

convert aax to mp3

Download Audible from different Audible accounts:

Since many of you may have two different Audible accounts, you can simply click on "Log out" to sign out of your current Audible account. Then, sign in with your other Audible account to load your second Audible library and download your Audible files as DRM-free MP3 audiobooks.

convert aax to mp3

If you have signed into two Audible accounts within Epubor Audible Converter, next time you can just log out the previous one and then switch to the other one. You don't have to login to your Audible account every time if you have more than one Audible accounts.

switch audible accounts


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