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convert acsm to kindle

You borrow some books from public library, you download them to your computer, then transfer to your kindle device, unfortunately you find that you can't open them!

This is not an uncommon thing in our daily life. You may ask me why, and how to, don't worry look at this title "convert acsm to kindle mobi", it has given you an useful tip, yes? The conclusion is :

If we want to read acsm file on kindle , we must convert acsm to kindle mobi format.

Why we have to convert acsm to kindle

In my previous articles I have written what the acsm file is. When you borrow or purchase ebook from online store, public library, what you are really downloading is an acsm file. It's not an actual ebook, but only a link to your book, allows a program to download the book. In common acsm file always comes with DRM.drm acsm

ACSM is the short name of Adobe Content Server Manager, so you know that acsm is produced by Adobe. In fact, Adobe Digital Editions is the program that has the rights to open acsm file. When ADE see the acsm file, it will automatically download acsm to the PDF or EPUB format. But ADE can be only installed on computer, pc or mac, but not kindle. So here comes the reason 1: acsm file can be opened only on computer with ADE.

Additionally, let's talk about kindle devices' shortcoming. We know reading kindle books on Kindle is enjoyable, however, this also brings us problem, we can't read any ebooks if they are not kindle format. But our acsm file can only be opened to epub or pdf. In a word, the reason 2 is that Kindle devices don't support acsm format.

2 reasons above have explained clearly.

ACSM can only be opened with ADE, but ADE can't be installed on Kindle;
ACSM format is not readable on Kindle.

So we must convert acsm file to kindle format. As mobi is the native kindle format, so I recommend you convert acsm to mobi.

How to covnert acsm file to kindle

This part I will show you how to convert.

Step 1: Learn how to open acsm file


1 Install Adobe Digital Editions

ACSM file can only be opened with ADE on computer, so the first thing we have to do is to install ADE.

2 Authorize Adobe ID

After you get it installed, if the first time you use it, it may pop up a window to let you register an Adobe account, then authorize your ADE with this Adobe account.

3 Open acsm with ADE

Find your acsm file you downloaded on your computer. Then double click the acsm file you downloaded, by default it will be opened with ADE. If not, right click the acsm file and select "open with"--"Adobe Digital Editions".

open acsm with ade

After you opened acsm with ADE, you will find that these acsm files come to .epub or .pdf format. You can get them from the output path of ADE:

For Windows: ...\My Documents (Documents)\My Digital Editions ...
For Mac: Users/Your computer name/Digital Editions ...

Step 2: Convert acsm to kindle mobi with Ultimate Converter

At first step we have opened our acsm files, and converted them to epub or pdf in ADE. Then use a acsm to kindle covnerter Ultimate Converter.

1Download this tool for free

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download


2Add acsm to the tool

Get the covnerter started. If your acsm files can be opened with ADE as step 1 above, this tool will find your files automatically, list them at the left side below "ADE" icon. All you have to do is just to drag them to the right area.

add acsm to remove drm

As the image shows, it will remove the DRM from acsm files automatically (if they have). You can see the "decrypted". For details have a look at how to remove DRM from .acsm file.

3Choose mobi as output format

Set common "mobi" as output format. Or you can also select azw3 as the output because Kindle also recognize this format well.

acsm to kindle

Then click on "Convert to " button, the conversion start soon, and then will complete fast.

Step 3: Transfer mobi to Kindle devices

From the decrypted output folder, you can see your converted mobi files. The left job is to transfer them to your kindle devices via USB connection or send-to-kindle service. From the homepage of your kindle you will see your new added files are listed. They are ready for you to open them for a happy reading.

Download the tool for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Here is a video guide for you.



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05/13/2015 00:51:40
thanx for useful info!
06/8/2016 19:50:09
thanks! this helped me out and it worked!
12/25/2016 12:03:23
Thanks for the information!
05/4/2017 05:43:14
¡Gracias por la información,es muy util¡ funcionó
09/10/2017 00:31:12
Only one problem, Ultimate Converter not free! $24.95
03/15/2020 06:50:53
word of warning: it works, but unless you pay $25 then it will only give you a converted preview of the book (20% of it) and leave out the rest. wow what a massive waste of time, only to get stuck here.
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