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Mobi and azw are both Kindle formats, but there are some differences between them. AZW is a proprietary format of Amazon Kindle ebooks. This format is DRM restricted and is locked to the device ID which is registered automatically with the user account of the Kindle purchaser. Many of the azw books are locked by Kindle DRM, while some are also DRM-free.

Then mobi is an open standard for ebook publishing, they are DRM-free.

You can also have a good look at this article Best AZW Converter to Convert AZW to PDF/Epub for Free if you want to read Kindle with pdf/epub format.

Part 1. Reasons for Converting AZW to Mobi

reasons to convert azw to mobiReason 1: The WiFi problem.

Some people may don't have wifi to use or there is something wrong with the WiFi. Just like me, I can have my computer connected to the Internet with broadband cable at home but I don't have WiFi to use. I can only download ebooks using the computer. You know that the ebooks we sync and download to computer via Kinlde for PC/Mac are in azw format. Most of them are in DRM. We can't directly transfer them to Kindle devices and read. So if you can't connect your device with WIFI, you can't register with your Amazon account on the device and then sync your books to read. So it's the best to remove Kindle DRM and then transfer to your Kindle as soon as you download to your computer. OK, you can carry your Kindle everywhere you go and read the books freely.

Reason 2: The size problem.

Mobi format is more suitable for smaller screens because of the image size limitation (64K). The image size and image format (GIF) may put the format at odds on larger display devices like computers.

Reason 3: For more Convenience.

After you remove DRM from azw files, you can transfer your books to Kindle device with the USB cable at any time. They can be opened and read freely. Besides, you can share your books with your families and friends.

Part 2. Ways of Converting AZW to Mobi

1. The best way to convert azw to mobi:

If you like to download Kindle books on your computer, you must have many DRM azw books. Here I recommend Ultimate Converter to you. It's a powerful tool that can both remove DRM and convert formats. When the azw book's DRM is removed, the book's file extension is automatically changed to mobi or azw3 (mostly mobi). If you occasionally get the azw3 after removing DRM and you really want mobi format, you can convert it to mobi using Ultimate.

Download Ultimate for free

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Download and install it on computer. Then open it, it will automatically load all your Kindle books under the default folder "My Kindle Content" to it. The books will be listed in the right book column. Drag and drop the books to the left part of the program's interface. Then their DRM will be removed immediately, no need to do anything yourself. And you can see that the book's extension is changed to mobi as soon as DRM is removed.

steps of ultimate

I said that if you occasionally get the azw3 format after removing DRM and you want the mobi format, you can convert it to mobi using Ultimate. Just click on the DRM-removed book to choose it, set the output format as "Mobi" and click on the "Convert" button, you will get the mobi format book within seconds.

Then you can right-click on the book, choose "Explore Output Folder" or click on the "Open Folder" icon at the bottom (you can see in the picture above) to see where the DRM-free book is saved.

Using Ultimate Converter to convert azw to mobi is the best way. You don't need to worry about the DRM problem. And it's really fast and convenient to reach your goal. Have a try, and get the mobi files within seconds.

2. Other ways to convert azw to mobi:

Method One: Convert azw to mobi Calibre.

If you are sure that your azw books wre DRM-free, you can use Calibre to convert them to mobi. Just open Calibre, add your books to it, click on the convert button, then set your output format as mobi... (If you don't know whether your azw books are DRMed or not, you can open it with Calibre. If it is opened, it's DRM-free. If it cannot be opened, it's DRMed. For DRMed books, you can use Ultimate Converter.)

Method Two: Convert azw to mobi online.

If your azw books are DRM free and your computer can connect to the Network, you can choose to convert azw to mobi online. You don't need to download any software, right? Here I recommend several online converter websites for you. For example, www.zamzar.com, ebook.online-convert.com and www.ebookconverter.net are all OK. Of course there are also other websites for online converting. Here I can't sort out all of them. Just follow their instructions to operate. The steps are simple enough.

Download Ultimate for free

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download



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