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CBR is the most popular comic format on the Internet. But it's unsupported on e-book readers or tablets. It's a pity that you have many CBR comic books at hand but you can't read them on your Kindle or iPad. So I come up with the idea of converting CBR files into PDF format which most e-book readers support. Here we list two methods of converting CBR to PDF.

Method 1. Convert CBR to PDF with Calibre

Calibre is a very powerful and free e-book management program. It supports multiple e-book formats conversion.

Step1. Download and install Calibre

Click here to download Calibre. Choose the right platform to suit your PC.

Step2. Add CBR comics

Launch Calibre and click "Add books" to add comics. You can also drag comic files to Calibre. Select the comic you want to convert and it will be added to the list.

convert cbr to pdf-add comic

Select comic

convert cbr to pdf-book list

Book list

Step3. Set and Convert

Click "Convert books" and a window will pop up. You need to set something up. Don't be confused about these complicated options. There is no much setting to do in deed. Just do as the pictures below shows.

convert cbr to pdf-set output format

Set out format as "PDF"

convert cbr to pdf-comic input set

Comic input set

Generally you just need to follow the two steps above. It must point out that you must select the "Disable comic processing" option otherwise the colorful comic will turn into black-and-white one.

Method 2. Convert CBR to PDF with Microsoft Word

Many people think it's boring and inconvenient to download and install software. They want a simple way like using something very common. So here comes the second method – converting with Microsoft Word, a program which almost everyone has in their PC. OK, let's follow the steps below

Step1. Change your CBR files into images

You may be confused of this step. Actually CBR means "Comic Book RAR". A CBR files is a RAR file. Rename the CBR filename suffix "cbr" into "rar" and extract the new rar file. You'll get a new folder of many pictures.

convert cbr to pdf-rename cbr file-1

Rename cbr file-1

convert cbr to pdf-rename cbr file-2

Rename cbr file-2

convert cbr to pdf-extract file

Extract file

Step2. Import image

Create a new Microsoft Word file. Click "Insert" to import images you just extracted before. Press "Ctrl" and "A" together to select all images.

convert cbr to pdf-import images

Import images

Step3. Set page layout

You need to set the page layout to suit the e-book reader's screen. This step is a bit complicated. But don't worry. Just do as the guide says below.

First, press "Ctrl" and "A" together to select all image in the docx. Set the align mode as "center".

convert cbr to pdf-set image alignment

Set image alignment

Click "Page Layout" and the setup icon to call out the page layout menu.

convert cbr to pdf-page layout menu

Page layout menu

Select "Margins" and set all margins as "0".

convert cbr to pdf-set page margin

Set page margins

Select "Paper" and set width and height. For a better reading experience, I suggest you set the width and height similar to your –e-book reader's resolution. For example, if your e-book reader is Kindle Fire which has a resolution of 1024*600. Then you should set the width and height as "6.00" and "10.24".

convert cbr to pdf-set paper size

Set paper size

Select "Layout". Set options like this:

convert cbr to pdf-set layout

Set layout

When these all be done. Save the doc file as PDF format.

convert cbr to pdf-save as pdf

Save as PDF

I'm sure you've learned how to convert CBR to PDF with these two methods above. Now just enjoy comics on your e-book reader!


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Thanks!.This app is Awesome.
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excellent! very usefil.
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I'm very grateful, very helpful and detailed manual.
07/26/2017 16:50:30
Thank you for your comments.
01/21/2018 19:55:44
Didn't know that CBR means "Comic Book RAR". Very helpful information. Thanks!
01/24/2018 14:59:18
We are glad to know that this article helps! We will keep writing more useful articles in the future.
10/12/2019 00:51:00

Thanks!  The only thing is I do not know why when I coverted my comic from CBR to PDF it became black and white and not full color.


06/2/2020 03:01:59

Dear Jonny

I have just made it. It worked perfectly and even the collor pages remained.
Best regards and thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Stay safe

06/2/2020 08:35:31
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to know that this software works fine. Have a nice day.
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