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convert ebook to pdfMaybe you want to convert ebooks to pdf in order to transfer your ebooks from one device to another (that supports pdf format), such as from kindle to sony, kobo, ipad etc. By converting them to pdf files you can share your ebooks freely with your friends and families or read them on another preferable device. Except the kindle device, nearly all the other ebook devices support pdf or epub format. If you convert ebook to pdf free, then you can read them on multiple devices.

Advantages of converting ebook to pdf format

Apart from the above advantage, here I will list the other advantages of converting ebooks to pdf format.

1As you know, the word "pdf" stands for "portable document format". Then its first representative advantage is true portability and mobility which permits itself to be accessed on various operating systems and platforms.

2Visual elemets are kept. All your text, images and graphics created in other documents will be preserved before converting word to pdf and they will be easily converted in the new pdf document.

3It supports a variety of interactive functions such as hyperlinks, file attachments, markup, movies, music and text notes.

4It also supports high level data encryption. Your data will be kept invisible to a third party.

5It permits file compression with no quality loss.

6It can be printed out with drm free.

Methods for converting three kinds of ebooks to pdf

Here I will introduce the methods for converting three kinds of ebooks to pdf file, you can choose the right part you want.

Part 1: Convert kindle ebook to pdf

Part 2: Convert Adobe ebook to pdf

Part 3: Convert nook ebook to pdf

1Convert kindle ebook to pdf

If you want to read kindle ebook on other e-readers such as nook, kobo, sony and iPad, then you have to convert them into epub or pdf format. This part is going to teach you to convert kindle ebook to pdf. As most kindle ebook is protected from its unique drm, the first thing you should do is to remove kindle drm, and then convert decrypted ebook to pdf format. But what software should you apply? Maybe you have no idea. Here I strongly recommend our powerful software, the Ultimate Converter--Epubor Ultimate to you for it can help you decrypt ebooks within seconds and convert file format into mobi, epub and pdf in batch.You can download it with a free try.

Download the tool for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

After you install this software, here comes to the detailed steps for you to convert kindle ebook to pdf file.

Step 1: If you have purchased kindle ebooks or got your ebooks on kindle, sync it to kindle for pc first. It's quite easy. Once you launch kindle for pc, your purchased amazon ebooks will snyc to it automatically. Or if the Kindle books downloaded via Kindle eink devices, just connect the Kindle to your computer via usb cable, then Epubor Ultimate will detect the Kindle books and display at the left side bar under Kindle device tab.

sync kindle ebook to kindle for pc

Step 2: Launch Epubor Ultimate and follow the instructions to load the ebooks or drag your ebooks to the right main window or click "Add" button on the top central corner. As soon as you finish this step, your ebooks have been decrypted.

decrypt kindle ebook

Step 3: Often your kindle ebooks will change into azw3 or mobi format with drm free. Choose "pdf" as the output format and hit "Convert to PDF" button on the lower central corner. Then you will get your converted pdf ebook by clicking" Floder" icon at the bottom right.

convert kindle ebook to pdf

2Convert Adobe ebook to pdf

You can read adobe ebook freely on e-reader devices which support adobe drm, such as kobo, sony and google. But if you want to read adobe ebook on your iPad, then you have to remove adobe drm.

You should register an Adobe ID before reading your adobe ebook on Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). If you don't want to register your Adobe ID, you can choose to remove adobe drm. Often Adobe ebook supports epub or pdf format. If your adobe ebook is epub format and you want to have a better reading experience or have your file printed out, you can convert adobe epub ebook to pdf and rely on our Ultimate Converter to solve your problem. I will set kobo ebook as an example. Here are the simple steps for converting kobo ebook to pdf.

Step 1: After you purchase your kobo ebook, you can go to "my library" to find your kobo ebook. On the right side of your book list, it shows your book is "Adobe drm epub".

kobo ebook

Step 2: Open Adobe digital editions, and your kobo ebook will sync to it automatically.

Step 3: Install Epubor Ultimate. And follow the prompts to load your Adobe ebook to this software or drag them to the right main window or click "Add" button. Once you complete this step, your book has been decrypted.

decrypt kobo ebook

Step 4: Select "PDF" as the output format and hit "Convert to PDF" button. Then your ebook will turn into pdf format. By tagging " Folder" you can find it.

convert kobo ebook to pdf

3Convert nook ebook to pdf

Nook ebooks are often protected from two kinds of drm, adobe drm and nook drm. If your nook ebook is protected by adobe drm, then you can read it freely on adobe digital editions (ADE) with your adobe ID or refer to part 2 to remove adobe drm. However, if your nook ebook is protected by nook drm and you intend to read them on other devices, then you should remove nook drm first. As we are thinking about converting nook ebook to pdf free, you can also consider converting the file format to pdf if your nook ebook is epub.

Just like converting kindle ebook to pdf, you can apply our Ultimate converter. The detailed converting steps are quite similar to part 1.

Step 1: Snyc your nook ebook to nook for pc.

books on nook for pc

Step 2: Launch Epubor Ultimate to load your nook ebook or directly click "add" button. Then click on "User" icon-->settings-->>Nook, and then input your Nook account and password, click "OK".

input Nook account information

Go back to the main interface of Epubor Ultimate and then drag & drop Nook books to the right column, all Nook books will be decrypted automatically.

Step 3: Choose "pdf" as the output format and then hit "convert to PDF" button. You can find your converted nook ebook by hitting "Folder" icon.

After converting your ebooks to pdf file, you can use the USB cable to transfer them to your e-reader devices and read them freely.

Download the tool for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Downl



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