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Most of the eBooks downloaded from internet are ePub books, this popular format was developed from the open source. If you already have a Kindle eReader, maybe you want to read epub books on your Kindle paperwhite, or the newly released Kindle Oasis, but since Amazon Kindle has its own ebook format - AZW3, which doesn't support many reading devices and apps. So there is a lot of people want to convert ePub to Kindle AZW3 format. So how to convert ePub books to AZW3 for reading on Kindle e-reader and Kindle Fire? In this post, let me introduce three methods to convert ePub to AZW3 easy and fast.

Convert ePub to AZW3 with Calibre

First, you need to download and install CalibreIt is a 100% free program to which you have free access and it offers you 5 versions to suit your operating system. After downloaded it, follow the instructions to install it.


Run the Calibre and click "Add books", then a window will pop up, allowing you to browse the Kindle AZW files in your local drive. Select the file and click Open, then the file will be added to your Calibre library.

convert book

Select ebook files that need to be converted in the main window and click "Convert Books" button on the top of the window.

choose convert format in calibre

In the new pop-up dialog box, set "Output Format" option to “EPUB” on the upper right corner. If you want to change the e-book title , cover image, profile or other information, you can directly modify them in this dialog box.

Finally, click "OK" button. Calibre will start to convert your files.

Note: If the e-book files contain DRM, then Calibre will prompt an error. Because e-books with DRM can not be converted.

Calibre DRM message

Convert ePub to AZW3 with Epubor Ultimate

Epubor Ultimate eBook Converter is a one-stop eBook converter for you to convert different eBook format, include ePub, PDF, MOBI, AZW, AZW3, PRC, etc. With this powerful free trial software, you can convert ePUB books to AZW3, PDF format, convert PDF to ePUB, or convert Kindle books to ePUB, ePUB to Kindle, Kindle books to PDF format, etc, and read the converted eBooks on Kindle, Kobo, iPad, Nook, Sony Reader without limitation.

And it has an unique feature that it can automatically remove DRM protection from ePub books. When you drag and drop the DRM protected books, you can convert them directly which is very convenient.


It is very easy to use Epubor Ultimate, only take three steps, you will convert ePub books to Kindle AZW3 format. First, Add books to Epubor Ultimate, you can set a folder, or just simply drag and drop books to the program. Second, choose AZW3 as Output format, and next click "Convert" button. Immediately, you will get the converted AZW3 books.

Note: To convert DRM protected ePub books to AZW3, you need to download and read the book in Adobe Digital Editions first, and then use Epubor Ultimate.

100% Free Download

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Convert ePub to AZW3 with Online Converter

There are also many online converter can convert ePub to AZW3 books, but it's very complicated to accomplish, you need to upload books and download the converted book, and book size is limited to 50MB, so it only suitable when you have several books to convert.

1. Zamzar Online Conversion

Zamzar is famous for its online conversion service. It's free and very easy to use. It places all steps on the same page, you just need to follow these steps one by one, then you will get your converted files soon. The disadvantage is that you need to enter your email address to receive the converted books.

2. eBook Online-Convert

eBook.Online-Convert.com is also a professional ebook online converter to convert ePub to AZW3, you can try it for free without any limitation.


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I think you made a mistake when you said, in the first section:
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Probably you meant «to "AZW3"»

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