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convert epub to word

EPUB is a free and open standard format on the market, it's supported by various platforms and devices. Now it has got widely loyal users. But the fact that EPUB file cannot be edited directly, if we do have the demand to edit the content, how can we achieve that? Many users may have thought about converting EPUB to word, and then edit the word doc or docx files. But how to? In this article, I will introduce a free and easy way to help you convert EPUB to word freely. Here are the details.

Get the Tool ready

How to convert EPUB to Docx? In order to convert the format perfectly, there is no doubt that we need another tool to help us. Here I strongly recommend you a free and powerful software ePUBee Maker, with this tool, we can easily convert EPUB to word, edit the content, cover or author information of the EPUB files. At the same time, it's also a good tool for us to create EPUB, Mobi or AZW files. We can even use it as free eBook reading software.

Things you must know before getting this tool:


1. ePUBee Maker is not an independent program, in fact, it's a plugin for Microsoft word.
2. Make sure you have installed Microsoft word on your computer.
3. The plugin works for Microsoft word 2007, 2010, 2013, Microsoft word 2003 or previous version are not supported.
4. It only has win version, not support Mac.

Step 1: Download ePUBee Maker and install it

Click here to download this plugin, then you will get a compressed file. Simply unzip it, open "epubeemaker" folder, then double-click "setup". Soon you will see a window below, just click "Install" button to install it.

install epubee maker

When it has been installed, you will see a notice window, hit "Close" button is OK.

Step 2: Run Microsoft word on your computer

After installing the plugin successfully, once we open our Microsoft word, we can see the "ePUBee Maker" from the menu bar.

epubee maker

Convert EPUB to Doc/Docx

Now that the plugin has got ready, it's time to convert EPUB to Doc with it. It's easy to handle.

Step 1: Upload EPUB file

Simply click "Import" on the left side of tool bar, select EPUB file you need to convert to word. Then the content of your EPUB file will be loaded to word soon.

Next, we can choose to edit the content directly with Microsoft word. If we don't like the cover, we can click “Cover” on the tool bar, tap "Other File" to select a beautiful image, then hit "Confirm" button to replace the original cover.

change the cover

Besides, if the author, publisher or other information are missing or wrong, we can simply tap "Author" to edit the metadata. Then a window below will pop up. We can also hit "Add basic" or "Add roles" button to add some basic or related information to the EPUB file.

edit metadata

Step 2: Convert EPUB to Doc/Docx

If we have finished editing the EPUB file, now we can simply save loaded EPUB file as word. Just click "File"-->"Save As", choose the file type you want to save, docx or doc, then tap "Save" button to save it to your computer. It's really convenient, right? There are only 2 easy steps for us to convert EPUB to Docx/Doc.

convert epub to word

Note: If we need to convert EPUB to Mobi or PDF, this plugin can also achieve it. Just upload EPUB file, edit it, then click "Build Mobi" or "Build PDF", soon a window will pop up, you can just click "Open Folder" to check your converted Mobi or PDF file.

create epub pdf or mobi file

That's all I want to share with you. Hope this can work for you. By the way, the one thing I have to point out is the plugin can only import DRM free Kindle or EPUB eBooks, if you need to convert DRM protected eBooks, you can use the all-in-one software Epubor Ultimate, which can help you convert both DRM free and DRM protected eBooks formats.

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